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New Destination Spas for 2014

IF YOU'RE LIKE most people, leading a healthier life was at the top of your New Year's resolutions; if you're like a few others, 'more massages' made the roster as well. A visit to a destination spa can help you cross multiple items off the list.

While health-conscious patrons have been traveling to 'take the waters' for millennia, destination spas make up just 2% of all the spas in the world, according to the International Health and Wellness Alliance. Still, a handful of notable examples have opened in the past few months or are about to launch. Some are more indulgent, some medically inclined. All are worth leaving home for-they aim to help you live cleaner, look better or kick bad habits in a handful of days. Whether you feel like a hop to Virginia or a haul to India, here are seven spots to jumpstart a year of upgraded you.

High-Tech Treatments in Switzerland

Stopping the clock is the goal at the newly opened Nescens Spa in the discreet La Reserve Genève. Guests are assessed by a medical team that looks into everything from joint health to nutrition and comes up with a personal anti-aging program. Then the fun begins: diet plans, massage programs, workouts with private trainers. Nescens founder Jacques Proust, a physician who specializes in aging, believes 'the art of living' is key to staying youthful. So while Nescens is austere, it's also pampering; the 102 guest rooms are done up in designer Jacques Garcia's signature red velvet on black-and-white, and the futuristic Café Lauren serves veal tartare (high in zinc) and île flottante (rich in vitamin D and calcium). From $4,853 per person for four days, including accommodation, meals, consultations and prescribed therapies, www.lareserve.ch

Focus Inward in India

Looking to shake that bad karma-and drop a few pounds? Vana, Malsi Estate, which opened this month in Dehradun, in the Himalayan foothills, might be your place. Guests consult with holistic specialists before their stay. They choose an objective (weight loss, mind-body balance, etc.) and intensity level (a little each day or total immersion), and are given a personalized plan that takes them from check-in through transcendence. The 90 rooms and suites, designed by an Indian artist, feature earth tones and views of the forest and fruit orchards. Vana has separate areas for each of its many disciplines, including meditation, Tibetan medicine, beauty and panchakarma, a 14-day ayurvedic program that promises to restore equilibrium. From $515 per person per night, including accommodation, meals, private consultations, daily treatments and group activities, vanaretreats.com

Beyond Skin Deep in Germany

When it opens this spring, Haus Julius at Brenners Park-Hotel, in the spa town of Baden-Baden, will be a beauty-focused medical retreat that works from the inside out. It's attached to Villa Stephanie, a 15-bedroom mansion built in 1890 for Napoleon's adopted daughter. Though the approach is medical to the extreme-cardiologists and cosmetic dentists are on call-a sense of privacy and welcome pervades. Each guest is assigned a single point of contact through whom all needs are addressed. Meals can be taken in the Michelin-star Brenners Park-Restaurant or in the Wintergarten atrium. From about $311 per person per night, villastephanie.com

Giddyup in Virginia

Salamander, a six-month-old retreat outside Washington, D.C., makes it easier than ever for power brokers and politicians to get some R&R. The 340-acre Middleburg property is the brainchild of BET co-founder Sheila Johnson, and the wellness options reflect her passions. The 23,000-square-foot spa offers around a half-dozen water features, from indoor and outdoor pools to rainshowers enhanced with color-therapy lighting. Unusual experiences include Quirogolf, a massage using golf balls; magnetic therapy, which incorporates diamonds to counterbalance the negative effects of technology; and the 'Equi-Spective Experience,' in which the human-horse relationship is mined to boost leadership skills. Rooms from $275 a night, full-day packages from $610 per person, including lunch and four treatments, salamanderresort.com

