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“金光之战”周日在澳门开打 邹市明垫场

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China a Prize in Pacquiao Fight
“金光之战”周日在澳门开打 邹市明垫场

Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach was surprised by the lack of attention the superstar boxer got when in China on a promotional tour for Sunday's fight in Macau, billed by promoters as the biggest ever in Asia.

在前往澳门进行赛事宣传的旅途中,帕奎奥(Manny Pacquiao)的拳击教练罗奇(Freddie Roach)说,这位超级明星拳手在中国大陆期间并没有受到什么关注,这让他感到奇怪。澳门将于周日举办拳击比赛,推广方说,这次赛事是亚洲有史以来最盛大的一次。

'We were expecting to be fighting people off, but I'm not sure many people knew who he was,' Mr. Roach said of the summer tour, which included stops in Beijing and Shanghai. 'They seemed more excited by Zou, ' he said, referring to two-time Olympic gold medal winner Zou Shiming, who is on the undercard Sunday. Mr. Roach also trains the Chinese boxer.


Sunday's welterweight clash between Pacquiao and Brandon R os will test the relevance of boxing in the potentially critical Chinese market, and Zou is an obvious lure. The 32-year-old flyweight won the first gold medal in China's Olympic boxing history in 2008 in Beijing, and he won gold again in London four years later.

周日在帕奎奥和里奥斯(Brandon Rios)之间进行的次中量级拳击赛将是一场测试,看看拳击这一运动在中国这个可能至关重要的市场到底有多受欢迎,而且邹市明是一个很有吸引力的卖点。这位现年32岁的蝇量级选手在2008年北京奥运会上为中国赢得了第一枚奥运拳击金牌,并且四年之后又在伦敦奥运会上赢得了一枚金牌。

Zou made his professional debut in Macau in April, winning a fight against Mexican Eleazar Valenzuela. He fought again in the territory in June, beating another Mexican, Jesus Ortega. This weekend, he faces a third Mexican, Juan Toscano. The fight promoters hope that Zou and Pacquiao, named fighter of the decade 2001-2010 by the World Boxing Council, will attract a record number of viewers in mainland China, where the sport was banned under Mao Zedong's rule in the 1960s and 70s.

今年4月,邹市明进行了首场职业比赛,打败了墨西哥拳手巴伦祖拉(Eleazar Valenzuela)。6月份他又打败了另一名墨西哥拳手奥尔特加(Jesus Ortega)。本周末他将迎战第三名墨西哥拳手托斯卡诺(Juan Toscano)。赛事推广方希望,被世界拳击理事会(World Boxing Council)授予“十年最佳拳手”(2001-2010)称号的邹市明和帕奎奥在中国大陆吸引的观众数量能够打破以往记录。在上世纪六七十年代毛泽东主政期间,拳击运动在中国是被禁止的。

Bob Arum, chairman of fight promoter Top Rank, said he expects around 200 million homes in China to tune in Sunday to 'The Clash in Cotai,' which will take place at the 15,000-seater Cotai Arena in the Venetian Macao, Las Vegas Sands Corp.'s flagship casino-resort in the world's gambling capital.

拳击推广公司Top Rank的董事会主席阿鲁姆(Bob Arum)说,他希望周日中国能有大约两亿家庭能通过电视收看“金光之战”。这次比赛将在澳门威尼斯人度假村酒店(Venetian Macau)内能容纳15,000名观众的金光综艺馆(Cotai Arena)内举行。威尼斯人度假村酒店是拉斯维加斯金沙集团股份有限公司(Las Vegas Sands Corp.)在澳门的旗舰赌场度假村。

The promoter still needs to find a way to make money in China. The pay-per-view model has been profitable in the U.S., but it hasn't taken off yet in China, said Mr. Arum.


'I looked at it more like an American,' said Mr. Arum of his initial hope to create a pay-per-view market in China within a few months. 'It was more difficult than I thought. But believe me it will come and it will be huge,' he said.


For now, Top Rank is following the Chinese model, whereby regional networks broadcast the program to viewers for free and in turn allow the promoter to sell ads that will play during the fight. This too is slow-going though.

眼下,Top Rank正在沿用中国模式,就是区域性网络将节目向观众免费播出,同时允许推广方卖广告,广告在拳击进行期间播出。不过,这一模式的发展速度也不快。

'To reach an audience as big as that, you'd think they'd all be buying it up but they're not,' said Mr. Arum of potential sponsors. He is encouraged though by the estimate that his team will be able to sell $300,000 worth of commercial time for this fight compared to just $10,000 for Zou's professional debut earlier this year.


Mr. Arum, an octogenarian who has represented fighters from Muhammad Ali to Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr., added that Top Rank is on the hunt for fresh Chinese fighters. 'In order for the sport to flourish in China you need to have home-grown talent,' he said.

阿鲁姆如今已经年逾80,他曾经代理的拳手包括阿里(Muhammad Ali)、德拉霍亚( Oscar De La Hoya)和小梅威瑟(Floyd Mayweather Jr.)。阿鲁姆说,Top Rank正在中国寻找新拳手。他说,这项活动要在中国发展起来,需要有本土人才。

Pacquaio may have had a relatively peaceful time in China, but he has been in the limelight this week since arriving at the Venetian. Reporters have been given access to the gym underneath the theater where he has been training, closely filming his every move while Zou trained in the background, largely ignored by the cameras.