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Living in the world's most adventurous countries

Whether it’s tasting the world’s most exotic foods or trekking the most dangerous roads, adventure takes a different form for every person. But regularly stepping outside your comfort zone is easier in some places than others.


U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the best countries for adventure, based on each country’s score across five attributes: ‘fun’, ‘friendliness’, ‘climate’, ‘scenery’, and ‘sexy’ – a term that the report characterised as anything from erotic to appealing to an ineffable je ne sais quoi.

最近,《美国新闻与世界报道》(U.S. News & World Report)根据以下五个方面,评选出最适合冒险的国家:"有趣"、"友好"、"气候"、"风景"以及"性感",所谓"性感"描述的是那些风情万种、魅力十足而又不可名状的东西。

“Beyond great food, weather or sights that you could also attribute to the 20 countries further down the list, the countries topping the list all have something in common,” said Annalisa Nash Fernandez, an intercultural strategist and coach who has lived in Brazil and Italy, two of the top-ranked countries. “None of these countries share a common language with a bordering country, and the unofficial walls harbour and nourish the preservation of their cultures. If you were dropped blindfolded into any of the top five, you'd know where you were within a few seconds of the reveal.”

"跻身榜单前列的20个国家中,除了美食、天气和景点之外,您还可以发现,名列前茅的国家都有一些共同点,"安娜丽莎·纳什·费尔南德(Annalisa Nash Fernandez)表示。她是一位跨文化战略家和教练,曾住在巴西和意大利,两个国家在榜单中排名靠前。"这些国家没有一个与接壤的国家有同样的语言,而非官方的壁垒也孕育和保留着各自的文化。如果蒙上眼睛被带入位居前五的某个国家,几秒之内,您就会分辨出自己身在何处"。

The rich cultural and scenic offerings of the top countries make all kinds of excitement readily available, so we talked to residents to learn just what makes local life so adventurous.




With a perfect 10 on both the ‘fun’ and ‘sexy’ scores, Brazil bursts with an infectious energy that comes from locals who love their heritage. “We do love showing off and bragging that we have delicious food, the best coffee in the world and the prettiest people,” said Artur Sousa, a Brazil native.

在"有趣"和"性感"方面,巴西获得完美的10分。巴西富有感染力的活力来自热爱自己传统的当地人。"我们很喜欢炫耀和吹嘘我们美味的食物、世界上最好的咖啡和最漂亮的人,"巴西人阿图尔·苏萨(Artur Sousa)表示。

As for adventure, the country’s sprawling landmass (the fifth largest country in the world by area), makes it easy to explore vastly varying landscapes in completely different ways. “You can go from surfing the Pororoca [on the Amazon River], to resting on a Caribbean-like beach in Fernando de Noronha [islands off the eastern coast],” Sousa said. “Maybe you like exploring some of the unique places, like the white dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses or the wild look of Ilha Grande.”

谈到冒险,巴西拥有广阔的疆土(面积居全球第五),在全国各地轻易就能领略到迥然不同的地貌。苏萨说:"您可以在亚马逊河的河口高潮尽情冲浪,还可以在东海岸费尔南多·迪诺罗尼亚群岛(Fernando de Noronha)的海滩上放松身心。""也许你会喜欢探索一些独特的地方,如拉克伊斯-马拉赫塞斯沙漠(Lençóis Maranhenses)的白色沙丘,或者格兰德岛(Ilha Grande)的野外景观。"

Of course, partygoers find endless adventure in Rio de Janerio. “We have beaches, the old city, forest and memories of our imperial times. At night you have to explore the Lapa neighbourhood, with so many different bars from hip-hop to samba or country music that it would take days to get to know the area well.”




While Italy might be best known for its food, art and architecture, the country has a more actively adventurous side too, ranking highest in the ‘scenic’ score.


“In my hometown Catania, Sicily, you can swim in the deepest blue sea and after few hours be on the top of the highest active volcano in Europe,” said Giorgia Carraffa, an Italian trip specialist for travel startup kimkim.

"在我的家乡西西里,您可以在深蓝色的大海里游泳,几小时后,您还可以登上欧洲最高的活火山,"乔琪亚·卡拉法(Giorgia Carraffa)说。她是一家旅游公司的意大利旅行专员。

Though hiking Mount Etna provides a certain kind of thrill, locals also love that they can find new cultural experiences across the country. “From one village to the next, from valley to hilltop, the culture changes, the food varies and even the language can be different,” said Tim Hudson, director at tour company Inspired Italy.

虽然在埃特纳火山(Mount Etna)徒步旅行会给人带来某种刺激,但当地人也很喜欢他们在全国各地都能获得的新鲜文化体验。来自意大利某旅游公司的主管蒂姆·哈德逊(Tim Hudson)说:"从一个村庄到另一个村庄,从山谷到山顶,文化都各不相同,食物变化多端,甚至语言也有不同"。

The ever-changing landscape also provides a chance for different types of adventures. In the winter, Hudson runs ski safaris in the Dolomite Mountains, where the group travels by ski for a week, while warmer weather invites cycling tours through Tuscany.

