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Union Square: A Place to Converge, and Buy Kale

When Victoria Baradi Anderson moved into the Union Square neighborhood in 1998, she was attracted to its central location and easy subway access. “I was single and enjoying the night life,” she said. After graduating from college and living with her parents for a year, she bought a studio on East 14th Street for less than $100,000. There was little in the surrounding streets that appealed to her, including the 3.6-acre park that gave the area its name and “was not as nice as it is now,” she said.

1998年,维多利亚·巴拉迪·安德森(Victoria Baradi Anderson)搬到联合广场(Union Square)社区时,被这里位置居中、地铁便捷的特点吸引住了。“当时我是单身,很享受夜生活。”她说。大学毕业后,她和父母住了一年,后来在东14街买了一套单间公寓,价格不到10万美元(约合人民币61万元)。周边街道上很少有什么能够吸引她的东西,包括那座3.6英亩(约合1.5公顷)的公园。这片街区就是以公园名字命名的。那里“没有现在这么好。”她说。

When she married in 2008, “my husband just moved in,” she said. Two years later, they had a child and bought a one-bedroom in the building, paying more than $600,000. Now, with two children, they spend most of their time close to home.


The park is the focal point of a neighborhood that has changed greatly, and real estate prices have risen significantly.

“The neighborhood just kind of kept on changing with me,” Mrs. Anderson said. “It kept giving me the things I need.”


These days, that includes a newly refurbished playground at the northern end of the park — part of a $20 million upgrade in that section — and a bustling farmer’s market four days a week, a Barnes & Noble with a large children’s section and a Babies “R” Us, among many other shiny new shops lining the streets around the park.

就最近而言,此类设施包括公园北部一座新修的运动场——它属于一个耗资2000万美元(约合人民币1.2亿元)的公园北部改造项目;一个熙熙攘攘的农贸市场,每周开集四天;一家巴诺书店(Barnes & Noble),那里的少儿区规模很大;一家玩具反斗城(Babies “R” Us),此外还有许多光鲜的新店面在公园四周沿街而立。

She and her husband, Christopher Anderson, a D.J., added to the child-oriented amenities by starting a monthly weekend brunch for young families at a restaurant on East 16th Street. “We love it here so much,” she said. “We know we have to move eventually, and we’d love to stay in the neighborhood if we could.”

她和做DJ的丈夫克里斯托弗·安德森(Christopher Anderson)还进一步丰富了面向少儿的设施,他们在东16街的一家餐馆发起了一项面向年轻家庭的周末早午餐会,每月举办一次。“我们太喜欢这里了,”她说,“我们知道最终还是要搬走的,但是想尽可能地待在这个社区里。”

That may not be so easy. The restaurateur Danny Meyer, who helped rehabilitate the neighborhood’s former seedy, drug-infested image when he opened his Union Square Cafe in 1985, said in June that he could not afford a huge rent increase he will face when his lease expires at the end of 2015 and will have to move out.

要做到这一点或许并不容易。那家餐馆的老板丹尼·梅耶(Danny Meyer)6月时表示,等到2015年租约到期后,房租便会大幅上涨,届时他将无力承担,不得不搬走。1985年,他的联合广场咖啡厅(Union Square Cafe)开张,帮助社区改变了原本破旧不堪、毒品横行的面貌。

The climb in commercial leases is reflected in residential rents and purchase prices. “The area is just popping,” said Sasha Bruno, an agent with Town Real Estate. Janine Young, an agent with Bond New York, said, “There are no more bargains.”

商业地产租金的上涨,也反映到了住宅的租金和买价上。“这片地区现在很抢手。”Town Real Estate的经纪人萨莎·布鲁诺(Sasha Bruno)说。Bond New York的经纪人珍妮·扬(Janine Young)说:“已经没有便宜的房产了。”

Umber Ahmad, who for 10 years has rented a one-bedroom with a terrace in the Zeckendorf Towers condominium complex (completed in 1987 and credited as another factor in the area’s resurgence), said her rent has increased 65 percent — and is still under market, though she would not reveal the amount. Now the apartment’s owner has sold it, she said, and she plans to move to another rental in the neighborhood. But she fears she won’t be able to afford similar amenities, especially the terrace that holds plants she bought across the street.

