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The Best TV Shows of 2017

Ten is too small a number to list all the great television of 2017.


That may be what makes it the correct number. If I went longer — 20 shows, 25, even more — I’d seem to be simply listing everything I liked watching that year. (And I’d still be leaving out dozens of shows.) At ten, I’m making cuts that hurt.


Those cuts included, but were not nearly limited to: “Better Call Saul,” “BoJack Horseman,” “The Carmichael Show,” “Catastrophe,” the final season of “Girls,” “Insecure,” “Legion,” “Master of None” and “Mindhunter” — and that’s just A through M.

我不得不割舍的电视剧包括但不限于:《风骚律师》(Better Call Saul)、《马男波杰克》(BoJack Horseman)、《杰洛向前冲》(The Carmichael Show)、《灾难》(Catastrophe)、《都市女孩》(Girls)最后一季、《不安感》(Insecure)、《大群》(Legion)、《无为大师》(Master of None)和《心灵猎人》(Mindhunter)——这还只是从A到M。

“The Americans,” one of TV’s best dramas, aired what felt more like the first half of a double final season. “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “I Love Dick” and others had inconsistent seasons but transcendent episodes. Maybe I should have included “The Vietnam War,” but for simple apples-to-apples manageability I stuck to scripted TV.

《美国谍梦》(The Americans)是史上最好的电视剧之一,但我感觉今年这一季更像是双季大结局的前一半。《使女的故事》(The Handmaid’s Tale)和《我爱迪克》(I Love Dick)等剧各季水平不太连贯,但有一些格外精彩的单集。也许我应该把《越南战争》(The Vietnam War)也包括在内,但考虑到同类作品更好比较,我就只列举脚本式电视剧。

(I also stuck to my practice of not ranking my list, because beyond a few definite favorites — “The Leftovers,” especially — I’d probably list these in a different order any given day you asked me.)

(我依然坚持不给我的清单排名,因为除了几部明确的最爱——尤其是《守望尘世》[The Leftovers]——可能你在不同的日子里问我,我就会给出不同的顺序。)

I could go on, but I have limited room. The good news is — as this list and its omissions prove — TV does not.


‘American Vandal’ (Netflix) Like an obscene image spray-painted on your car, this docu-parody was an out-of-nowhere surprise, but in this case a welcome one. It began as a raunchy sendup of true-crime documentaries, developed into an astute comedy of teen social-media mores and ended up a surprisingly moving study of how pigeonholing kids can set them onto a life path before they have the chance to learn who they really are.

《美国囧案》(American Vandal) (Netflix)就像喷在汽车上的淫秽图画一样,这部戏仿纪录片的电视剧完全出人意料,不过是那种令人喜欢的意外。开头是一段对真实下流犯罪纪录片的讽刺性模仿,后来发展为关于痴迷社交媒体的青少年的精彩喜剧,最后出人意料地演变为一个感人的故事,探讨各种孩子在还没有机会了解自己到底是谁的情况下,如何走上人生之路。

‘Better Things’ (FX) Pamela Adlon elevated the second season of her comedy into a raw and poetic story of the feverish love-hate relationship between three generations of mothers and daughters. (That Louis C.K., disgraced for sexual offenses, wrote much of the season should not overshadow Ms. Adlon’s feat as creator, star, writer and director.) The show is devastating without being sentimental, and Ms. Adlon’s Sam Fox is one of the best character studies on TV today.

《更美好的事》(Better Things) (FX)帕梅拉·阿德隆(Pamela Adlon)将她这部喜剧的第二季提升为一个质朴而充满诗意的故事,讲述了三代母女之间的爱恨情仇(这一季的大部分内容是因性侵而被解雇的路易斯·C·K[Louis C.K.]写的,但这不应该掩盖阿德隆作为主创、主演、编剧和导演所取得的成就)。这部电视剧令人悲痛,却不过于感伤,阿德隆饰演的山姆·福克斯(Sam Fox)是如今电视上最好的一个人物研究案例。

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ (The CW) I prefer not to repeat series on my list from one year to the next. But this one tracked me down and stalked me. The third season, beginning this fall, interrogated the “crazy” in Rachel Bloom’s musical comedy of obsession by exploring her character Rebecca’s diagnosis with borderline personality disorder — while still delivering multiple spot-on song parodies a week.

《疯狂前女友》(Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) (The CW)我不喜欢在清单上重复上一年提到过的电视剧。但这部电视剧一直萦绕心头,挥之不去。今年秋季开始播出的第三季展现了蕾切尔·布鲁姆(Rachel Bloom)这部关于痴迷的音乐喜剧中“疯狂”的一面,探索了她饰演的角色丽贝卡(Rebecca)的边缘性人格障碍,而且每周依然能够奉上多首恰到好处的滑稽歌曲模仿。

‘The Deuce’ (HBO) “This is my job,” Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a prostitute hoping to become a porn mogul, tells a discount-seeking client in this series’ pilot. A drama about the 1970s sex business, on a channel with a penchant for salacious sex, could have gone wrong in many ways. It went right, very right, because David Simon and his collaborators (including female writers and directors) treated sex work as work: an economic system with dangers, calculations and financial and physical pressures.

《堕落街传奇》(The Deuce) (HBO) “这是我的工作,”希望成为色情业大亨的妓女坎迪(Candy,玛吉·吉伦哈尔[Maggie Gyllenhaal]饰)在该剧的试播集中对一个试图砍价的客户说。这部讲述1970年代性交易行业的电视剧在一个偏爱色情的频道上播出,在很多方面都可能跑偏。但它没有跑偏,一点都没有,因为大卫·西蒙(David Simon)和他的合作者(包括女性编剧和导演)把性工作视为一种工作:一个充满危险、算计、财务压力和生理压力的经济系统。

‘The Good Place’ (NBC) The network sitcom with the most insight into life just happens to be full of characters who are dead. This afterlife comedy, about a group of misfits in a troubled paradise, is full of twists I don’t have the room to list or the heart to spoil, but its real appeal is a top-notch cast performing prime time’s most entertaining philosophy lesson.