变化无穷的风景也为不同类型的冒险提供了机会。冬天,哈德逊会在白云石山(Dolomite Mountains)经营滑雪之旅,有团队一周游可供选择,而在温暖季节,他则会组织游客在托斯卡纳(Tuscany)骑自行车。



With its sky-high scores in ‘friendly’ and ‘fun’, adventure in Spain is always as close as the nearest street, say residents. “The thing we most enjoy in Spain is the street life, ‘the party’, said Juan Castillo, who lives in Valencia and runs walking tours for GuruWalk. “Every day you will go from work for some drinks. Here in Valencia it is in the fancy area of the port or Russafa neighbourhood. People are always talking and making jokes. We enjoy life fully, and foreigners who arrive here soon start acting the same way.”

当地居民说,西班牙的冒险之旅"友好"而又"有趣",总是和最近的街道一样近。"在西班牙,我们最喜欢的是街头生活,"胡安·卡斯蒂略(Juan Castillo)表示。他住在巴伦西亚(Valencia)经营徒步旅行。"每天下班您都会想去小酌一杯。"在巴伦西亚,港口或鲁萨法(Russafa)附近地区就是不错的去处。人们总是在说说笑笑。我们都会充分享受生活,来到这里的外国人也会开始这样做。"

The most important thing for prospective residents of Spain is to identify what kind of adventure suits them best: if you love winter, head for Madrid, which is surrounded by mountains and has three ski resorts within an hour’s drive, while warm-weather lovers are better off in beachfront Barcelona.


“The weather here [in Barcelona] is amazing,” said Andre Arriaza, originally from Chile and founder of Barcelona Eat Local. “Sunshine all year long. You can wear sneakers on winter days and never worry about heavy winter boots.”

"巴塞罗那天气很好,"安德烈·阿里亚萨(Andre Arriaza)表示。他来自智利,是"享用巴塞罗那本地美食"(Barcelona Eat Local)的创始人。"全年阳光普照。在冬天您也可以穿运动鞋,而不用担心沉重的冬季长靴。"

And despite Madrid’s colder winters, its central location makes getting anywhere easy. “You are never more than a few hours driving, or a high-speed train trip, away from some of the most stunning coastline in Europe,” said Matt Hulland, originally from the UK and founder of The Travel Blogs. The northern coast of the Basque region is especially known for its surf spots, in Zarautz and San Sebastian, while the southern region of Andalucia is popular with rock climbers and cyclists.

尽管马德里冬天相对较冷,但它的中心位置会让一切变得容易。马特·霍兰德(Matt Hulland)说:"乘车或乘高速火车不出几个小时就能抵达欧洲最迷人的海岸"。他来自英国,也是旅游博客(The Travel Blogs)的创始人。巴斯克(Basque)地区以北部海岸、尤其是扎劳茨(Zarautz)和圣塞巴斯蒂安(San Sebastian)的冲浪点而闻名,而安达卢西亚(Andalucia)南部地区则深受攀岩者和骑自行车者的欢迎。



Combining high scores in both ‘scenery’ and ‘fun’, Thailand attracts an eclectic mix of people that make for an adventurous atmosphere throughout the country. This can best be experienced on the island of Koh Phangan, said Miriam Hershman, who was born and raised on the south-east island, and now lives in Los Angeles.

泰国在"风景"和"有趣"两方面获得高分,全国各地充满冒险氛围,吸引着各种各样的人前来。米里亚姆·赫什曼(Miriam Hershman)表示,帕岸岛(Koh Phangan)有最好的体验。他出生在东南岛,目前住在洛杉矶。

“Tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to experience the notorious Full Moon Party each month, a beach party that lasts until the sun rises,” she said. But a completely different crowd also comes to the island regularly for yoga retreats, fasting and meditation. “The contradiction of the young party crowd with the health nuts make this island so unique and interesting. It is peaceful, yet full of adventure.”

"成千上万来自世界各地的人们每月都能在此体验一次臭名昭著的满月派对(Full Moon Party),这是一场持续到太阳升起的沙滩派对,"她说。但是,另一群截然不同的人也会定期到岛上参加瑜伽静修、禁食和冥想。"参加派对的年轻群体与痴迷健康的群体之间的矛盾使这个岛变得格外独特而有趣。这里既和平,又充满了冒险。"

Adventurous eaters also love Thailand, if they can get used to the pace and the spice. “Thai people carry a strong culture that North Americans are oftentimes not used to. We eat all day, whatever we want to eat, depending on how we feel,” said Chiwan Suwannapak, who lives in Bangkok and works as operations manager for Intrepid Travel. “In the morning, I could eat noodle soup and put [on] a lot of chili powder. In the evening, I could have spicy papaya salad. When we eat, we eat with our fingers and our stomachs.” Her favourite dishes include deep-fried snapper with garlic and lab moo (minced pork salad) and the traditional Northern Thailand dish kao soy, yellow wheat noodles in a curry broth, served with chicken or beef.

