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世界杯揭幕战:巴西取胜 克罗地亚不服

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FIFA World Cup: Brazil Exhales-And Croatia Fumes
世界杯揭幕战:巴西取胜 克罗地亚不服

If 31 teams arrived in Brazil terrified of the home team, the Brazilians did plenty to assuage their fears in the opening match of the 2014 World Cup.


In a lackluster performance that offered little of the artistry that has made this team the envy of the world for 70 years, the Brazilians notched a 3-1 win over a hard-luck Croatian side.


A goal on a penalty kick by Neymar, his second goal of the match, was the turning point on a tense night for the hosts. Just when it seemed that Croatia might survive with a draw, defender Dejan Lovren was whistled for dragging down Brazil's striker Fred 8 yards from the goal.

内马尔(Neymar)主罚点球命中,梅开二度,这一进球成为整场紧张比赛的转折点。就在克罗地亚队有望守住平局之际,裁判判定克罗地亚队后卫洛夫伦(Dejan Lovren)拉倒巴西前锋弗雷德(Fred)犯规,巴西队获得了一次备受争议的点球。

It was a highly questionable call. Lovgren had two hands on him, but Fred appeared to exaggerate the contact.


Referee Yuichi Nishimura of Japan immediately pointed to the spot and didn't waver even after a half dozen Croatians swarmed him. A minute later, Neymar's kick skittered through the hands of Croatia's Stipe Pletikosa, and Brazil had the lead.

日本籍裁判西村雄一(Yuichi Nishimura)立即吹罚点球,虽然克罗地亚队半数球员围住他表示抗议,但西村雄一没有改变这一裁定。一分钟后,内马尔点球推射,球掠过克罗地亚队门将普莱蒂科萨(Stipe Pletikosa)的双手飞入球门。巴西以2比1反超克罗地亚。

Croatia coach Niko Kovac called the penalty 'ridiculous.'

克罗地亚队主教练科瓦奇(Niko Kovac)称这次判罚很“荒唐”。

'The referee was completely out of his depth,' he said. 'Everybody saw this was not a penalty.' The coach pointed out that Fred weighs nearly 200 pounds and can't be pulled down easily. 'I don't blame Fred,' he said, 'I blame the referee.'


Said Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari: 'We think it was a penalty.'

巴西队主帅斯科拉里(Luiz Felipe Scolari)则说,这应该判罚点球。

The goal seemed to liberate a Brazilian side and the crowd of some 60,000 at Arena Corinthians, including President Dilma Rousseff, who leapt from her seat when the ball hit the back of the net. A third goal from Oscar in stoppage time sealed the win.

这粒进球似乎让巴西队和圣保罗体育场(Arena Corinthians)的6万名观众燃烧起了热情,点球入门时,在现场观战的巴西总统罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)激动地从椅子上跳了起来。之后,奥斯卡(Oscar)打入第三粒进球,为巴西锁定胜局。

Still, the Brazilians rarely found the rhythm or cohesion that has always marked its samba-style soccer. The team joined the raucous crowd in a thrilling a cappella rendition of the national anthem's second verse, but after that things quickly deteriorated for the five-time world champions.


Instead of technical wizardry and precision passing, there was tightness as Brazil kept falling victim to Croatia's attacks down the sidelines. Then, in the 11th minute, disaster struck.


Croatia's Ivica Olic darted down the left side and fired a cross into the middle of the penalty area toward a sprinting Nikica Jelavic, who deflected the ball through defender David Luiz's legs. Chasing back to help defend, Brazil's Marcelo took his eye off the ball just long enough to let it carom off his left foot and into the goal. Goalkeeper Julio Cesar never had a chance.

克罗地亚队的奥利奇(Ivica Olic)从左边路快速突破,将球传给禁区内迅速跑动的耶拉维奇(Nikica Jelavic)。耶拉维奇将球从对方防守队员路易斯(David Luiz)的两腿间踢过。巴西队的马塞洛(Marcelo)迅速回防,一时间没有盯住皮球,结果皮球打在他的左脚上,射入了自家球门。守门员塞萨尔(Julio Cesar)一点机会都没有。

The goal sent a panic through the favorites, who were suddenly facing a deficit in a game that was supposed to be a celebration. Instead of dazzling the crowd, they turned physical, throwing elbows at Croatia, including a particularly violent one from Neymar to Luka Modric's left cheek that earned the young star a yellow card.

这粒乌龙球令夺冠热门巴西队慌乱起来,在这场本应以欢庆结束的比赛中,巴西队突然遇挫。他们没有以精湛的技艺令观众叹为观止,而是转为身体接触,对克罗地亚队施以小动作,包括内马尔用肘部对莫德里奇(Luka Modric)的左脸颊重重地来了一下,年轻的球星内马尔因此得了一张黄牌。

Meanwhile, Croatia kept pressing. In the 29th minute, Cesar nearly got beat on a header from 6 yards that easily could have found the net.


Instead, Cesar turned the ball up field. Seconds later it was somehow on Neymar's feet 20 yards from the goal. Dribbling to his left, Neymar stunned Croatia with a searing shot across the grass, just passing Pletikosa's fingertips as he dived to his left. The ball caromed off the post and into the net.


Scolari said he was proud of what is a very young team for turning the score around. 'We needed to tie the game in order to breathe more in the second half,' he said.


With only Mexico and Cameroon left to play in the group stage, the Brazilians got past their biggest obstacle of the first round. They are smart enough to know that what awaits them after that in the knockout stage-likely Spain, the Netherlands or Chile-is going to require a different effort from players not named Oscar and Neymar. A little more samba soccer wouldn't hurt either.


'I believe individually we have a very strong squad and when we play collectively we are very difficult to beat,' Neymar said. 'If our whole team doesn't play connected we won't win.'