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Where to Get Healthier in 2018

What aspect of the travel industry won’t wellness touch in 2018?


Perhaps none.


From hotels and cruises to airports, airlines, safaris and group tours, wellness promises to be everywhere in the world of travel. Five years ago wellness on the road meant heading to a destination spa to embark on a specific program such as weight loss or staying at a hotel with a nice gym; more recently, the concept has evolved to include all categories of travel, and encompasses overall physical and emotional health.


The data to support the rising interest in wellness travel abounds.


According to the Global Wellness Institute, a nonprofit organization for the wellness industry, the wellness travel market grew to $563 billion in 2015 from $489 billion in 2013, and is expected to grow another 43 percent to $808 billion between 2015 and 2020. Travelers made 691 million trips with a wellness component, such as healthy eating or fitness, in 2015, 104.4 million more than in 2013.

根据健康产业非营利组织全球健康研究所(Global Wellness Institute)的数据,健康旅游市场从2013年的4890亿美元增长至2015年的5630亿美元,预计在2015年到2020年期间将再增长43%,达到8080亿美元。2015年,旅行者进行了6.91亿次含有健康饮食或健身等健康元素的旅行,比2013年增加了1.044亿次。

In addition, in 2016, the luxury travel network Virtuoso launched Virtuoso Wellness, a portfolio of 42 hotels and cruise lines. The company’s sales for these wellness partners (Rosa Alpina, in Italy’s Dolomites Mountains, and Uniworld River Cruises are examples) were up 20 percent last year compared with sales for the company’s other suppliers, which increased nine percent.

此外,2016年,豪华旅游网站Virtuoso推出了Virtuoso Wellness项目,包含42家酒店和邮轮公司。去年,该网站的健康合作伙伴(例如,意大利多洛米蒂山的Rosa Alpina酒店和寰宇河轮公司[Uniworld River Cruises])的销售额增长了20%,而该公司其他供应商的销售额仅增长了9%。

Beth McGroarty, the research director for the Global Wellness Institute, said that the profusion of wellness programs in travel has redefined the purpose of a vacation.

全球健康研究所的研究主任贝丝·麦格罗蒂(Beth McGroarty)表示,旅行中健康计划的大量涌现重新定义了度假目的。

“Vacations used to be associated with excess. You would have lavish meals, drink a lot and party,” she said. “In today’s high-stress world, however, people are desperate for rejuvenation and are prioritizing wellness when they have time off.”


Leisure travelers looking to partake in a little — or a lot of — self-care are spoiled for choice, particularly in the hotel space where many of the big brands are incorporating wellness into guest rooms.


Westin Hotels & Resorts has a growing roster of properties, including ones in Melbourne and Milan, that will feature WestinWorkout rooms, accommodations where guests have the choice of either an in-room treadmill or stationary bike.

威斯汀酒店度假村(Westin Hotels & Resorts)拥有越来越多分店,包括在墨尔本和米兰的酒店,这些酒店将开设威斯汀健身房,宾客可以选择室内跑步机或固定自行车。

In December, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills introduced seven wellness rooms in partnership with the wellness real estate company Delos. The amenities include toiletries from the beauty brand Lather that are made with natural ingredients, air purification systems that reduce allergens and promote restful sleep, showers with dechlorinators, and healthy in-room dining menus created in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

去年12月,贝弗利山庄的洛杉矶四季酒店(Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles)与健康房地产公司Delos合作,推出了七间健康客房。设施包括采用天然原料的美容品牌Lather的洗漱用品,减少过敏原、促进舒适睡眠的空气净化系统,装配脱氯器的淋浴设备,以及与克利夫兰诊所(Cleveland Clinic)合作推出的客房健康菜单。

A night’s stay in a wellness room starts at $600 —$50 more than regular room rates — and the hotel’s general manager, Michael Newcombe, said that the demand for them has been notable. “Our regular clients asked us to bring wellness into the privacy of their rooms, and these new accommodations were our answer,” he said.

健康客房每晚的起价为600美元,比普通客房高出50美元。酒店总经理迈克尔·纽科姆(Michael Newcombe)表示,宾客对健康客房的需求量引人注目。“我们的老客户要求我们把健康带入客房,这些新客房是我们的回应,”他说。

Cruises, too, are increasingly embracing wellness, especially by offering health-focused voyages: The adventure cruise line Linblad Expeditions, for one, in partnership with the exercise and spa brand Exhale, began a series of three- and four-day well-being trips (starting prices from $1,990 a person) in December around Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Guests on the journeys choose from activities like kayaking around the Baja coastline, snorkeling with sea lions and classes led by an Exhale instructor like power yoga and high intensity interval training.

邮轮也日益接受健康观念,尤其是开始提供以健康为重点的航行:比如林布拉德探险(Linblad Expeditions)邮轮巡航线与运动和水疗品牌Exhale合作,在12月围绕墨西哥的巴哈半岛开展一系列为期三天或四天的健康游(每人1990美元起)。客人可以选择在巴哈海岸线一带划独木舟,与海狮一起浮潜,或参加运动课程,在Exhale的力量瑜珈和高强度间歇训练等项目的教练带领下锻炼。

Some travel companies are also offering more itineraries with wellness themes. Intrepid Travel will run 50 wellness-focused group trips this year, compared with 20 in 2017. One addition is the 12-day Golden Triangle: Yoga & Bollywood Edition (from $1,258 a person) in India that includes three days in the city of Rishikesh to practice yoga on the banks of the Ganges.

