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Christmas Around the World: 10 International Destinations to Visit

Cities all over the world celebrate Christmas in unique and memorable ways. Many showcase their historic, old-world beauty while others impress with more modern traditions. The following 10 international destinations are just a few of the countless options to consider.




The entirety of Copenhagen seems to transform into a wonderland this time of year. For many, it begins with food, and for others, glogg. You can indulge in both at Hojbro Plads, one of Copenhagen’s prettiest squares on Stroget, the city center’s tangle of pedestrian streets, which hosts a Danish- and German-influenced Christmas market, or at the Nyhavn Christmas Market, near the Royal Danish Playhouse, where vendors set up stalls alongside the quaint Nyhavn canal. Northern Europe’s biggest Christmas market, covering 20 acres, takes place at Tivoli Gardens, near the city’s Central Station.

每年这个时候,整个哥本哈根似乎都化身为仙境。很多人的圣诞节从美食开始,还有人则是从香料酒开始。你可以在霍伊布罗广场(Hojbro Plads)上纵情享受,这里是哥本哈根最漂亮的广场之一,坐落在市中心的哥本哈根步行街上,有一座受丹麦和德国影响的圣诞集市。你也可以前往位于丹麦皇家剧院附近的新港圣诞集市,沿着古韵犹存的新港运河,有许多小贩设立摊位。哥本哈根中央车站附近的趣伏里公园中有北欧最大的圣诞集市,占地20英亩。



The walled cities of Valletta and Mdina are your entry points to this Mediterranean archipelago, which many conquerors and countries have left their mark on. Visitors will likely be entranced with this cultural mash-up, but come December, Malta’s deep-rooted Catholicism is on full display in the celebration of Christmas. Of special note is the stunning St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a soaring barrel-vaulted space, built in the 1570s. The church hosts candlelit carol singing throughout the month of December.




Prague has become one of the most visited cities in Europe for good reason: remarkable architecture, rich history and excellent drinking and eating options. During the winter, its churches, castles and other large distinctive buildings provide a dramatic backdrop to the city’s attractive landscape. Its Christmas markets are considered among the best in Europe. This year’s theme is “The History of Prague,” so many gables on the market huts are decorated to represent historical figures like Franz Kafka.

布拉格成为欧洲最热门的旅游城市之一是有原因的:非凡的建筑、悠久的历史和丰富的美酒美食。到了冬季,这座城市的自然风光分外迷人,教堂、城堡和其他风格独特的建筑都成了它的绝佳景色。这里的圣诞集市被认为是欧洲一流的。今年的主题是“布拉格的历史”,因此市场上很多小屋的山墙都被装饰成了历史人物的样子,比如弗朗茨·卡夫卡(Franz Kafka)。



December is an ideal (and potentially affordable) month to explore Dublin’s glorious sense of history, from its centuries-old pubs to its Georgian architecture to the stately Trinity College at its center. Carols at St. Patrick’s Cathedral are an annual Christmas highlight, as is the Moving Crib at St. Martin Apostolate’s, a “nativity tableaux told through handcrafted moving figures” that has been around for more than 60 years.




If buying gifts is on your itinerary, Zurich is an impressive shopping smorgasbord, particularly around the holidays, from multiple Christmas markets and the luxury boutiques of Bahnhofstrasse, the city’s main shopping street whose many thousands of Christmas lights are a draw of its own, to the indie designers and vintage shops in the emerging industrial zones. Another annual lighting spectacle, Lichterschwimmen, on Dec. 21, features hundreds of tiny lanterns that are sent floating down the River Limmat.


Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s skyline at night is visually stunning all year long, but in December the city takes it to a higher level with A Symphony of Lights, which has illuminated Victoria Harbor every Christmas season since 2004. This year, a new soundtrack performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra has accompanied the show, which runs through Dec. 28. As impressive as Hong Kong’s skyline is, it also remains one of Asia’s most passionately creative cities, a playground for artists and designers, chefs and entrepreneurs.




Cribs are a big deal in Rome come Christmas time. In addition to the larger-than-life nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, you can feast your eyes on the remarkably detailed 18th-century Neapolitan carved-wood crib at the Church of SS. Cosma and Damiano by the main entrance to the Roman Forum, and visit the annual “100 Presepi” exhibition at the Sale del Bramante, Piazza del Popolo (open through Jan. 7), to see crib with parts made of everything from coral to chocolate.




A lack of snow does not dampen the Christmas spirit in Sydney, whose annual “Sydney Christmas” festival is running through Dec. 26. One great (and free) way to soak up the holiday is to take this Dec. 21 walking tour of George Street, which promises “the most Instagram-able window displays and illumination.” One perk that these other destinations do not have: Warm, sandy beaches that lie just minutes from downtown, where the natural beauty of Australia’s most populous city will be waiting.


Quebec City


Quebec City has long drawn admirers to its historic district — the famed ramparts, quaint cobblestone lanes and handsome stone houses. This area transforms into a scenic Christmas village each December. The 403-year-old capital of Quebec province revels in the outdoors at Christmastime, when stone buildings sparkle with lights. Consider a toboggan down the steep wooden tracks of the Dufferin Terrace Slides in front of the castle-like Fairmont le Château Frontenac, cross-country ski on the Plains of Abraham, or skate at the Place d’Youville rink.

长期以来,魁北克市的古城区一直吸引着游客:大名鼎鼎的城墙壁垒、古老的鹅卵石小道和雄伟的石屋。每年12月,这里都会变成一个风景秀丽的圣诞村庄。圣诞节期间,这个拥有403年历史的魁北克省首府将徜徉在户外狂欢之中,石头建筑在灯光下闪闪发光。费尔蒙特芳堤娜城堡酒店(Fairmont le Château Frontenac)确实如同城堡一般,可以坐上平底雪橇,从它前面的达夫林滑道上沿着陡峭的木栈道滑下来,也可以在亚伯拉罕平原上越野滑雪,或是在尤维尔广场上滑冰。



Edinburgh, a charismatic city full of staircases and hills festooned with Georgian and neo-Classical buildings, is well-versed in incorporating the modern into the old. This is evident come winter, when Scotland’s capital puts on a six-week festival lasting until Jan. 6 that goes way beyond Christmas markets. You can ride roller coasters, climb a wall of ice and a racy Christmas-themed show by the cabaret troupe La Clique.

这是一个充满魅力的城市,到处都是楼梯,以及点缀着乔治王朝时期与新古典主义风格建筑的山丘。它非常擅长古今融合。这一点在冬天颇为明显。作为苏格兰的首都,爱丁堡的节日庆祝会持续六周,一直到1月6日,活动项目也不仅限于圣诞集市。你可以坐过山车、爬冰墙,还可以欣赏卡巴莱歌舞团拉克里克(La Clique)生动的圣诞主题演出。