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Alibaba Co-Founder Joseph Tsai Said to Buy Brooklyn Nets Stake

One of the Alibaba Group’s co-founders, the billionaire Joseph C. Tsai, has agreed in principle to buy a 49 percent stake in the Nets, people briefed on the deal said on Friday.

了解交易情况的人士周五透露,阿里巴巴集团联合创始人之一、亿万富翁蔡崇信(Joseph C. Tsai)已基本同意收购篮网队(Nets)49%的股份。

The transaction between Mr. Tsai and the Nets’ majority owner, the Russian mogul Mikhail D. Prokhorov, values the team at about $2.3 billion, including its existing debt, according to the people familiar with the deal. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

据熟悉交易情况的人士称,蔡崇信和篮网队多数股权控股方、俄罗斯大亨米哈伊尔·D·普罗霍罗夫(Mikhail D.Prokhorov)之间的这笔交易,对该队估值约23亿美元(约合153亿元人民币),包括现有的债务。因为无权公开讨论此事,他们要求匿名。

The sale does not include the Barclays Center, the $1 billion arena in which the team plays and which Mr. Prokhorov will keep.

这笔交易不包括篮网队主场巴克莱中心(Barclays Center)。该体育场价值10亿美元,将继续由普罗霍罗夫持有。

Still, the transaction, which was reported earlier by Reuters and ESPN, highlights the continued draw that owning a sports team poses for billionaires — and the climbing prices that prominent teams can command. Three years ago, Steve Ballmer paid a then-unheard of $2 billion for control of the Los Angeles Clippers.

路透社(Reuters)和ESPN早前报道了这笔交易。交易突显了拥有一个体育队给亿万富翁带来的关注,以及知名队伍日渐攀升的价格。三年前,史蒂夫·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)砸下当时前所未闻的20亿美元,获得对洛杉矶快船队(Los Angeles Clippers)的控制权。

Prices have risen since then. Last month, the billionaire Tilman J. Fertitta paid $2.2 billion for the Houston Rockets, which set the record for N.B.A. team price tag.

自那以后,价格水涨船高。上月,富甲一方的蒂尔曼·J·费尔蒂塔(Tilman J. Fertitta)出资22亿美元买下休斯顿火箭队(Houston Rockets),创下了购买NBA队伍的记录。

This year, Forbes valued the Nets at about $1.8 billion, making it the seventh-most valuable N.B.A. franchise. Topping the list was the Knicks, which are owned by the Dolan family and which the publication valued at about $3.3 billion.


The Nets have had ups and downs under Mr. Prokhorov’s ownership: They reached the Eastern Conference semifinals three years ago, but have fallen apart since then, crippled by a series of misguided player personnel moves.


Under the terms of the agreement in principle, Mr. Tsai will not have any role in either the basketball or business sides of the Nets. Yet he will have the option — but not the obligation — to buy out Mr. Prokhorov at some point in the future.


Mr. Tsai is buying the Nets stake with his own money, and he will carry on as Alibaba’s executive vice chairman, one of the people briefed on the matter said.


A representative for Alibaba declined to comment.


It is perhaps the most notable trophy acquisition yet for Mr. Tsai, a Taiwan-born lawyer who moved to the United States to attend high school, before attending Yale. He became a corporate lawyer and then a private equity executive. But it was a meeting in 1999 with Jack Ma, a former English teacher turned entrepreneur who had the idea for an e-commerce company, that set him on a path to wealth.


Mr. Tsai helped build Alibaba into a titan of China’s internet community, creating a company that earned $6.3 billion in profit and $23 billion in sales in its most recent fiscal year. Its $25 billion initial public offering in 2014 was the biggest stock market debut in history.


That success has buoyed the wealth of Mr. Tsai: Forbes estimates that he is currently worth $9 billion.


He has already spent some of his wealth in sports, an interest of his dating back to his time as a lacrosse player at Yale. In August, he bought the San Diego expansion team of the nascent National Lacrosse League for what Bloomberg News reported was a $5 million price tag.

蔡崇信对体育的兴趣可追溯至他在耶鲁打长曲棍球的时期。他已经在体育上花了一些钱了。8月,彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)报道,蔡崇信出资500万美元,买下了刚加入成立不久的国家长曲棍球联盟(National Lacrosse League)的圣迭戈队。

The acquisition is the latest example of an executive from a Chinese conglomerate — or a Chinese company itself — spending heavily to acquire pieces of sports properties, including the Premier League team Manchester City and other top clubs on the European continent. They have also invested in FIFA sponsorships and in companies that handle international broadcast and media rights.

这起收购是中国集团公司的高管——或中国公司本身——出巨资收购体育资产,包括英国超级联赛(Premier League)的曼城队(Manchester City)和欧洲大陆其他顶级俱乐部的又一例。他们还投资了国际足联(FIFA)的赞助,以及负责国际播出及媒体权益的公司。

With a population of 1.3 billion people and a rising middle class with an unquenchable thirst for sports, China is considered a lucrative and largely untapped market for both consuming and participating in sports.


But deals such as Dalian Wanda’s $650 million purchase of the Ironman competition and its expansion into marathons and road races have been questioned by analysts for the high prices that have been agreed upon. Buyers from China and Chinese companies have also pumped money into everything from professional cricket to world snooker tournaments and cycling.


In March, the Chinese government acknowledged that its companies had gone on a buying spree abroad, spending $225 billion in 2016, a record-breaking number. Commerce Minister Zhong Shan vowed to slow down what he called “blind and irrational investment.”


Zhou Xiaochuan, the country’s top central banker, took particular aim at sports and entertainment acquisitions.


“Some are not in line with our requirements and policies for overseas investment, such as in sports, entertainment and clubs,” he said. “This didn’t bring much benefit to China and caused some complaints overseas.”


Chinese investment in American teams has been met coolly by the major sports leagues and their owners.


It is rare that professional sports teams go on the selling block, and leagues such as the N.F.L. and N.B.A. demand comprehensive information on who is buying into the club, and where their money came from, as well as assurances that it will continue to flow.