乌姆博·艾哈迈德(Umber Ahmad)在泽肯多夫大厦(Zeckendorf Towers)这片共管公寓建筑群(落成于1987年,被认为是本地区复兴的又一推动力)的一套带露台一居室里,租住了十年。她说自己的房租已经上涨了68%——目前依然低于市价,只是她不肯透露具体数额。她说,目前房东已经把公寓卖了,她打算在社区里再找一套出租屋。但是她担心自己无力负担同目前类似的居住条件了,尤其是露台,她把自己从街对面买来的植物都放在了露台上。

“The biggest draw for me is the Greenmarket, having the farm-to-table experience by stepping outside your door,” said Ms. Ahmad, a former investment banker who has founded a bakery called Mah-Ze-Dahr, while still doing financial advising.


Rising prices, however, are changing the makeup of the community, she said, and higher commercial rents mean “only big-box stores or banks” move in. “I don’t want to live in a strip mall, and some of that is happening.” Still, the farmers will keep her around Union Square, she said. “Being in a city of 8 million people, it’s nice to be among people from the land.”


What You’ll Find


Union Square Park is a busy place, as are the streets around it. Union Square Partnership reports on pedestrian traffic on days when the Greenmarket is open say about 350,000 converge on the area on Mondays and Wednesdays, slightly fewer on Saturdays, and this past summer, a record-breaking 383,000 visited on Fridays. The area is the city’s top Citi Bike destination, with 485 docks, said Jennifer Falk, the executive director of the nonprofit partnership. Recently added park amenities include new bistro tables, chairs and umbrellas, an expanded playground, new restrooms, enhanced Wi-Fi and three solar-powered docking stations for electronic devices, she said.

联合广场公园(Union Square Park)是个繁忙的地方,其周边街道也是如此。非营利商业开发机构Union Square Partnership曾就农贸市场开放期间的行人交通状况发布报告。报告称,周一和周三约有35万人聚集在此地区,周六人数稍少。此外,今年夏天,本地区周五的访问人数达到了破纪录的38.3万人。Union Square Partnership的执行董事珍妮弗·福尔克(Jennifer Falk)表示,这一带是纽约市Citi Bike(纽约市的一个自行车共享项目——译注)的首选目的地,有485个自行车停放处。她还说,最近新增的公园设施包括多个新置的小餐桌、椅子和户外伞,一座扩建的运动场,几个新建的厕所,增强的Wi-Fi和三个太阳能电子设备坞站。

In May, the Pavilion, a seasonal restaurant, opened within and in front of a handsomely restored columned structure that had long been neglected — and had long caused controversy. The Union Square Community Coalition, which opposed the cafe, favored using the pavilion for community activities. “Another restaurant is obviously not needed,” said Geoffrey Croft, a board member, pointing out the area’s many other places to eat.

在5月,这里新开张了一家季节性餐厅,名为Pavilion,位于一座建筑的内部,并延伸至其前部。这座带有立柱的建筑长久以来一直被人忽视——也一直饱受争议;如今经过修缮,变得非常气派。联合广场社区联盟(Union Square Community Coalition)反对这家餐馆开张,主张将其用于社区活动。“显然没必要新开一家餐馆。”董事会成员杰弗里·克劳福特(Geoffrey Croft)说。他指出,本地区还有许多其它地方可以就餐。

The 24/7 activity has drawn tech companies, with employees who work and take breaks at any time of day, Ms. Falk said. Among new or expanded office tenants in the area are Mashable, Spotify, Yelp and Zillow. Students from New York University, the New School and other colleges also live in the neighborhood, said Uri Hanoch, a broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate who moved there as a student about 20 years ago.

福尔克说,这里一周7天、每天24小时无休止的活跃状态,已经吸引了科技公司,这些公司的员工会在一天里的任意时间工作和休息。在本地区新开或扩建办事处的企业租户包括互联网新闻博客Mashable、音乐平台Spotify、点评网站Yelp、房地产网站Zillow等。道格拉斯·艾丽曼房地产公司(Douglas Elliman Real Estate)的经纪人乌里·哈诺赫(Uri Hanoch)说,纽约大学、新学院大学(New School)等高校的学生也住在这个社区。哈诺赫本人在20年前就搬过来了,那时他还是个学生。

The rapid growth has resulted in a jumble of styles, with a historic statue of George Washington gazing across 14th Street toward a 100-foot-high modern artwork on the facade of One Union Square South called Metronome that tracks the time and the phases of the moon, and periodically emits puffs of steam. Glass-walled buildings nestle among more traditional ones, like the former Tammany Hall, now home to a theater and a film school.

