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BANGKOK — The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, seldom holds back.

曼谷——菲律宾总统罗德里戈·杜特地(Rodrigo Duterte)很少退缩。

His anti-drug crusade has led to the extrajudicial killings of thousands of people. He is fond of boasting about how he has personally killed criminals and even strangers. He unleashes profane diatribes about countries and world figures he dislikes, with the United States often on the receiving end.


But more quietly, he seems to have warmed to the United States and President Donald Trump, who also has a notably provocative style.


As his country hosts a summit meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, on Sunday, the more charming side of Duterte’s personality is likely to be on display, both in his meetings with Trump and in his foreign policy goal of closer relations with China.

东南亚国家联盟(Association of Southeast Asian Nations,简称东盟)峰会将于周日在菲律宾举行。届时,在与特朗普的会面,以及加强与中国的关系这个外交政策目标中,杜特地可能会表现出他个性中更迷人的一面。

One big reason for his shift in rhetoric when it comes to the United States is clear: Trump is a marked improvement in Duterte’s eyes over Barack Obama, who urged the Philippines leader to follow the rule of law in tackling the illegal drug trade.

他在说到美国时言辞出现变化的一大原因很清楚:在杜特地眼中,特朗普明显比贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)有进步。奥巴马曾敦促这位菲律宾领导人在解决非法毒品交易时遵守法治。

On Saturday, Trump and Duterte met for the first time on the sidelines of an economic summit meeting in Vietnam. The two shook hands and spoke warmly about having a longer discussion over the next two days, Philippines officials said.


“These two are talking as friends,” said Ramon Casiple, the executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, a nonprofit promoting democracy in the Philippines. “I don’t see any reasons when they meet face-to-face that there will be any big problems.”

 “两人像朋友一样交谈,”菲律宾非营利民主促进组织——政治与选举改革研究所(Institute for Political and Electoral Reform)所长拉蒙·卡西普雷(Ramon Casiple)说。“我看不出来在他们面对面时会有什么大问题。”

Still, the United States and its former colony are treaty allies with a long history of cooperation. And it is clear that Duterte’s and Trump’s styles seem to mesh more than clash.


Trump set the stage for improved relations when he called Duterte in April and congratulated him for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.” The United States also provided valuable military assistance — including drones and intelligence — that proved instrumental in defeating Islamic extremists during a five-month siege of Marawi City, which ended last month.


Last year, Duterte called for a “separation” from the United States, threatened to expel U.S. troops and accused the CIA of plotting to kill him. When asked how he would respond if the U.S. president were to criticize his anti-drug campaign, Duterte replied with a vulgar epithet to describe Obama, who was president at the time.


Roque, the spokesman, said that Duterte changed his tune after seeing the value of U.S. help in Marawi.


“He hasn’t been criticizing the United States lately,” Roque said in an interview. “He looks forward to closer ties with the United States.”


Trump landed in the Philippines on Sunday to protests by leftist activists, rights groups and students, who marched in the streets. The two presidents were scheduled to hold bilateral talks in Manila, but the U.S. leader appeared in the traditional Filipino dress-shirt called a barong at a dinner Sunday night, and shook hands with Duterte.


Trump has been tied to the Philippines for years through his business dealings, and before this trip, his brand had arrived well ahead of him. Trump Tower at Century City, a $150 million, 57-story residential building, has been under construction since 2012 in metropolitan Manila. It is one of several international business deals that pose potential conflicts of interest for Trump.

通过生意,特朗普与菲律宾已有多年的往来,并且在他此次到访之前,他的品牌早已进入菲律宾。在大都会马尼拉,57层的住宅楼世纪城特朗普大厦(Trump Tower at Century City)已于2012年开工建设。投资1.5亿美元(约合10亿元人民币)的该项目,是对特朗普构成潜在利益冲突的几项国际交易之一。

Duterte won election on a promise to kill drug users and said that the fish in Manila Bay would grow fat feeding on their corpses. In the early months of the anti-drug campaign, the police said that thousands of drug users had been killed. But as the extrajudicial killing has continued, they have refused to release the death toll.


Duterte won election last year with 39 percent of the vote, but his popularity soared after the killings began. While his support rating has declined in recent months, it still stood at 67 percent in September, according to a survey by the nonprofit Social Weather Stations.

杜特地去年以39%的得票率赢得选举,但在杀戮开始后,他的受欢迎程度飙升。尽管最近几个月支持率有所下滑,但非营利组织社会气象站(Social Weather Stations)进行的一项调查显示,9月他的支持率仍保持在67%。

While past U.S. presidents have used meetings with foreign leaders to promote human rights, activists have little expectation that Trump will raise the extrajudicial killings with Duterte.


“I strongly suspect we will see an alpha-male bromance between the two,” said Phelim Kine, the Human Rights Watch deputy director for Asia. “A lot of the issues that underpin the U.S.-Philippine relations will go unaddressed, and one of those will be rule of law.”

“我强烈怀疑我们会看到两人表现出男性精英之间的惺惺相惜,”人权观察组织(Human Rights Watch)亚洲分部副主任林海(Phelim Kine)说。“很多作为美菲关系基础的问题不会被提及,法治是其中之一。”