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When The Going Gets Tough, Job Hunters Call In The Stunt Resume

The box was delivered to the New York office of One Fine Stay, a business that arranges short-term accommodations in luxury homes. Stuffed inside was a queen-size pillow in a cheap cotton pillowcase.

A resume, enlarged to about 24 by 33 inches, was attached to it with cellophane tape. It came from a man the staff began to call Pillow Guy, who was looking for a job. Nobody can remember his name.

'It was funny for about five seconds,' says Alexandra Rethore, One Fine Stay's L.A. operations director, who signed for the package and opened it thinking it might contain linens she had ordered.

The resume was torn and blurred from water damage in transit, and the writing at the top, with Pillow Guy's contact information, was too wrinkled to read. To make it legible, Ms. Rethore ironed it.

The intriguing gimmick didn't ultimately work for Pillow Guy, who was rejected after one phone conversation and a face-to-face interview. Also rebuffed by One Fine Stay: an applicant who 'delivered' a resume via a stuffed carrier pigeon and another who included a link to his unpublished erotica.

Stunts like these became fairly common during the recession and they still are in today's slack labor market. Companies received an average of 383 applications for every opening they advertised in 2013, according to CEB, formerly known as the Corporate Executive Board, and many are funneled through automated tracking systems that rank resumes based on such things as keyword matches. Bypassing the robots requires a blend of ingenuity, skill and chutzpah.

Sometimes the ploys work, allowing run-of-the-mill candidates to grab a recruiter's attention and hold it long enough to land a job. In the best cases, they let applicants show that they have devoted some thought to an employer's brand and culture. Mostly, though, whimsical applications are just good for a laugh.

Companies like the online craft marketplace Etsy have seen it all. Senior recruiting manager Bobby Gormsen says recent entries include an embroidered cover letter, a potholder resume, a paper-garland resume that looked as if it could be strung on a Christmas tree and an application that bobbed up in a corked bottle.

'I'm sort of immune to this stuff,' said Mr. Gormsen. The candidates 'get points for creativity, but it only tells one side of the story. We have a set of hard skills an applicant has to meet' -- ranging from years of experience to relevant software languages -- in order to be considered. No amount of creativity can compensate if those are missing, he said.

The theatrics still can get a foot in the door. Leslie Hall, co-founder of New York marketing agency ICED Media, said she once needed to hire someone to handle relationships with bloggers and writers for online media campaigns. One candidate who came in for an interview sent a thank-you note the next day -- along with pizza for the whole office. The grand gesture hit its mark. It 'was a sign that he knew how to get someone's attention, which is obviously a core competency for the position,' Ms. Hall said.

She says he turned out to be a dud. Employees saw him watching 'South Park' on his computer and taking naps at his desk. 'There was absolutely no output whatsoever,' said Ms. Hall, who fired him after three months.

'We [had] allowed ourselves to be charmed,' she said.

So when a candidate recently submitted chocolate bars with a resume printed on paper resembling Hershey wrappers with his qualifications listed on the nutrition label, ICED took a pass. 'I'd like to think we now have greater discipline,' said Ms. Hall. 'We all thought the Hershey bar was really cute, but no one said, 'Oh, the Hershey bar, we need to hire him.''

In other cases, quirky wins the day. Aleks Kamko overcame a relative lack of computer-science experience to win a coveted internship at Facebook Inc. last year, in part by creating a YouTube video listing five reasons the social network should hire him, including his passion for software code and a desire to make the world a better place. The University of California, Berkeley sophomore filmed it in his dorm hallway, spending about six hours writing the script and 18 hours editing it, he said.

It worked. 'We need to figure out quickly if someone has energy and enthusiasm for the company,' said Adam Ward, a recruiting director at Facebook who viewed Mr. Kamko's video. With something like that 'you can check that box.'

Despite the low success rate, creative contenders likely won't let up as long as they keep hearing about people like Adam Pacitti. After graduating from England's University of Winchester in 2012, he sent out 250 resumes for media production jobs over six weeks, yielding exactly two replies (both rejections), he said. So in January last year, he rented a billboard in central London. Next to a photo of himself, he splashed the words: 'I spent my last GBP 500 on this billboard. Please give me a job. Employadam.com.'

