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Dylan, Obama and a Crown of Thorns: 50 Years of Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone helped define the counterculture epoch. It filled its pages with the words of renowned writers, including Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Cameron Crowe and Greil Marcus. Its covers minted stars. And while it focused on music, its influence ultimately stretched into pop culture, entertainment and politics.

《滚石》杂志(Rolling Stone)帮助定义了那个反主流文化的时代。它的页面充满著名作家的文字,包括亨特·S·汤普森(Hunter S. Thompson)、汤姆·沃尔夫(Tom Wolfe)、卡梅伦·克罗(Cameron Crowe)和格雷尔·马库斯(Greil Marcus)。它的封面制造了无数明星。虽然它重点关注音乐,但它的影响力最终延伸至流行文化、娱乐和政治。

“It was a magazine about music and the attitudes and things that music embraced,” said Jann S. Wenner, the Rolling Stone founder who has put it up for sale. “Rolling Stone has been one of the great magazines of our time.”

“它是一本关于音乐、音乐所拥抱的那些态度和事物的杂志,”《滚石》的创刊人詹恩·S·温纳(Jann S. Wenner)说。“《滚石》是我们这个时代最伟大的杂志之一。”温纳已经启动了出售该杂志的过程。

Rolling Stone not only covered music, it was enshrined in it: A song written by a poet and illustrator best known for his children’s books, Shel Silverstein, irreverently captured the essence of rock ‘n roll stardom.

滚石不仅报道音乐,它也被铭记在音乐中。以童书闻名的诗人兼插画家谢尔·希尔弗斯坦(Shel Silverstein)写的一首歌不逊地道出了摇滚明星地位的本质。

Wanna see my picture on the cover


Wanna buy five copies for my mother


Wanna see my smilin' face


On the cover of the Rolling Stone.


John Lennon appeared on the cover of the magazine’s first issue, followed by nearly every rock star, and many celebrities, from the 1960s onward. Mr. Wenner was a particular fan of Bob Dylan, who has appeared on the cover nearly two dozen times.

该杂志第一期的封面是约翰·列侬(John Lennon),从20世纪60年代起,几乎每一位摇滚明星和很多名人都登上过它的封面。温纳尤其喜欢鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan),他20多次登上《滚石》的封面。

Provocative photography was also one of the magazine’s hallmarks. The celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz began her association with the magazine in the early 1970s and set the tone for whimsical and insightful portraits, like her 1981 cover photo of Meryl Streep.

挑逗性的摄影也是该杂志的一个特点。著名摄影师安妮·莱博维茨(Annie Leibovitz)从20世纪70年代初开始与该杂志合作,奠定了异想天开和富有洞察力的肖像的基调,比如1981年她为梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)拍摄的封面照片。

Celebrity access — to rock stars and political giants alike — was one of Rolling Stone’s greatest assets. Mr. Wenner himself conducted some of the magazine’s biggest interviews, including with Barack Obama, as a candidate and later as a president. “The access you get everywhere is phenomenal,” Mr. Wenner said.


Mr. Wenner and his editors have long been criticized for relying too heavily on aging rock heroes for Rolling Stone’s covers. But the magazine still had the power to shock, as it did with a 2006 cover story on Kanye West that pictured him bloodied by a crown of thorns. “For every cover of Mick Jagger, you get a cover of Taylor Swift,” Mr. Wenner said. “It’s all great music, and they all belong in one place.”

长期以来,温纳和他的编辑们被批评在选择封面时过于依赖年迈的摇滚明星。但该杂志依然拥有震惊读者的能力,比如在2006年的一个封面上,坎耶·韦斯特(Kanye West)头戴荆棘做成的皇冠,脸上淌着血。“我们有多少米克·贾格尔(Mick Jagger)的封面,就有多少泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)的封面,”温纳说。“都是伟大的音乐,都属于一个地方。”

But Rolling Stone’s covers have also provoked outrage. When it featured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, then a 19-year-old suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, on its cover in 2013, some critics accused the magazine of glamorizing him as it did entertainment superstars.

不过,《滚石》的封面也曾引发愤怒。2013年,它把时年19岁的波士顿马拉松爆炸案嫌疑人焦哈尔·萨纳耶夫(Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)的照片放到了封面上,有些批评者指责该杂志像对待娱乐巨星那样美化他。

Long respected for its journalism, Rolling Stone was badly bruised by a 2014 article about an unproven gang rape at the University of Virginia. The debunked article, which was retracted in 2015 after a damning report from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, prompted three lawsuits and waves of negative coverage for the magazine. The magazine settled two lawsuits, one of which went to trial; a judge dismissed the third last year.

《滚石》新闻报道的可靠性长期以来受到尊重,但它2014年报道的未经证实的弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)轮奸案使它的声誉遭到重创。2015年,哥伦比亚大学新闻研究院发表关于此案的确凿报告后,这篇文章被撤回,引发了三起诉讼以及对该杂志的负面报道浪潮。该杂志就两起诉讼达成了和解,其中一起已进入庭审阶段,第三起诉讼去年被法官驳回。

Over the last several years, Mr. Wenner has been slowly ceding control of Rolling Stone and its parent company, Wenner Media, to his son, Gus. The younger Mr. Wenner, 27, has jump-started the company’s digital ambitions, and he has plans to increase the magazine’s video production capabilities. But in response to the financial downturn facing the entire industry, he has also aggressively sold off Wenner Media’s assets, including Us Weekly and Men’s Journal. Both Jann and Gus Wenner said they hoped to stay on at Rolling Stone under a new owner, but its sale would conclude their reign.

在过去几年里,温纳慢慢将《滚石》及其母公司温纳传媒(Wenner Media)的控制权交给了儿子古斯(Gus)。27岁的古斯很快展露了该公司在数字领域的雄心壮志,他计划提高该杂志的视频生产能力。但是为了应对整个行业面临的融资衰退,他也积极甩卖了温纳媒体的资产,包括《我们周刊》(Us Weekly)和《男人杂志》(Men’s Journal)。詹恩和古斯·温纳都表示,希望《滚石》换了新主人后,他们依然能留在这里,不过它的出售将终结他们的控制权。

“It’s the end of an era,” Gus Wenner said in an interview in his office last week, “but it’s the beginning of a new, totally exciting era.”