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The Trumps, the Poodle, the Sex Scandal

Thanks to Ivana Trump’s new memoir, we now know that Donald Trump once did have a dog. Well, actually it was Ivana’s. A poodle named Chappy. And Donald didn’t like him.

多亏伊万娜·特朗普(Ivana Trump)的新回忆录,我们现在知道唐纳德·特朗普养过一条狗。呃,其实是伊万娜养的。它是一只名叫查皮(Chappy)的狮子狗。唐纳德不喜欢他。

Nevertheless, this appears to be the closest our current president ever came to having a pet, so attention must be paid.


This is possibly the biggest insight in “Raising Trump,” by Donald’s first ex-wife. (We are not going to go into her contention that people who have been married more than 10 years seldom have sex more than “a few times a month.”)

这可能是唐纳德的第一任前妻在《养育特朗普》(Raising Trump)一书中曝出的最猛的料(至于她说结婚十年以上的夫妻每月性生活“顶多就那么几次”,我们就不予理会了。)。

I’m sort of presuming that you’re not going to read it, despite the fact that it includes several recipes. So let me summarize. The book is supposed to be about good parenting. But the most important thing you learn is that we can never say another mean thing about Donald Jr. again. Really, it sounds like the worst childhood ever. His story begins with Dad resisting the idea of naming the baby after him, in case his first born turned out to be “a loser.”


As a toddler, Don Jr. broke his leg due to a negligent babysitter. Then one day when Ivana was out of town, he and Eric called hysterically to report they had found their nanny unconscious in the basement. (She died.)


Wait, there’s more: During their infamous divorce, Dad sent a bodyguard from his office to get Junior, announcing: “You’re not getting him back. I’m going to bring him up myself.”


Ivana says she responded: “O.K., keep him. I have two other kids to raise.” Silence and 10 minutes later the bodyguard returned her son.


It was, Trump’s ex-wife concluded, “a tactic to upset me.” However for some reason, at around this time Don Jr. stopped speaking to his father and wound up getting shipped to boarding school.


After several more years of being the namesake of a man who was then famous for starring in the most sensational tabloid stories of the era, Don Jr. graduated from college, moved to Colorado and got a job bartending. Ivana said she made her disapproval clear by “cutting him off” until he gave up, returned to New York and joined the Trump Organization.

在之后的几年里,跟他同名的那个人一直是那个时代最耸人听闻的小报故事的主角。小唐纳德大学毕业后,搬去了科罗拉多州,找到了一份做酒保的工作。伊万娜说,她通过“切断他的经济来源”明确表达了自己的不赞成,直到他放弃,回到纽约,加入了特朗普集团(Trump Organization)。

Do you see what I mean? It’s a miracle the man is walking and taking nourishment. I will never attack him again. Well, except for the elephant hunting.


A lot of “Raising Trump” is Ivana bragging that the children were never spoiled — unlike those Kardashians. There’s a lot about her glamorous wardrobe and triumphs as a C.E.O. in the family businesses. (“My version of helicopter parenting was to bring the kids to work with me in the Trump chopper.”)


And you just keep plowing on because you figure sooner or later she’s going to get to The Affair.


Finally, it’s 1989 in Aspen. A young woman comes up to Ivana and says: “I’m Marla and I love your husband. Do you?”


What followed was perhaps the biggest sex scandal in American history. O.K., I’m totally exaggerating. (Remember that whopper in the 19th century with Grover Cleveland’s illegitimate child?) But the Donald-Marla-Ivana story was unusual in that at the time, nobody involved in it was all that important. Trump was a celebrity real estate developer, but there were plenty of equally rich and glamorous figures in New York, many of them having adultery issues of their own.

之后发生的事情可能是美国历史上最大的性丑闻。好吧,我完全是在夸大其词。(还记得19世纪关于格罗弗·克利夫兰[Grover Cleveland]的私生子的弥天大谎吗?)但是,唐纳德、玛拉和伊万娜的故事的不同寻常之处在于,当时这三个人都不是那么重要。当时特朗普是一位著名的房地产开发商,但纽约有无数此类富有而耀眼的人物,其中很多人也有通奸问题。

The difference was that Trump pushed the story, calling his allies in the media with new tidbits or lines of defense. It was as if Grover Cleveland had press agents trying to make sure his side of the love-child scandal was in a headline every day.


You will not hear anything about that angle in Ivana’s book. In fact, once the affair comes center stage, you hardly hear anything about Donald at all. He seems to be a sort of passive bystander. (“After the showgirl got pregnant and had a daughter, Donald married her.”)


The villain of the book is “Marla freaking Maples” the “showgirl” who broke up her marriage and produced The New York Post’s all-time famous front-page headline: “Best Sex I’ve Ever Had.” If Marla had kidnapped Donald, thrown him in a trunk and driven him off to a shotgun wedding, she could not have been more evil.

这本书中的坏人是“该死的玛拉·梅普尔斯(Marla Maples)”,她破坏了伊万娜的婚姻,还制造了《纽约邮报》(The New York Post)有史以来最著名的头版标题:“我有过的最好的性爱”。就算是玛拉绑架了唐纳德,把他扔进后备箱,拿着枪逼他举行了婚礼,也不会显得比这本书里说的更邪恶。

Ivana’s eagerness to gloss over the sins of an ex who now happens to be president of the most powerful nation on the planet is hardly the worst issue of sexism the country has to discuss this week. But it’s still a useful reminder that Trump has gotten away with absolutely appalling behavior throughout his life, right down to his yelping “locker room talk” whenever people bring up that recording of him bragging about grabbing women’s private parts.


Toward the end of the book Trump is “kind enough to waive the $20,000 fee” when Ivana held her third marriage at Mar-a-Lago. The later husbands were pretty terrible, too. One of them had a large, thuggish son who spent one family gathering throttling — oh no! — Donald Jr.


The happiest person in the family was probably Chappy.