He tweeted a picture and waited for the effort to go viral. It did, and within a few days, job offers poured in -- from ad agencies, plumbers, lawyers and others. Now he works at a digital marketing company that contacted him after seeing his billboard via social media. He says he is 'a viral producer, whatever that means.'

一个盒子投递到了纽约One Fine Stay(一家安排在豪宅中的短期住宿的公司)的办公室,里面塞了一个套着廉价棉布枕套的大号枕头。

枕头上用透明胶贴着一份放大成24×33英寸(约61×84厘米)的个人简历。这份简历来自一名正在找工作的男子,员工们称呼他为枕头小子(Pillow Guy),没有人能记住他的名字。

One Fine Stay的洛杉矶运营总监亚历山德拉·雷托雷(Alexandra Rethore)说:“这让大家打趣了五秒钟左右的时间。”当时是她签收的包裹,打开时她还以为里面装的大概是她订购的亚麻织品。


枕头小子的有趣花招最终没有奏效,在经过电话交谈和面试之后他被拒绝了。在One Fine Stay吃了闭门羹的人还有:一名通过一只毛绒信鸽“投递”简历的申请者和另一位在简历中附上了链接他尚未发表的色情作品的申请者。

这样的怪招在经济萧条时期十分普遍,在今天不景气的劳动力市场上依然存在。根据咨询公司CEB(曾用过Corporate Executive Board这个公司名)提供的数据,2013年企业广告刊登的每一个空缺职位平均会收到383份求职申请,很多都是通过自动跟踪系统过滤后筛选出来的,该系统依据关键词匹配等内容对简历进行排序。绕过机器的自动筛选需要一个人同时具备机智、技巧和大无畏的勇气。


像网上工艺品市场Etsy这样的公司就见识过很多这类简历。高级招聘经理博比·戈尔姆森(Bobby Gormsen)说,最近收到的东西包括一封绣花的求职信、一份用锅垫做的简历、一份看上去似乎可以挂到 诞树上的纸花环简历以及一份漂浮在软木塞封装的瓶子里的申请。


戏剧化的效果还是能够帮助人获得机会的。纽约营销机构ICED媒体(ICED Media)的共同创始人莱斯莉·霍尔(Leslie Hall)说,她有一次需要聘用一个人来处理在线媒体宣传活动中博主与作家的关系。一名应征者在面试的第二天送来了一封感谢信——一道送来的还有给办公室全体人员的比萨饼。这一大动作一举中的。霍尔说,这“表明他懂得如何赢得别人的注意,这显然是获得该职位的核心竞争力”。

她说结果证明那人是个不称职的人。员工们看见他在电脑上看《南方公园》(South Park)、坐在办公桌旁打瞌睡。霍尔说:“完全没有任何一点产出”。三个月后她解雇了这个人。



在其它时候,也有离奇古怪的简历获得成功的案例。去年,加州大学伯克利分校(The University of California, Berkeley)的大二学生亚历克斯·卡姆科(Aleks Kamko)克服了在计算机科学方面经验相对缺乏的不利因素,在脸谱公司(Facebook Inc.)获得了一个梦寐以求的实习生职位,部分原因是他制作了一段YouTube视频。视频里列出了这家社交网站应该雇佣他的五点理由,其中包括他对软件代码具有强烈的爱好以及他希望让世界变得更美好的想法。他说,他在自己的宿舍门厅拍摄了这段视频,并花了大约六个小时写脚本、花了18个小时进行视频编辑。

这一招真的有效。看过卡姆科视频的脸谱公司招聘主管亚当·沃德(Adam Ward)说:“我们需要快速判断某人是否具有为公司工作的活力与热情。”有了那样的一个东西“你就可以对号入座”。

尽管成功率不高,富有创造力的竞聘者只要听说了有关亚当·帕奇蒂(Adam Pacitti)这类人的故事,他们很可能就不会罢休。帕奇蒂说,2012年从英国温切斯特大学(University of Winchester)毕业后,他在六个星期里发出250份个人简历谋求媒体制作的职位,得到的确切回复只有两个(都是不被录用的回复)。因此,去年一月,他在伦敦市中心租用了一块广告牌。他在自己照片旁边的显著位置写下了这样的话:“我花了最后的500英镑租用这块广告牌,请给我一份工作。Employadam.com。”