《善地》(The Good Place) (NBC)这部情景喜剧充满深刻的人生洞见,但它讲述的恰恰是一群已经死去的人。他们死后升入一个麻烦众多的天堂,他们在那里格格不入。该剧充满令人意外的情节,我在这里没有足够篇幅详述,也不忍心剧透,但它真正的吸引力在于一群一流演员在黄金时间段演绎最有趣的哲理剧。

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ (AMC) TV’s greatest romance this season was a love story about creation. The final season of this digital-culture origin story, which began in the early ’80s, took us through the popularization of the World Wide Web. But it also brought full circle the troubled partnership of Cameron (Mackenzie Davis) and Donna (Kerry Bishé), their passion for discovery rekindled by four magic words: “I have an idea.”

《奔腾年代》(Halt and Catch Fire) (AMC)本季最浪漫的电视剧是一个关于创造的爱情故事。这部关于数字文化起源的电视剧从上世纪80年代讲起,它的最后一季带我们回顾万维网的普及。在这一季里,卡梅隆(麦肯齐·戴维斯[Mackenzie Davis]饰)和唐娜(凯莉·比什[Kerry Bishé]饰)充满挫折的合作关系恢复如初,他们对发现的热情被那句神奇的话重新点燃:“我有一个想法。”

‘Lady Dynamite’ (Netflix) Things got weird in 2017. Television seemed at times to be dreaming, serving up ambitious hallucinations like “Legion” and “The Young Pope” as well as surrealistic curiosities like “At Home with Amy Sedaris.” The second season of Maria Bamford’s first-person comedy was the disorienting tops, using fractured storytelling to capture the experience of living and working with bipolar disorder from all angles. (All while working in a brilliant satire of Netflix, on Netflix.)

《炸天女郎》(Lady Dynamite) (Netflix)2017年,情况变得有些奇怪。电视有时似乎是在做梦,推出了《大群》和《年轻的教宗》(The Young Pope)等雄心勃勃的幻想作品,以及《和艾米·塞达里斯一起在家》(At Home with Amy Sedaris)等超现实作品。玛丽亚·班福德(Maria Bamford)的这部喜剧以第一人称叙事,第二季达到了混乱的巅峰,它采用支离破碎的叙事方式,从各个角度展现躁郁症患者的生活和工作经历(主人公恰恰是为Netflix的一部精彩的讽刺剧工作)。

‘The Leftovers’ (HBO) The last season of this series about faith, loss and mystery was constructed like an octagonal chapel, each of its eight episodes a stained-glass window lit with emotion and humor. It may or may not have answered its central question — what happened to millions of people who vanished from the earth — but it was a powerful expression of the ways people soldier on through the unknown.

《守望尘世》(The Leftovers) (HBO)这部关于信仰、失去和神秘的电视剧的最后一季就像一个八角形的小教堂,每一集就像一扇被情感和幽默照亮的彩色玻璃窗。它可能回答了、也可能没有回答它的核心问题——从地球上消失的那数百万人经历了什么——但它强有力地展现了人们应对未知情况的各种方式。

‘One Day at a Time’ (Netflix) You’d have thought they didn’t make them like this anymore. This reimagining of the 1970s comedy revived a staid genre — the socially conscious, three-camera family sitcom — by updating the characters and their problems. Centered on a Cuban-American family in Los Angeles, the new “One Day” also spotlighted working-class struggles and veterans’ issues, enlivened by crack performances from Justina Machado and Rita Moreno.

《活在当下》(One Day at a Time) (Netflix)你可能以为他们不会再拍这种电视剧了。该剧是对上世纪70年代的同名喜剧的翻拍,它通过翻新角色和他们的问题,复兴了一个过时的类型——关注社会问题的三摄像头家庭情景喜剧。新版《活在当下》围绕洛杉矶的一个古巴裔美国家庭展开,同样是关注工薪阶层的艰辛和退伍军人的问题,贾斯蒂娜·马查多(Justina Machado)和丽塔·莫雷诺(Rita Moreno)的精彩表演也为该剧增添了活力。

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ (Showtime) Look, I can’t explain it either. Sure, the reunion of David Lynch and Mark Frost had a nominal plot: the odyssey of Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) back from the otherworldly waiting room where he’d spent the 25 years since he last tasted cherry pie. But mainly it was a direct download from the subconscious of Mr. Lynch, who directed every episode: part horror story, part slapstick, all twisted fantasy. It was a well, to paraphrase the mysterious Woodsman, that descended deep and retrieved strange, intoxicating water.

《双峰:归来》(Twin Peaks: The Return) (Showtime)呃,我也无法解释。诚然,大卫·林奇(David Lynch)和马克·弗罗斯特(Mark Frost)的重新合作带来了一个不足为奇的情节:戴尔·库珀(凯尔·麦克拉克伦[Kyle MacLachlan]饰)自从最后一次品尝樱桃派之后,在一个超自然的等候室里度过了25年的时光,本剧便是讲述他归来后的冒险之旅。不过,它主要是林奇潜意识的直接下载,每一集都是他导演的:它有点像恐怖故事,也有点像闹剧,充满曲折的幻想。用剧中那个神秘林中人的话说,它是一口井,下潜到深处,便可以汲取令人陶醉的奇异之水。