Affordable Escape in England

Lifehouse, just 20 minutes by train from London in the county of Essex, proves that heritage gardens, lily ponds and wellness makeovers aren't solely the realm of the monied set. The 12-acre spa was launched late last year by Sue Davis, a veteran of the A-list Chiva-Som destination spa in Thailand. Her four-star approach to wellbeing is luring both guests and top-tier colleagues-sought-after reiki master Michael Berthaud just joined the team. Zumba, Bokwa and yoga classes, as well as turns in the salt-inhalation steam room and Decléor facials can be booked without fear of a waiting list, since there are 35 treatment rooms for 89 guest rooms. Other activities include country walks, guided meditation and AquaFit. The best part: Even the most indulgent stay here won't break the bank. Rooms from $95 per person, including dinner, lifehouse.co.uk

A Realistic Reboot in Scotland

Unlike many destination spas, the new ESPA Life at the storied Gleneagles golf resort in Auchterarder recognizes that guests will, eventually, return to less-than-ideal environments and habits (i.e., life). Naturopath-led programs help them create realistic plans that will take them well past check-out. Expect thorough assessments, intense workouts and a hard look at your lifestyle choices-as well as massages, a turn on the Old Course and perhaps a bit of bird-dogging. Top-selling packages include the four-day 'Ultra-Fit for Golf,' which aims to improve musculoskeletal function, and 'Sleep More,' which is basically what it sounds like. Rooms from $550 a night, four-day programs from $1,192 per person, including prescribed therapies and consultations, gleneagles.com

Refined Renewal in Connecticut

The Mayflower Grace, a retreat in the town of Washington cherished by boldface New York names, was acquired in December by Grace Hotels. The new iteration, by all accounts, offers reasons for celebration. Most of the 30 rooms in four cottages have been refreshed with white linens and canopy beds, and a three-night stay will now include all the oxygen facials, detoxifying sea-mud wraps, guided meditation and ab-tightening barre instruction guests can take. Low-cal meals can be paired with rare wines and Cognacs. The 58-acre property is the Yankee version of an English country house, complete with a Shakespeare garden. From $4,000 per person for three nights, including accommodation, meals, classes and spa treatments, mayflowerinn.com


尽管注重健康的人们从新千年起就已开始前往各地与水亲近,国际卫生与健康联盟(International Health and Wellness Alliance)的数据却显示,专门的水疗度假地只占全世界水疗中心的2%。在过去的几个月以及未来一段时间内,几个值得注意的优秀场所已经或者即将开门营业。有些注重休闲,有些则注重疗养。这些地方都很值得离家前往,因为只需几天的时间,它们就能让你神清气爽、容光焕发并且改变陋习。不论你想到弗吉尼亚州来一次短途旅行还是长途跋涉到印度,这里有七个地方推荐给新的一年里全新的你。


新近开张的Nescens水疗中心位于低调的La Reserve Geneve酒店内,这里的目标是让时间停止。医疗团队为顾客细致评估各项指标,从关节健康到营养状况,再制定个性化的抗衰老疗程。重头戏随之而来:饮食计划、按摩疗程、私人健身教练。Nescens的创始人雅克·普鲁斯特(Jacque Proust)是一名专长研究年龄增长的医生,他认为“生活的艺术”是保持青春的关键。所以尽管Nescens装潢 素,却能提供细致周到的呵护,102间客房采用了雅克·加西亚(Jacques Garcia)标志性的红丝绒与黑白配色,未来主义的洛朗咖啡厅(Cafe Lauren)则提供鲜牛肉(富含锌)和甜品“浮岛”(富含维生素D和钙质)。单人四日套餐价格为4853美元(约合人民币29,440元),包含住宿、餐饮、咨询和制定疗程,网址www.lareserve.ch


想要驱散坏运气并且减减肥吗?一月在印度喜马拉雅山脚下的德拉敦(Dehradun)开业的Vana, Malsi Estate或许是你想要的。顾客在入住之前会有专业人士提供全面咨询。顾客选择一项服务(减重、身心平衡等)和训练密集程度(每天进行一点或者全身心投入),之后会收到一个从入住到焕然一新的定制计划。这里的90间客房由印度艺术家设计,拥有大地色调和森林、果园的风景。

