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Asia's Most Notable Films of 2013

Before the New Year welcomes a host of fresh blockbusters, art-house offerings and Oscar hopefuls, here's a final look at 2013's most notable Asian films.


'Drug War' (China)

《毒战》(Drug War)(中国)

Johnnie To's violent crime drama about a morally ambiguous Chinese cop (Sun Honglei) who uses questionable means to nab a Hong Kong drug dealer (Louis Koo) is peppered with taboo subjects that often don't pass the watchful eyes of mainland China censors. But the director won official approval and still delivered a smart, darkly funny and discomforting thriller.

导演杜琪峰(Johnnie To)的这部暴力犯罪电影讲述了一个道德模糊的中国警察(孙红雷饰)使用不正当手段抓捕一名香港毒贩(古天乐(Louis Koo)饰)的故事。尽管该片涉及的禁忌话题通常在报请中国大陆电影审查机构审查时难以过关,但杜琪峰还是获得了官方审查机构的批准,为观众呈现了一部睿智、黑色幽默、令人倒吸冷气的惊悚大片。

'The Grandmaster' (Hong Kong)

《一代宗师》(The Grandmaster)(香港)

Wong Kar-wai's take on the life of martial-arts master Ip Man reveals that kung fu is as much an intellectual pursuit as it is a sport of strength and physical superiority. Does it matter whether you've seen the versions for Asia, Europe or the U.S.? No. Contractually obligated or not, the auteur is welcome to re-edit his films as often as he wants. Come to think of it, comparing the different versions could make an ideal college course elective.

王家卫(Wong Kar-wai)这部讲述武术大师叶问(Ip Man)生平的影片告诉我们,功夫既是一种对智慧的追求,也是一项兼具力量和身体优越性的运动。无论你看过了亚洲、欧洲还是美国版本的《一代宗师》,都没有关系。不管合同上是否有义务这么做,我们都欢迎导演随心所欲地重新剪辑他的影片。如此想来,对不同版本影片的比较,都可以拿来当作一门理想的大学选修课了。

'Ilo Ilo' (Singapore)

《爸妈不在家》(Ilo Ilo)(新加坡)

Anthony Chen's Cannes-winning (Camera d'Or) debut feature follows the lives of a Singaporean family and their Filipina domestic helper during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. The film may be, in the words of the director, 'culturally specific,' but Mr. Chen's contemplation on childhood memories, attachments and heartache -- even a lock a hair unleashes a multitude of emotion -- are universal themes.

《爸妈不在家》是导演陈哲艺(Anthony Chen)的首部剧情长片。这部斩获了戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)金摄影机奖(Camera d'Or)的影片讲述了上世纪90年代末期亚洲金融危机后,一个新加坡家庭与他们的菲律宾家政佣工的故事。借用导演的话说,这部电影也许“有着独特的文化意义”,但陈哲艺对儿时经历的反思、依恋和心痛(一绺头发都蕴含着丰富的情感)则是普世的电影主题。

'Like Father, Like Son' (Japan)

《我的意外爸爸》(Like Father, Like Son)(日本)

A personally ambitious, professionally successful man (Masaharu Fukuyama) rejects his 6-year-old son after learning the boy was accidentally switched at birth with another child. Director Hirokazu Koreeda's study of quiet emotional abuse -- by way of an unsympathetic father -- is just one fragile piece of this absorbing drama about two families trying to sort out their paths forward. This won the Jury Prize at Cannes.

片中福山雅治(Masaharu Fukuyama)饰演的父亲是个极具野心且事业成功的男人。在得知已养到六岁的孩子当年因意外抱错不是自己的亲生子后,他对孩子产生了排斥心理。导演是枝裕和(Hirokazu Koreeda)对冷暴力的揣摩(通过一位冷漠无情的父亲表现出来)只是这部引人入胜的关于两个家庭试图理清未来道路电影的令人心碎的一部分。该片获得了戛纳最佳评审奖。

'The Missing Picture' (Cambodia)

《残缺影像》(The Missing Picture)(柬埔寨)

Documentary filmmaker Rithy Panh brings striking detail to his childhood memories of living under the Khmer Rouge regime. In the absence of a photographic archive, he uses miniature clay figures to depict his family and their friends in scenes of both domestic tranquility and extreme brutality. The effect gives the film, which took top prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes, a heightened sense of immediacy to the horrific events witnessed by Mr. Panh.

纪录片导演潘礼德(Rithy Panh)细致入微地讲述了自己在红色高棉(Khmer Rouge)政权下的童年记忆。那个年代缺乏影像资料,他便用微型粘土人物来描绘处于平静家庭生活和国内极端暴行中的亲友。这让观众对潘礼德见证的那些恐怖事件有一种很强烈的直观感。这部电影夺得了戛纳电影节“一种关注”单元最佳影片奖。

'Moebius' (South Korea)


On the surface, this is a harrowing story of extreme family dysfunction involving adultery, incest and castration, but the dialogue-less film suggests director Kim Ki-duk is exploring something beyond the sadomasochism. His real intent was to question his own views on Korean culture and whether he could break some taboos. The answer, he discovered, was that audiences mostly thought he had crossed a line he shouldn't have, which probably means he'll continue to push the conventional norms in his next film.