本地区的飞速发展,使当地建筑呈现出多姿多彩的风格。一座历史悠久的乔治·华盛顿雕像,注视着第14街对面的“节拍器”(Metronome),那是一件现代艺术品,位于联合广场南一号(One Union Square South)的正面,高达100英尺(约合30米),记录着时间和月相,时不时会喷出一阵蒸汽。玻璃幕墙的建筑夹杂在传统建筑当中,比如原来的坦慕尼大厅(Tammany Hall),如今是一座剧院和一家电影学校的所在地。

What You’ll Pay


Apartment prices have increased significantly over last year, said Ms. Bruno of Town Real Estate, citing figures she prepared for the area that stretches from 13th to 18th Streets and Fifth Avenue to Irving Place, one of several ways to define the neighborhood. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 8, the average price for studios increased about 2.8 percent to $577,286 from $561,698 in the comparable period in 2013; one-bedrooms rose about 12.1 percent to $1,189,684 from $1,060,654; two-bedrooms, 28.5 percent to $1,971,122 from $1,533,648; and three-bedrooms, 4.2 percent to $3,848,721 from $3,692,825.

Town Real Estate的布鲁诺说,去年公寓的房价已有显著增长。她援引了预先准备的本社区数据,统计范围从第13到18街和第五大道一直延伸到了欧文广场(Irving Place),这是界定本社区的几种方法之一。从1月1日到9月8日,单间公寓(studio)的价格大约增长了2.8%;从2013年同期的561698美元(约合人民币344.8万元)上涨到了577286美元(约合人民币354.4万元);一居室的价格大约升了12.1%,从1060654美元(约合人民币651.1万元)上涨到了1189684美元(约合人民币730.3万元);两居室的价格从1533648美元(约合人民币941.5万元)上涨到了1971122美元(约合人民币1210.1万元),涨幅为28.5%;三居室的价格从3692825美元(约合人民币2267.0万元)上涨到了3848721美元(约合人民币2362.7万元),涨幅4.2%。

The number of apartments sold, however, slipped to 43 from 65, which she attributed to a low inventory that may increase as the year progresses. Rents are high, too, Ms. Bruno said, with one-bedrooms “easily $4,000 to $5,000,” and some three-bedrooms more than $30,000 a month.


What to Do


Peter Prinstein, a vice president at the investment management firm PIMCO who moved into a two-bedroom apartment on East 14th Street three years ago, said he is a movie buff and regularly visits the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 at 850 Broadway and, for art house films, the Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street. (There are also several Off Broadway theaters.) As “an amateur chef,” he said, he likes the neighborhood’s Whole Foods and Garden of Eden, and, of course, the Greenmarket.

太平洋投资管理公司(PIMCO)的副总裁彼得·普林斯特恩(Peter Prinstein)三年前搬进了东14街的一套两居室。他说自己是个影迷,经常去百老汇850号的Regal Union Square Stadium 14影院。而要看艺术电影,就会去东12街22号的影院村(Cinema Village)(百老汇以外的剧院还有好几家)。“身为一名业余厨师,”他说,他喜欢社区里的全食(Whole Foods)和伊甸花园(Garden of Eden),当然,还有农贸市场。

Exercise is another popular pastime. “We have a host of gyms in the neighborhood,” he said. Mr. Hanoch of Douglas Elliman likes the annual Union Square Holiday Market and the summer concerts. A free walking tour leaves at 2 p.m. on Saturdays from the Abraham Lincoln statue at 16th Street.

健身是另一种流行的休闲方式。“社区里有很多家健身房。”他说。道格拉斯·艾丽曼的哈诺赫喜欢联合广场假日市集(Union Square Holiday Market)和夏季音乐会。周六下午2点都有一场免费的徒步游,从第16街的亚伯拉罕·林肯雕像前出发。

The Schools


Many parents send their children to Public School 40, which received an A rating from the Department of Education, followed by Middle School 104, also with an A rating. Washington Irving High School, which was the only high school in the neighborhood, is being phased out, and its campus at 40 Irving Place now hosts five high schools with specialized curriculums and a school for kindergarten to Grade 2. P.S. 340 opened this month at 590 Sixth Avenue, taking only prekindergarten and kindergarten students but scheduled to expand.

很多父母会送孩子去第40公立学校(Public School 40),它得到了教育局的A级评级。紧随其后的是第104中学(Middle School 104)。该社区内唯一一所高中——华盛顿·欧文高中(Washington Irving High School)正在被淘汰。该校在欧文广场40号的校区,如今有五所专科高中,和一所面向幼儿园到2年级生的学校。第340公立学校(P.S. 340)这个月(9月——译注)在第六大道590号开门,目前只招收预幼班和幼儿园的学生,但是计划扩招。