Vana为不同的项目设置了单独的区域,包括冥想、藏药、美容和身体 化疗法——这是一个为期14天的印度医学项目,旨在恢复平衡。费用为每人每晚515美元(约合人民币3,125元)起,包含住宿、饮食、私人咨询、每日疗程和集体活动,网址vanaretreats.com。


位于德国温泉小镇巴登-巴登(Baden-Baden) Brenners Park酒店内的Haus Julius水疗中心将于今年春季开业,它致力于成为一个让人们由内而外焕发美丽的疗养场所。这里与斯蒂芬妮别墅(Villa Stephanie)相连,该别墅于1890年为拿破仑(Napoleon)的养女所建,拥有15间卧室。这里的宗旨是让人最大程度地进行休养,心血管专家和美容牙医随叫随到,私密性和热情的接待也贯穿始终。每位顾客都会被指派专人服务以满足一切需求。用餐可前往米其林星际餐厅Brenners Park或者Wintergarten餐厅。费用为每人每晚311美元(约合人民币1,887元),网址villastephanie.com。


开业半年的Salamander疗养中心位于华盛顿郊外,这里为需要修养的权力掮客及政客们提供前所未有的便利。这处138公顷的房产位于米德尔堡(Middleburg),是黑人娱乐电视台BET联合创始人希拉·约翰逊(Sheila Johnson)的创意成果,多种理疗项目体现了她的雄心壮志。2140平方米的水疗中心提供多种水疗项目,包括室内外的水池以及灯光变换的淋浴,用以进行色彩疗法。不同寻常的项目包括旋转高尔夫,即用高尔夫球按摩;磁疗,即用 石来抵消现代科技的负面影响;还有马术体验,即通过人与马之间的互动来增强领导技能。房费每晚275美元(约合人民币1,668元)起,全日套餐为每人610美元(约合人民币3,700元)起,包括午餐和四种疗养项目,网址salamanderresort.com。


Lifehouse位于埃塞克斯(Essex)郊外,坐火车从伦敦出发仅20分钟车程。它向人们证明古典花园、莲花池和调养身心并非是有钱人的专利。该水疗中心占地约4.9公顷,去年年末由休·戴维斯(Sue Davis)开设,她在泰国顶级疗养胜地齐瓦颂(Chiva-Som)积累了丰富的经验。她对健康的孜孜追求不仅吸引了顾客,更赢得了资深同行的追捧,灵气大师迈克尔·贝尔托(Michael Berthaud)也刚刚加入团队。尊巴舞、博克瓦(Bokwa)和瑜伽课程以及汗蒸房和思妍丽(Decleor)面部护理都可以无需等待轻松预定,因为这里为89间客房配备了35间理疗室。此外还有乡村漫步、冥想指导和水上健身操。这里最好的一点是,即便尽情消费也不会让银行破产。房费每人95美元(约合人民币578元)起,包含晚餐,网址lifehouse.co.uk。


新开张的ESPA Life位于奥赫特拉德(Auchterarder)的高尔夫胜地格伦伊格尔斯(Gleneagles),不同于其他水疗度假地,这一家意识到客人们最终都会回归不太理想的环境以及生活习惯。这里的项目着重于自然疗法,能帮助客人制定切合实际的计划,让他们在离开时感到不虚此行。等待你的是详尽的任务、高强度的运动以及对自己生活方式的检讨,当然还有按摩、在老球场挥杆或者一点艳遇。



Grace Hotels于2013年12月买下了位于华盛顿城区的Mayflower Grace疗养中心,这里广受纽约名流们的青睐。这里的全新运作模式广受好评。四栋别墅中的30间客房几乎都用白色亚麻制品和四柱床重新装饰,三晚的套餐如今包含所有的有氧美容、海藻泥排毒面膜,还有冥想指导和收紧腹部的练习指导供客人选择。低卡餐食可搭配上等红酒和白兰地。庄园面积23公顷,建筑风格是美国版的英式乡村风,带有一个莎士比亚时期的花园。三晚套餐每人4000美元(约合人民币24,335元)起,包含住宿、餐饮、健身课程和水疗,网址mayflowerinn.com。