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San Francisco: The New Gold Rush

Twitter's headquarters. A high-rise apartment building where visitors sign-in on iPads. A jar of handcrafted applesauce for $14. Skyrocketing real-estate prices.

Nearly five decades after the Summer of Love transformed San Francisco into the epicenter of the hippie movement, a new generation is redefining this city's culture again. No longer content to live and work in the quiet suburbs of Palo Alto and Menlo Park 30 miles south, thousands of young tech workers are migrating to the city, seeking a more urban, multicultural lifestyle. They are bringing with them a stampede of tech companies and venture capitalists, and inevitably attracting some homegrown resentment for jacking up housing costs and gentrifying once gritty neighborhoods.

Last year, venture capitalist Greg Gretsch, managing director at Sigma West, which has $1.5 billion under management, moved his office from Menlo Park to San Francisco's Jackson Square neighborhood, a historic part of the city dating back to the 1850s that is now attracting the new digerati. He now walks to work from his Pacific Heights home and walks or bikes to visit startups in the South of Market, or Soma, district.

'Jackson Square is the new Sand Hill Road,' says Mr. Gretsch, 47, referring to the road in Menlo Park that has long been at the center of technology funding. 'I'm surprised by how infrequently I go down [to Silicon Valley] because I just don't need to.'

The cost of living is high among the new tech class. The median sales price for homes in San Francisco jumped 16% in 2013, according to the San Francisco Association of Realtors. 'It was a year of shocking prices,' says Annie Williams, a real-estate agent with Hill & Co. in San Francisco. She ticks off the names of southern neighborhoods closest to Silicon Valley, such as the Mission and Noe Valley, that have been most affected by the tech boom. 'It was shock after shock started by Zuckerberg.' In 2012, it was widely reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg paid $9.9 million for a house in the city's Mission District. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment.

In 2013, an 11,000-square-foot house in Pacific Heights on San Francisco's Gold Coast -- where neighbors include Apple's Jonathan Ive and Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison -- sold for $35 million. In 2011, the house sold for $29.5 million.

Not everyone likes the changes wrought by the technocrat class. Protesters attempting to highlight the issue of rising rents in the Mission District recently tried to stop the private buses that take tech workers to their jobs at companies including Google, Facebook and Apple. Musician Adam Theis, founder of the long-standing musical collective JazzMafia, hasn't joined the protests but is among those who have been forced to leave the Mission after his rent for a two-bedroom apartment soared to $3,000 a month from $1,400.

Mr. Theis, 39, had lived in the Mission since 1997. 'I was really lucky to have had that house for 15 years; it allowed us to have a place where we could create,' he says, adding that his apartment building was known as a gathering place for artists and musicians. Mr. Theis now lives in Oakland, but still has gigs in the Mission. 'It's not that people are trying to clear-cut or drive people out -- there's a balance missing of cultural consciousness,' he says.


继大约五十年前“爱之夏”(Summer of Love) 运动将旧金山变成嬉皮运动的中心之后,新一代又正再次重新定义这座城市的文化。由于不再满足于居住和工作在帕洛阿尔托(Palo Alto)和门洛帕克(Menlo Park)以南30英里(约合48公里)这样的安静郊区,数以千计的年轻技术员正迁往市区,寻求更加都市化、文化多元化的生活方式。随他们而来的是蜂拥而至的科技公司和风险投资家,这不可避免地招致了一些当地人对被推高的房价,以及将曾经平民社区变得贵族化的怨恨。

去年,管理15亿美元资产的Sigma West公司常务董事、风险投资家格雷格·格雷奇(Greg Gretsch)将他的办公室从门洛帕克搬到了旧金山的杰克逊广场 (Jackson Square)附近,这里的历史可以追溯到19世纪50年代,现如今正吸引着新一代的科技专家们迁入。现在,他从位于Pacific Heights的家中步行去上班,并且步行或骑自行车去拜访那些在市场街南区(简称Soma区)的创业公司。

47岁的格雷奇说:“杰克逊广场是新的沙岭路(Sand Hill Road)。”他指的是在门洛帕克的沙岭路,那里长期以来一直是科技公司寻找资本的中心。他说:“我很惊讶自己现在很少下去(到硅谷),因为实在不需要去。”

新科技专家阶层生活成本较高。根据旧金山房地产经纪协会(San Francisco Association of Realtors)的统计,2013年旧金山的中位房价大幅增长了16%。旧金山Hill & Co.公司的房地产经纪人安妮·威廉斯(Annie Williams)说,这一年的房价惊人。她列举了靠近硅谷(Silicon Valley)的一些南部社区,例如教会区(Mission)和诺伊谷(Noe Valley)这些受科技繁荣影响最深的社区。她说,Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)引发了一波又一波的冲击。2012年,媒体广泛报道了扎克伯格斥资990万美元在旧金山教会区购买了房产。 一位Facebook的发言人拒绝对此发表评论。

2013年,一栋面积11,000平方英尺(约合1,022平方米)、位于旧金山黄金海岸(Gold Coast)Pacific Heights的豪宅以3500万美元的价格售出。其邻居包括科技巨头苹果 (Apple)的乔纳森·埃维 (Jonathan Ive)和甲骨文(Oracle)的亿万富翁拉里·埃里森(Larry Ellison)。2011年,这栋房子的售价为2950万美元。

并不是每个人都喜欢技术专家阶层带来的变化。有示威者最近尝试通过阻止谷歌(Google)、 Facebook和苹果等科技公司接送员工上班的私营巴士,来引起大家对于教会区房租飞涨问题的重视。成立多年的音乐团体 JazzMafia创始人、音乐家亚当·泰斯(Adam Theis)并没有加入到示威人群当中,但是在其两居室公寓房租从每月1400美元飙升到3000美元之后,他也被迫成为众多搬离教会区人们中的一员。