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Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns on the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — When the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, decided to send a large delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea this month, the world feared he might steal the show.


If that was indeed his intention, he could not have chosen a better emissary than the one he sent: his only sister, Kim Yo Jong, whom news outlets in the South instantly dubbed “North Korea’s Ivanka,” likening her influence to that of Ivanka Trump on her father, President Donald Trump.

如果他确有这样的意图,那么他可以说派出了最好的使者:他唯一的妹妹金与正(Kim Yo-jong)。韩国的新闻媒体当即送了她一个绰号“朝鲜的伊万卡”,认为她的影响力堪与伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)对其父唐纳德·特朗普总统的影响力相提并论。

Much as Trump has been when traveling with her father, Kim was closely followed by the news media during her three-day visit to Seoul and to Pyeongchang, which is hosting the Olympics. She flew back to North Korea on Sunday night.


Flashing a sphinxlike smile and without ever speaking in public, Kim managed to outflank Trump’s envoy to the Olympics, Vice President Mike Pence, in the game of diplomatic image-making.

在公开场合,金与正脸上总是闪烁着猜不透的笑容,她未发一言,便已在外交姿态的博弈中胜过了特朗普派遣的奥运特使——副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)。

While Pence came with an old message — that the United States would continue to ratchet up “maximum sanctions” until the North dismantled its nuclear arsenal — Kim delivered messages of reconciliation as well as an unexpected invitation from her brother to the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, to visit Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

彭斯带来的只有旧信息:美国将继续加强“最大限度的制裁”,直到朝鲜拆除其核武库;而金与正传递了和解信息,以及她的哥哥出其不意地邀请韩国总统文在寅(Moon Jae-in)访问朝鲜首都平壤的消息。

Kim attracted attention wherever she turned up — at the opening ceremony, in the stands at the Olympic debut of the unified Korean women’s ice hockey team, and at a performance in Seoul by a North Korean art troupe.


But Pence drew the greatest reaction for where he did not appear: most pointedly, at a dinner Moon hosted before the opening ceremony. That meant that he avoided spending much time with the North Korean delegation, including Kim Yong Nam, the country’s ceremonial head of state.

但是彭斯没有出现的场合才令他激起最大反响:最刻意的一次是他缺席了开幕式前文在寅举行的晚宴。这意味着他避免了与朝鲜代表团,包括其名义上的国家元首金永南(Kim Yong-nam)见面。

And while the unified Korean Olympic team received a standing ovation as they marched into the stadium Friday night, Pence remained seated, which critics said was disrespectful of the athletes and his host, Moon.


Pence is playing “right into North Korea’s hands by making it look like the U.S. is straying from its ally and actively undermining efforts for inter-Korean relations,” said Mintaro Oba, a former diplomat at the State Department specializing in the Koreas, who now works as a speechwriter in Washington.

彭斯的举止“令美国看上去好像正在脱离其盟友,并在积极破坏朝韩改善关系的努力,因而正中朝鲜下怀,”曾在国务院专门研究朝韩问题的前外交官大场敏太郎(Mintaro Oba)说道,目前他在华盛顿担任演讲撰稿人。

Kim, on the other hand, “is a very effective tip of the spear for the North Korean charm offensive,” Oba said.


Analysts of Korean affairs said that Pence had missed an opportunity.


“I think it would have been really helpful to the conversation of denuclearization for the Pences to have appreciated the effort put into bringing team unified Korea into the stadium,” said Alexis Dudden, a professor of history at the University of Connecticut. “And it wouldn’t have lessened the American position.”

“我认为,如果彭斯夫妇对朝韩联合代表队共同进入体育场的努力表示赞赏,对于无核化对话将会非常有帮助,”康涅狄格大学(University of Connecticut)历史系教授亚历克西斯·杜登(Alexis Dudden)说。“这样不会削弱美国的立场。”

She added, “The fact that he and Mrs. Pence didn’t stand when the unified team came in was a new low in a bullying type of American diplomacy.”


In a pool report filed from Pence’s flight to Alaska from Pyeongchang on Saturday night, a senior administration official said that the vice president had not been trying to avoid the North Koreans so much as he was trying to ignore them.


For Pence’s supporters, “I think the hard-line wing of the United States thinks he did a fine job,” said David C. Kang, director of the Korean Studies Institute at the University of Southern California.

彭斯的做法也有支持者,“我想,美国的强硬派认为他做得很好,”南加州大学(University of Southern California)韩国研究所所长康灿雄(David C. Kang)说。

And while Moon could not miss the chance to “lower the temperature in the room” by engaging with Kim during her visit for the Olympics, her public relations blitz could subject the South Korean president to criticism that “he fell for a charm offensive,” Kang said.


At a protest Sunday in central Seoul, where a few hundred anti-North Korea demonstrators waving South Korean and U.S. flags gathered and shouted slogans denouncing Kim Jong Un, Yang Sun-woo, 55, said, “I’m afraid a lot of Koreans have been fooled by Kim Yo Jong’s visit.”

周日在首尔市中心的一次抗议活动中,几百名抗议朝鲜的示威者挥舞着韩国和美国国旗聚集在一起,喊出谴责金正恩的口号。55岁的杨善宇(Yang Sun-woo,音)说:“恐怕很多韩国人被金与正的来访所迷惑。”

“It’s very unfortunate that the Pyeongchang Olympics are becoming the Pyongyang Olympics when South and North Korea are still at odds with each other over ideologies,” added Yang, who carried a foam head depicting a bloodied face of the North Korean leader.


Kim, who is believed to be 30, was a natural choice for the trip to South Korea. Her clout, because of her shared bloodline, is unmistakable.


Waiting to enter the concert in Seoul on Sunday night, where Kim sat next to Moon, Lee Hwa-ik, 61, president of the Galleries Association of Korea, said that Kim “seems like someone we can become closer to on a personal level and on a human-to-human level.”

周日晚上在首尔举行的音乐会上,金与正坐在文在寅身边等待入场时,韩国画廊协会会长、61岁的李化益(Lee Hwa-ik,音)说,金与正“好像是一个我们可以在个人的层面、在人对人的层面去亲近的人”。

Others said they were horrified by the notion that Kim could lull South Koreans, or anyone else, into forgetting the repression and human rights abuses of her brother’s regime.


“That’s the face of the Kim family, which wouldn’t even flinch when tens of thousands of people died for it,” one Twitter user wrote. “I see the arrogance and ruthlessness that one cannot find in people who grew up in a free society.”