表面上,这是一个悲惨的故事,讲述了涉及通奸、乱伦和阉割的极端家庭异常状况,但这部没有对白的影片显示,导演金基德(Kim Ki-duk)探索的对象超越了施虐与受虐。他真正的意图是质疑自己对于韩国文化的看法,以及他是否能打破一些禁忌。他找到的答案是,观众多半认为,他越过了原本不应跨越的界线,这可能意味着他将继续在下一部电影中抗拒传统规范。

'The Rooftop' (Taiwan)

《天台爱情》(The Rooftop)(台湾)

Jay Chou's musical -- a love story between a good-natured hooligan and a proper young woman, and which he directed -- may look Baz Luhrmann-inspired with its vivid set pieces, but the pop singer may just as well have been invoking Francis Ford Coppola's ill-fated 1982 musical 'One From the Heart.' This movie isn't for everyone, but its imaginative movie-studio recreation of a seaside town and lively supporting cast made it a welcome summer treat for the willing.

周杰伦(Jay Chou)主演并导演的这部音乐片讲述了一个天性善良的小流氓与一位漂亮姑娘之间的爱情故事,其鲜明的套路看上去可能像是受到了澳大利亚浪漫歌舞片导演巴兹•鲁赫曼(Baz Luhrmann)的启发,但这位流行歌手可能同时也让人想起了弗朗西斯•福特•科波拉(Francis Ford Coppola)命途不佳的1982年音乐片《旧爱新欢》(One From the Heart)。这部电影算不上老少皆宜,但它富于想像力地在电影工作室再现了海滨小镇的景色,加上活力十足的配角阵容,从而成为夏季颇受欢迎的心灵抚慰。

'Snowpiercer' (South Korea)


Director Bong Joon-ho's (mostly) English-language actioner about Earth's last inhabitants struggling for survival aboard a train as it continuously circles the snow-covered planet has a cast that rivals a Hollywood blockbuster: Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer and Ed Harris, plus Song Kang-ho. It's fast-paced, philosophical and wickedly funny -- and far superior to 'Elysium,' the year's other thriller about class conflicts in a dystopian near-future.

奉俊昊(Bong Joon-ho)导演的这部英文动作片,讲述了地球最后的居民在一列不断环绕这个冰雪覆盖的星球的列车上极力求生,影片阵容可媲美好莱坞大片:克里斯•埃文斯(Chris Evans)、约翰•赫特(John Hurt)、蒂尔达•斯温顿(Tilda Swinton)、奥克塔维娅•斯潘塞(Octavia Spencer)和埃德•哈里斯(Ed Harris),再加上宋康昊。该片节奏极快、引人深思而又搞怪滑稽──而且远远优于2013年另一部惊悚片《极乐空间》(Elysium),后者是一部讲述未来社会阶级冲突的反乌托邦科幻电影。

'Stray Dogs' (Taiwan)

《郊游》(Stray Dogs)(台湾)

Fans of director Tsai Ming-liang found ample reason to embrace this film -- which won the Grand Jury Prize at Venice -- about man and his two young children living in ruin and with little chance of escaping to a better life. Employing a minimal amount of dialogue and extreme long takes, Mr. Tsai asks his audiences to experience the hopelessness of his destitute characters.

导演蔡明亮(Tsai Ming-liang)的粉丝有一大堆理由热爱这部赢得2013年威尼斯电影节评委会大奖(Grand Jury Prize)的影片,其内容是一名男子与他的两个年幼的孩子住在废弃建筑中,没有什么机会能够实现更好的生活。蔡明亮说,他采用了尽可能少的对白和极端的长镜头,想让观众体会贫困的片中人物的绝望情绪。

'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' (Taiwan)

《明天记得爱上我》(Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?)(台湾)

Family man Wei-chung (Richie Jen) is leading a seemingly happy and quiet life in Taipei with his wife and their 6-year-old son. There's just one thing: He's gay. Director Arvin Chen's comedy of errors about a mild-mannered optical-shop manager coming out of the closet blends funny heartbreak with moments of whimsy for a thoughtful tale of a middle-age man coming to terms with adulthood and responsibility.

居家男人伟中(任贤齐(Richie Jen)饰)在台北与妻子和他们六岁的儿子一起过着看似幸福平静的生活。只有一个问题:他是同性恋。导演陈骏霖(Arvin Chen)的这部关于误会的喜剧片讲述了一个温文尔雅的眼镜店经理如何出柜,它将令人不安的心碎场面与奇思妙想的片断结合起来,造就了一个引人深思的故事,讲述一个中年男人如何与成熟和责任达成妥协。