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In Paris, Worn-Out Notre-Dame Needs a Makeover, and Hopes You Can Help

PARIS — Broken gargoyles and fallen balustrades replaced by plastic pipes and wooden planks. Flying buttresses darkened by pollution and eroded by rainwater. Pinnacles propped up by beams and held together with straps.

Little of that deterioration is immediately visible to the millions of awe-struck tourists who visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris every year, many of them too busy admiring the intricately sculpted front to notice the wear and tear.

But on a recent afternoon, André Finot, the cathedral’s spokesman, pointed out the decay. One patch of limestone crumbled at a finger’s touch.

但是近日的一个下午,教堂发言人安德烈·菲诺(André Finot)介绍了建筑的破损情况。指尖轻轻一点,一块石灰岩就破了。

“Everywhere the stone is eroded, and the more the wind blows, the more all of these little pieces keep falling,” said Finot, gingerly stepping over fallen chunks of stone on the cathedral’s rooftop walkway. “It’s spinning out of control everywhere.”


Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris received one of its most significant overhauls between 1844 and 1864.

This is not the first time — nor will it be the last — that the cathedral, a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture, has required an extensive makeover. But experts say Notre Dame, although not at risk of sudden collapse, has reached a tipping point — and an expensive one at that.


To foot the bill — an estimated 150 million euros, or nearly $180 million — they are hoping to capitalize not only on the architectural patriotism of the French, but also on the francophilia of U.S. donors.


“There is a real need for urgent restoration work,” said Michel Picaud, who heads the newly created Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris foundation, which aims to raise money in the United States.

“现在迫切需要展开紧急修缮工作,”米歇尔·皮考(Michel Picaud)说,他是新成立的巴黎圣母院之友基金会(Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris foundation)的负责人,该组织将负责在美国筹款。

Notre Dame de Paris, which sits at the heart of the capital, is on many people’s to-do lists, including the likes of Melania Trump and Beyoncé. It is part of a “sentimental bond” between France and the United States, one forged through wartime alliances, common values and a reciprocal fascination for each other’s culture, Picaud argued.


Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Notre Dame received one of its most significant overhauls between 1844 and 1864, when the architects Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus and Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc redid the spire and the flying buttresses and added several architectural tweaks.

圣母院始建于12、13世纪,在1844到1864年间进行了最彻底的一次整修,当时建筑师让-巴蒂斯特-安托万·拉索斯(Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus)和欧仁·维奥莱-勒-杜克(Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc)重修了尖顶和飞扶壁,做了一些建筑细节修改。

That restoration followed decades of neglect and partial damage at the hands of French revolutionaries, and was prompted in part by Victor Hugo’s publication of his 1831 novel “Notre-Dame of Paris,” which shone a light on the building’s decrepit state.


“Assuredly, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame at Paris is, to this day, a majestic and sublime edifice,” Hugo wrote in the novel. “But noble as it has remained while growing old, one cannot but regret, cannot but feel indignant at the innumerable degradations and mutilations inflicted on the venerable pile, both by the action of time and the hand of man.”


The words ring true today. “Here we are 150 years or so after he wrote that, the call to arms for the Notre Dame of 150 years ago, and it works again now,” said Andrew Tallon, an associate professor of architecture and art history at Vassar College.

这也符合今天的景象。“150年前他写下那番话,呼吁人们为当时的圣母院而战;如今这再次成了对现实的描述,”瓦萨学院(Vassar College)建筑与艺术史副教授安德鲁·塔隆(Andrew Tallon)说。

Notre Dame, he said, now faces a “very exciting — if not scary — situation, where it needs all its help.”