一些旅游公司也开始提供更多健康主题行程。今年,探险旅游公司(Intrepid Travel)将主办50次以健康为重点的团体旅行,2017年它只办了20次。除此之外还有一项为期12天的印度金三角瑜伽与宝莱坞游(每人1258美元),行程包括在瑞诗凯诗停留三天,在那里的恒河岸边练习瑜伽。

Intrepid has more wellness trips this year, according to the company’s travel director, Leigh Barnes, because the number of travelers who booked them increased significantly in 2017 — in the United States alone, the jump was 88 percent from 2016.

该公司旅游总监利·巴恩斯(Leigh Barnes)说,探险旅游公司今年会安排更多健康游,因为预订这项旅游的人数在2017年有了显著增加——仅在美国就比2016年增长了88%。

“We’re seeing that travelers who traditionally wanted to indulge on a vacation are now searching for trips that help them maintain their personal wellness,” Mr. Barnes said.


In the air travel space, both airlines and airports are stepping up their efforts in numerous ways toward keeping travelers healthy.


Singapore Airlines, for instance, recently introduced Deliciously Wholesome, in-flight meals that were designed with the help of a nutritionist and are rich in complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and fiber. The dishes vary by class, but as an example, economy passengers can expect quinoa with ratatouille and chickpeas, and Oriental-style steamed fish.

例如,新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines)最近推出了美味健康餐,这是在营养师帮助下设计的飞行餐,富含复合式碳水化合物、精蛋白和膳食纤维。各航空舱菜式不一,以经济舱为例,菜式可能包含藜麦搭配蔬菜杂烩和鹰嘴豆,以及东方式蒸鱼。

Delta Air Lines offers guided meditation at its Asanda Spa Lounges in its Sky Clubs at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Called Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver, the service can be booked for either 30 or 50 minutes, at a cost of $30 and $50 respectively, and is a light-and-sound experience in which fliers sit in a zero gravity chair and listen to a meditation led by Dr. Chopra.

达美航空(Delta Air Lines)在约翰·F·肯尼迪国际机场和西雅图-塔科马国际机场的天空俱乐部(Sky Clubs)内的阿桑达水疗休息室(Asanda Spa Lounges)提供配备导师的冥想服务,名为迪帕克·柯普拉织梦者(Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver),可以预订30或50分钟,费用分别是30美元和50美元。它是一种声光体验,旅客坐在零重力椅子上,聆听柯普拉的冥想指导。

Delta’s service is limited to those who have access to Sky Clubs, but all travelers flying through Denver International Airport have the option of practicing meditation and yoga: Since last November, the airport’s Concourse A has been home to Yoga on the Fly, a studio with five 60-square-foot rooms that offer iPads loaded with yoga and meditation sessions; fliers interested in trying a session can rent these rooms in increments of 15 minutes (the cost is $1 per minute).

达美航空的这项服务仅限于天空俱乐部的成员,但是所有来到丹佛国际机场的旅客都可以练习冥想和瑜伽——去年11月以来,该机场的A厅一直提供“飞行瑜伽”(Yoga on the Fly)服务。这个项目拥有五个60平方英尺的房间,向使用者提供装满瑜伽和冥想教程的iPad;有兴趣尝试课程的旅客可以以15分钟为单位租用房间(费用为每分钟1美元)。

Avery Westlund, the company’s co-founder and a certified yoga instructor, said she came up with the idea for Yoga on the Fly because her frequent travels left her physically and emotionally exhausted. “Travel can be a grind, and yoga and meditation are simple and efficient ways to alleviate the stress,” she said. The company expects to open locations at two more airports in the United States by early 2018.

该公司联合创始人,认证瑜伽教练阿韦丽·韦斯特隆德(Avery Westlund)表示,频繁的旅行让她感觉身心疲惫不堪,于是她有了创立“飞行瑜伽”的想法。“旅行可能是一项苦差,瑜伽和冥想能够简单有效地缓解压力,”她说。该公司预计在2018年初在美国另外两个机场开设服务站点。

Airports are a setting where travelers at least have the option to walk as a way to squeeze in some exercise, but traditional safari trips usually involve morning and evening game drives and few opportunities for activity. Now, some safari outfitters are breaking the same-old mold by giving travelers ways to keep fit.


The luxury company Micato Safaris provides its clients with a yoga mat, free weights and a jump rope. Runs through the bush in Kenya with Maasai warriors can also be arranged. And then there’s a new 10-day private running safari in Kenya (from $7,850 a person), where travelers visit the high-altitude destinations of Eldoret and Iten to meet and train with elite runners.

豪华游公司米卡托游猎公司(Micato Safaris)为客户提供瑜伽垫,自由重量训练器械和跳绳。也可以安排游客与马赛族战士一起徒步跑过肯尼亚的灌木丛。还有一项在肯尼亚的10天私人跑步游猎旅(每人7850美元起),旅客可以游览埃尔多雷特和伊腾的高海拔目的地,与高水平跑步者见面并一起训练。

“Our clients were telling us that they didn’t want to sacrifice their workouts while they were on vacation,” said Melissa Hordych, the company’s general manager. “We’ve tried to help them by giving them creative and fun ways to move.”

“客户告诉我们,他们不想在度假时牺牲锻炼时间,”该公司总经理梅丽莎·霍尔迪克(Melissa Hordych)说。“我们试着以有新意、有趣味的方式来帮助他们。”