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Six Tips to Save Big on a Trip to Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t typically a destination for budget travelers, according to Jonathan Alder, a travel agent and Tokyo expert. “Hotels, dining out and transportation are all quite expensive in the city, but you don’t need to have deep pockets to have an upscale trip,” he said. Here are some of his best tips to enjoy a luxury Tokyo getaway for less.

旅游中介和东京专家乔纳森·阿尔德(Jonathan Alder)说,东京通常不是穷游者的目的地。“这个城市的酒店、外出就餐和交通都相当昂贵,但你无需花费重金也能享受一次高端旅行,”他说。以下是他为豪华东京度假游提出的几条最佳建议。

Visit During the Winter


Mr. Alder recommended visiting Tokyo from November through February, when hotel rates are at their lowest and the weather is mild to chilly. The summer season commands higher hotel rates — not to mention the temperatures can be uncomfortably hot and the air incredibly humid.


Avoid going in March and April. The spring months are cherry blossom season, and while the blossoms are beautiful and the festivals are equally worthwhile, prices for hotel rooms are at their peak and occupancy is low.


Stay in the City Center


It’s key to choose accommodations near Tokyo Station and the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Both are situated near each other, and the area is the heart of the city, from which other parts of town are easily accessible.


Prices for luxury hotels are higher, compared with other parts of town, but Mr. Alder said that it’s worth paying up. “You’re within walking distance of many major sights and can end up saving a fortune in the long run in transportation costs,” he said.


Splurge Sensibly on Meals


Tokyo is home to several pricey world-renowned restaurants, and travelers who live to eat should spring for at least one high-end meal. Mr. Alder’s top picks are Sushi Bar Yasuda for sushi and GO, located in the Palace Hotel, for teppanyaki.


Save big on the rest of your dining costs by checking out the city’s many inexpensive fast casual restaurants (get names ask your hotel’s concierge, TripAdvisor or Time Out Tokyo), where you can experience uniquely Japanese cuisine without emptying your wallet. Look for local ramen shops, bakeries, cozy bars (called izakaya) and even convenience stores, which carry far higher quality eats than you’ll find in an American 7-11. One good rule of thumb: if there’s a line out front before the restaurant opens, it’s probably good.

这座城市的许多廉价速食休闲餐厅可以帮你节省其余的餐饮费用(可询问酒店服务员,或在TripAdvisor或Time Out Tokyo上搜索),在这些店里,无需倾囊而出就可以体验到独特的日本料理。寻找当地的拉面店、面包房、休闲餐吧(称为居酒屋)甚至便利店——这些便利店所售食品的质量远高于美国的7-11店。遵循这一条大致不会错:如果一家餐厅开门之前就有人在排队,那么多半很好。

Mr. Alder’s go-to dining destination in the city is Tokyo Station, which is full of many inexpensive restaurants. “The food quality is incredible, and you can get a great meal with a beer for under $25 a person,” he said.


Rely on the Subway


Tokyo’s subway is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get around and see all of the city’s major areas, neighborhoods, and attractions. Prices for a ride start at about $1.50, but depending on how much you’ll travel, look into local and regional rail passes before your trip, which can save you a ton of money.


Mr. Alder said that it’s also incredibly clean, punctual (within minutes, unheard-of elsewhere in the world), quiet and enjoyable to use. “My wealthiest clients rely on the subway when they’re in Tokyo because it’s so efficient,” he said.


Take Advantage of Free and Affordable Sights


Many of Tokyo’s top attractions are either free or inexpensive to visit. Ueno, for one, is a district with a picturesque park that’s open to anyone (and home to some very approachable deer) and National Museums that have entry fees that are less than $10.


In the Minato City area, the Nezu museum is a must for its spectacular Japanese gardens and costs less than $13. The Imperial Palace is free, but travelers need to book their visit in advance, which you can do online on the first day of the month before your trip (for a November visit, for example, you should book on Oct. 1). Keep in mind that visits to the palace are first come first served.

要欣赏美丽的日本园林,东京港区的根津博物馆(Nezu museum)是必去之地,门票不到13美元。皇居可免费参观,但需提前预订,您可以在旅行前一个月的第一天在网上进行预订(比如若在11月访问东京,就应该在10月1日预订)。记住,参观皇居是先到者先入内。

Shop Japanese Brands Tax-Free


Take your passport along when you go shopping because it will allow you to buy goods tax free at many stores. “There’s no refund later,” Mr. Alder said. “You’re just not charged.” And stick to buying Japanese brands, which are less expensive than foreign luxury labels. Try Shibuya 109 for clothing and Bic Camera for electronics, or stop by Don Quixote for some truly unique, quirky, only-in-Japan goods and souvenirs.

购物时请带上护照,它可以让你在许多商店免税购买商品。“其后没有退款,”阿尔德说。“你根本就没有被收税。”此外,一定要购买日本品牌,这比购买外国奢侈品牌便宜。试试在涉谷109百货购买服装,在Bic Camera购买电子产品,或者去“惊安的殿堂”去看一看真正独特的、古怪的、只有日本人想得出的商品和纪念品。