如果能适应这里的节奏和辣味,爱冒险的吃货也会爱上泰国。"泰国人有一种强大的文化,北美人通常不会习惯。我们吃了一整天,我们想吃什么要取决于我们的感受,"齐万·素旺纳帕克(Chiwan Suwannapak)表示。她住在曼谷,是"无畏旅行"(Intrepid Travel)的运营经理。"早上,我可以吃面汤,放很多辣椒粉。晚上,我可以吃辣番木瓜沙拉。我们吃东西时,是用手指和胃在吃。"她最喜欢的菜包括蒜香油炸鲷鱼和碎猪肉沙拉以及泰国北部的清迈面,后者为咖喱肉汤里的黄小麦面,配上鸡肉或牛肉。

Locals looking for more traditional adrenaline-pumping adventure should head to Chiang Mai to try whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River, or attempt waterfall abseiling (popular with ambitious rock climbers) at Doi Inthanon National Park, home to the country’s eponymous highest peak and nicknamed ‘The Roof of Thailand’.

如果热衷刺激,追求更冒险的传统活动,应该去清迈(Chiang Mai),尝试在湄登河(Mae Taeng River)上激流泛舟,或者去茵他侬山(Doi Inthanon)国家公园试试瀑布攀岩,这里深受热爱冒险的攀岩者欢迎,是泰国最高峰的所在地,被昵称为"泰国的屋顶"。



High scores in ‘scenery’ and ‘climate’ combined with its warm Mediterranean waters make Greece ideal for aquatic adventurers.


“The water for swimming here is the best of the best,” said Patricia Hajifotiou, originally from the US who now lives on the island of Evia and runs small group tour company The Olive Odysseys. “Greek doctors prescribe swimming to their patients and each one of us will count the number of swims that we do each summer. It is a matter of health, the sun, the minerals on your skin and moving around.”

帕特丽夏·哈吉福提欧(Patricia Hajifotiou)表示:"在这里游泳,水最为理想"。她来自美国,目前住在埃维奥(Evia)岛,经营着一家小型旅游公司"橄榄奥德塞"(The Olive Odysseys)。"希腊医生会给病人开游泳的处方,我们人人都会计算每年夏天的游泳次数。这关乎健康、阳光、皮肤上的矿物质以及出行。"

Sailing and kayaking around the Cyclades are popular watersports for locals, while landloving visitors to the islands have hiking options aplenty, including Mount Zeus, the Cyclades’ highest peak on the island of Naxos, and the cliffs of Santorini’s volcanic caldera.

在基克拉迪群岛(Cyclades)附近划帆船和独木舟是当地人最喜爱的水上运动,而热爱小岛生活的游客则有很多徒步旅行的选择,包括宙斯山(Mount Zeus)——纳克索斯岛(Naxos)最高峰,以及圣托里尼(Santorini)火山口的悬崖。

The mainland is no less impressive. “Imagine seeing views of the Acropolis as you drive into the city centre, or the stunning blue as you drive through the natural limanakia [little ports] between Vouliagmeni and Varkiza,” said Mina Agnos, an American who opened the Athens office of luxury tour company Travelive in 2008. “These are things that give me joy every day.”

希腊的大陆地区也毫不逊色。米娜·阿尼奥(Mina Agnos)说:"想象一下,当你开车进入市中心时,不仅能看到雅典卫城的风景,还会有沃里戈蒙尼(Vouliagmeni)和瓦尔基扎(Varkiza)之间的天然小港口迷人的蓝色"。她的豪华旅游公司(Travelive)2008年在雅典设立办事处。"这些都是每天给我带来快乐的东西。"

Host to the first (and many following) Olympics, Athens has long held sporting events at the Panathenaic Stadium, the only fully marble stadium in the world, which traces its origins to a racecourse dating as far back as the 6th Century BC. Locals and visitors alike are welcome to join the morning jog in the stadium from 7:30am to 9am as a warm-up for the day’s adventures.

作为第一届(以及随后多届)奥运会的主办地,雅典长期以来一直在泛雅典体育场(Panathenaic Stadium)举行体育赛事,它是世界上唯一的全大理石体育场,起源可以追溯到公元前六世纪。当地人和游客都喜欢在早7点30分到9点之间在体育场晨跑,为当天的冒险做热身。

For the less athletic, laidback residents are also always up for spontaneous social adventures. “Call up a few people, tell them what you are doing and soon you have a mob going for ice cream,” said Hajifotiou. “No-one is super on-time or super uptight.”