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Inside Southwest Flight 1380, 20 Minutes of Chaos and Terror

Tens of thousands of feet above the earth, the passengers clasped hands with strangers, prayed together and got ready to die.


Moments earlier on Tuesday morning, they had been playing Sudoku, catching up on their reading for church and curling up together to watch funny movies as their Southwest Airlines flight climbed above 30,000 feet on its way from New York to Dallas. It was around 11 a.m., 20 minutes into a four-hour flight, as they skimmed above the clouds and waited for flight attendants to hand out drinks.

周二上午的早些时候,当本次从纽约飞往达拉斯的西南航空(Southwest Airlines)航班攀升至三万英尺时,他们还在玩数独游戏、抓紧时间准备要在教堂里朗读的经文、依偎在一起看搞笑电影。11点左右,这班航行时间为四个小时的飞机已经飞行了20分钟,他们越到云层之上,等着乘务员分发饮料。

Then, with a deafening roar, Flight 1380 became a midair scene of chaos and terror.


With no apparent warning, the plane’s left engine exploded and a gust of shrapnel blew out a window, partly sucking one passenger headfirst into the sky. Oxygen masks dropped down and the plane plunged thousands of feet in a minute.


Over the next 20 minutes, the depressurized cabin air swirled with insulation and debris, panic and prayers as the pilot stabilized the plane and rerouted it to Philadelphia for an emergency landing.


“I grabbed my wife’s hand and I started praying: ‘Dear Jesus, send some angels. Just save us from this,’” said Timothy C. Bourman, 36, a pastor from Woodside, N.Y., who was on his way to a church retreat in San Antonio. “I thought we were goners.”

“我拉着妻子的手就开始祈祷:‘亲爱的耶稣,请派些天使来吧。让我们逃过这一劫,’”36岁的迪莫西·C·布尔曼(Timothy C. Bourman)说道,他是纽约伍德赛德的一名牧师,正要去圣安东尼奥参加教会休养活动。“我以为我们死定了。”

In the cockpit, the pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, a veteran Navy pilot, flew on with one engine and calmly radioed air traffic controllers in Philadelphia to discuss her approach. She told them the flight was carrying injured passengers and needed emergency medics on the ground.

驾驶舱内,机长——退伍海军飞行员塔米·乔·舒尔茨(Tammie Jo Shults)——在靠着一个引擎飞行,镇定地用无线电与费城航空调度员讨论她的打算。她告诉他们,机上有受伤乘客,需要地面准备紧急救护。

“Is your airplane physically on fire?” an air traffic controller asked Ms. Shults, according to audio captured by LiveATC.


“No, it’s not on fire, but part of it is missing,” she responded. “They said there’s a hole and someone went out.”


On Wednesday, Robert L. Sumwalt, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said there was evidence of metal fatigue on the left engine of the plane, a two-engine Boeing 737. Mr. Sumwalt also said that investigators had discovered that a fan blade was missing from the plane’s other engine.

美国国家运输安全委员会(National Transportation Safety Board)主席罗伯特·L·萨姆沃特(Robert L. Sumwalt)周三表示,这架双引擎波音737飞机的左引擎有金属疲劳的迹象。萨姆沃特还说,调查人员发现飞机的另一个引擎缺了一片扇叶。

Robert W. Mann, an airline analyst, said this kind of metal fatigue is virtually impossible to see until a failure has already occurred. It is always destructive when a blade comes loose, although it is unusual for uncontained engine failures to be deadly, he said.

航空分析师罗伯特·W·曼(Robert W. Mann)表示,这类金属疲劳几乎不可能在故障发生前被人发现。他说,非包容性引擎故障很少会致命,但有扇叶松动肯定会造成毁坏。

On Tuesday morning, as the flight descended toward Philadelphia, some passengers scrambled to put on oxygen masks while others hurried to buy internet access so they could send a last message to their children and families. Marty Martinez, 29, of Dallas, held a yellow oxygen mask to his face as he live-streamed the descent on Facebook. “It appears we are going down!” he wrote.

周二上午,当飞机往费城方向下降的时候,一些乘客在慌乱地戴氧气面罩,另一些乘客则赶忙付费上网,以给自己的孩子和家人发出最后的消息。29岁的马迪·马丁内斯(Marty Martinez)来自达拉斯,他捂着脸上的黄色氧气面罩,在Facebook上直播了这次降落。“我们好像在往下掉!”他写道。

Pastor Bourman said he could not figure out how to use his mask, and decided it would not save him if the plane crashed. Instead, he sat and prayed as his wife, Amanda, managed to connect her phone to the plane’s Wi-Fi. They began texting Pastor Bourman’s father to tell him what had happened and to convey a message to the couple’s three daughters, 6, 4 and 2 years old:




Plane blew an engine.


We are going to try to land.


Tell the girls we love them and that Jesus is with them always.


On the right side of the plane, just across from the blown-out window, Sheri Sears said her friend and travel companion, Tim McGinty, reassured his wife and Ms. Sears that they would be fine, and tightened their seatbelts. Then he sprang up to help drag the injured passenger, Jennifer Riordan, back into the plane.

在飞机的右边,那面粉碎的舷窗对面,谢丽·西尔斯(Sheri Sears)说自己的朋友和旅伴——提姆·麦金蒂(Tim McGinty)向她和他的妻子保证不会有事的,在帮她们系紧了安全带之后,他起身去帮忙把受伤的乘客詹妮弗·里尔登(Jennifer Riordan)拉回机舱。

Ms. Riordan was unconscious and bleeding as Mr. McGinty and another passenger, a firefighter from north of Dallas, laid her across a row of seats. A retired nurse rushed up and helped Mr. McGinty perform CPR all the way to Philadelphia, but it was no use. Ms. Riordan, a Wells Fargo executive and mother of two from Albuquerque, was pronounced dead at a hospital.

另一位乘客来自达拉斯北部,是一名消防员,他和麦金蒂一起把里尔登平放在了一排座椅上。里尔登已经陷入了昏迷,还在出血。一名退休护士冲了上来,协助麦金蒂实施了心肺复苏术,他们一直坚持到了费城,但并没有用。这位来自阿尔伯克基的富国银行(Wells Fargo)管理人员、两个孩子的母亲,在医院宣告死亡。

As the passengers tried to save Ms. Riordan, Ms. Sears thought about her 11-year-old daughter, Tyley. Ms. Sears’s own father had died when she was 7, and she kept thinking to herself: I’m not going to be there for her.


She said she offered a thin prayer for mercy: “If this is your will, God, please let me go quickly. Don’t let me suffer.”