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Document Revives Mystery of Vatican Teenager Who Vanished in ’83

ROME — The disclosure this week of a five-page, typewritten document that was stolen from an armored cabinet inside the Vatican has revived the mystery surrounding a 15-year-old who vanished in 1983.


The fate of the teenager, Emanuela Orlandi, has been the subject of much speculation, and the document — purportedly written by a cardinal — suggests that the Vatican may have been directly involved in her disappearance.

少女埃玛努埃拉·奥兰迪(Emanuela Orlandi)的命运一直备受猜测,这份文件——据称由一位枢机主教所写——表明梵蒂冈可能直接参与了她的失踪。

The Vatican called the document fake, and a spokesman, Greg Burke, called the allegations contained in it “false and ridiculous.”

梵蒂冈称这份文件是假的,发言人格雷格·伯克(Greg Burke)说,围绕这份文件的指控是“虚假而荒谬的”。

Even the investigative journalist who published the document said it could be a fake, noting that it remains unclear who wrote the document, when or — crucially — why.


But the journalist, Emiliano Fittipaldi, who despite his reservations included the typewritten missive in a book to be published this week, says the mere fact that it had been found in a Vatican office raised “very unsettling questions.” The Italian press has reported widely on the case.

这位名叫埃米利亚诺·菲蒂帕尔迪(Emiliano Fittipaldi)的记者尽管尚有保留意见,但仍在他将于本周出版的新书中收录了这封打印信函,他表示,信是在梵蒂冈的某个办公室里发现的,这个事实本身就足以引起“令人非常不安的问题”。意大利媒体目前已经广泛报道此案。

Whether genuine, or a forgery intended to “threaten, blackmail or create confusion,” the document “comes from inside the Vatican,” Mr. Fittipaldi, one of two reporters tried and acquitted for leaking documents in the so-called “Vatileaks 2” trial, said at a news conference on Monday.

菲蒂帕尔迪与另一位记者曾在所谓“梵蒂冈泄露之二”(Vatileaks 2)一案中因泄露文件遭到审讯,并被宣告无罪。周一,他在新闻发布会上表示,不管这份文件是不是真的,是不是为了“威胁、敲诈或制造混乱”而伪造的,它都“来自梵蒂冈内部”。

“If it is true, it opens up incredible chapters in a story that’s still murky,” he said.


“If it is false, it is equally disturbing,” he added, because it implies behind-the-scenes maneuvers to discredit the Vatican and cause havoc.


He urged the Vatican to disclose whether investigators had ever examined the document — “a poisoned meatball,” he called it — and its provenance.


Ms. Orlandi was the daughter of a Vatican employee, making her a citizen of the papal city-state, although she vanished from a Rome street.


Shortly after she disappeared, anonymous calls, presumably by the kidnappers, said the girl would be freed upon the release of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish gunman who tried to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981. (After nearly three decades in Italian and Turkish prisons, Mr. Agca was released in 2010.)

她失踪后不久,可能是绑架者的匿名人士打来电话,要求以释放于1981年试图刺杀教皇若望·保禄二世(Pope John Paul II)的土耳其枪手穆罕默德·阿里·阿贾(Mehmet Ali Agca)为条件,释放这个女孩。(阿贾在意大利与土耳其服刑近30年后,于2010年获得释放。)

Over the decades, other theories emerged, linking the kidnapping to Italy’s secret services or to organized crime. One theory suggested that Ms. Orlandi had been abducted at the behest of an American archbishop, Paul C. Marcinkus, a former president of the Vatican bank who was linked to a major scandal and died in 2006.

几十年来,各种推测将这一绑架案件同意大利特工或有组织犯罪联系起来。一种说法认为,奥兰迪是在美国总主教保罗·C·马辛克斯(Paul C. Marcinkus)授意下被绑架的,马辛克斯是梵蒂冈银行前总裁,同一项重大丑闻有关,已于2006年去世。

A gangster’s tomb was exhumed in 2012 for potential clues, but the mystery endured.


The Vatican has said that it has nothing new to say about the case.


The newly disclosed document is titled, “A summary of expenses sustained by Vatican City State for the activities related to citizen Emanuela Orlandi (Rome January 14 1968),” her birth date.


Supposedly written by one cardinal to two archbishops, it is effectively a running tab of charges incurred between 1983 and 1997 for a total of 483 million lire — which would be about 250,000 euro, nearly $300,000, today.


The itemized costs include various “transfers,” “room and board” in London and elsewhere, and various medical expenses, including for a gynecologist. A number of items refer to Vatican-funded investigations to find her.


Mr. Fittipaldi said the document implies that the Vatican succeeded in tracking down Ms. Orlandi, but “instead of returning her to her family, they kept her in London, it’s unclear why.” He added that it was “wrong to leap to conclusions.”


The victim’s brother, Pietro Orlandi, who has spent decades searching for the truth of her disappearance, said that if his sister made it to London, it was inconceivable that she would not have reached out.

受害者的哥哥彼得罗·奥兰迪(Pietro Orlandi)花了几十年时间寻找她失踪的真相,他说,如果他的妹妹在伦敦,却没有同外界联系,那就太不可思议了。

“It is clear that she wasn’t able to move freely,” Mr. Orlandi said in a phone interview. “Should the document be real, it is very serious, because it implicates the Vatican in a kidnapping.”


He called on the Vatican to collaborate in a fresh investigation. “You can’t close a case when new documents emerge after 34 years that still have to be verified,” he said.


The document is believed to be among several others stolen on March 29, 2014, from a locked cabinet in a Vatican office.


A month after the theft, some of the documents — including the one released this week — were returned, with no indication of who had stolen them.


The alleged author of the document, Cardinal Lorenzo Antonetti, died in 2013. The itemized expense account was addressed to two archbishops, now cardinals. One of them, Giovanni Battista Re, told Italian journalists on Monday that he had never laid eyes on it. The other, Jean-Louis Tauran, could not immediately be reached for comment.

据称的文件作者、枢机主教洛伦佐·安东内蒂(Lorenzo Antonetti)于2013年去世。这份支出明细是写给两位总主教的,现在他们都已成了枢机主教。其中一位,乔瓦尼·巴蒂斯塔·雷(Giovanni Battista Re)于周一告诉意大利记者,他从来没有见过这份文件。另一位让-路易·托朗(Jean-Louis Tauran),目前无法取得联系并请求置评。

Gianluigi Nuzzi, Mr. Fittipaldi’s co-defendant in the “Vatileaks 2” trial, plans to publish his own new book about the Vatican in November.

“梵蒂冈泄露之二”一案中菲蒂帕尔迪的共同被告詹路易吉·纳齐(Gianluigi Nuzzi)计划在11月出版自己关于梵蒂冈的新书。

The Orlandi family lawyer, Laura Sgro’, said that months ago she had reached out to the Vatican to ask for the Holy See’s documents pertaining to the kidnapping, and to meet with Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state.

奥兰迪一家的律师劳拉·斯格罗(Laura Sgro)说,几个月前,她同梵蒂冈联系,要求获取圣座手中关于绑架的文件,并与梵蒂冈国务卿彼得罗·帕罗林(Pietro Parolin)见面。

“I’ve heard nothing, I haven’t received one piece of paper — zero,” she said.