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The Shameful Embrace of Sean Spicer at the Emmys

I’m an awards-show geek who usually spends the morning after the Emmys or Oscars nattering about who was unjustly robbed, who was unwisely dressed and whether it’s a felony in Hollywood to consume more than 300 calories a meal, because it sure looks that way.


But that’s not my banter or my mood today, because what I and anyone else who tuned in to Hollywood’s latest self-congratulatory orgy on Sunday saw wasn’t good fun. It was bad news — a ringing, stinging confirmation that fame truly is its own reward and celebrity really does trump everything and redeem everyone.


Object of ridicule or object of reverence: Is there a difference? Not if you’re a household name, not if you’re a proven agent of ratings and not if you’re likely to deliver more of them. Our commander in chief took that crude philosophy to heart and rode it all the way to the White House. Sean Spicer took a page from the president and then a bow on the Emmys stage.

是被群嘲的对象,还是受尊敬的对象:有区别吗?没有,只要你的名字家喻户晓,只要你是收视率的可靠保证,只要你能招致更多嘲讽或激发更多尊重。我们的最高统帅将这种粗俗的哲学牢记在心,借助它一路走到白宫。肖恩·斯派塞(Sean Spicer)借鉴了总统的做法,然后在艾美奖舞台上鞠躬致谢。

Not exactly a bow, and there are Emmys production folks and television industry figures who are telling themselves that during his fleeting appearance at the ceremony, Spicer was being slyly demeaned, not sanitized.


What bunk. The message of his presence was not only that we can all laugh at his service and sycophancy in the Trump administration, but that he’s welcome to laugh with us.


What an adventure you had, Sean! What a hoot you were! Here’s your invitation to the after-party. Of course it’s a plus-one. You’re Spicey!


For anyone who missed the show or hasn’t caught wind of the brouhaha since, Spicer came onto the stage behind the kind of podium that Melissa McCarthy used in her impersonations of him and told the Emmys host, Stephen Colbert, “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period — both in person and around the world.”

有人也许错过了这场秀,或者还没听闻它引起的一片哗然。事情是这样的:斯派塞推着梅丽莎· 麦卡锡(Melissa McCarthy)扮演他时用过的那种讲台走到台上,告诉艾美奖主持人史蒂芬‧科尔伯特(Stephen Colbert),“这将是艾美奖有史以来观众最多的一次,我把话放这了——不论是到场的观众,还是世界各地的观众。”

His words alluded, obviously, to his fictitious claim — at his very first news conference as the White House press secretary — about the crowds for Trump’s inauguration. But that claim wasn’t merely ludicrous. It was precisely and perfectly emblematic of Trump’s all-out, continuing assault on facts and on truth itself. And it signaled Spicer’s full collaboration in that war, which is arguably the most dangerous facet of Trump’s politics, with the most far-reaching, long-lasting consequences.


Reportedly, Colbert himself had the idea to include Spicer in the Emmys, and that’s especially rich, as the Brits like to say. On his late-night talk show, Colbert has flamboyantly mined his ostensible contempt for Trump and outrage over the president’s misdeeds to find a spark that was missing from the program and a viewership that had eluded it.

据报道,是科尔伯特本人想出了邀请斯派塞出席艾美奖颁奖典礼的主意;正如英国人常说的,that’s especially rich(这真是太有意思了)。在自己的深夜脱口秀中,科尔伯特会夸张地演绎他对特朗普显而易见的蔑视,以及对总统的不当行为的愤怒,以便找回节目的活力,提振下滑的收视率。

On top of which, it was Colbert, years ago, who coined the term “truthiness,” pointedly exposing — and skewering — politicians’ self-servingly cavalier relationship with reality.


Truthiness was a pale, wan forebear of Trump’s pathology, distilled in Spicer’s inauguration boast. But at the Emmys, Colbert abetted Spicer’s image overhaul and probably upped Spicer’s speaking fees by letting him demonstrate what a self-effacing sport he could be. The moment went viral, and I suppose that’s the point. You grab the eyeballs however you can. Trump taught America that, too.


This is bigger than any one awards show, as many outraged observers have smartly tweeted and as I examined in a recent column about the hasty and successful gold rush by people who have earned renown or notoriety — I’m not sure those nouns are so distinct from each other anymore — as a result of their time with Trump.


More than ever, someone who arouses curiosity or makes you gape can monetize that as easily as someone who inspires admiration can profit from your genuine regard. Fascination comes in many shades, and at this morally addled moment in America, the bright ones and the dark ones are almost equally lucrative.


So Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci and Corey Lewandowski are all graduating to greater recognition and riches, never mind that they willingly promoted, ignored or sugarcoated actions and pronouncements by Trump that went well beyond the established norms of partisan politics.

因此,斯派塞、安东尼·斯卡拉穆奇(Anthony Scaramucci)和考利·莱万多夫斯基(Corey Lewandowski)全都在获得更高认可和更多财富,尽管他们曾自觉自愿地助推、忽略或美化特朗普的那些远远超出党派政治既定规则之外的言行。

Spicer and Lewandowski will be fellows at Harvard, never mind their volitional submission to someone whose lack of character, grace and basic maturity was just affirmed anew by his retweet of a video of him hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton and knocking her over.

斯派塞和莱万多夫斯基将在哈佛大学成为同事,尽管他们曾欣然听命于一个缺乏自我约束、优雅和基本的成熟度的人——他刚刚转发一则自己挥舞高尔夫球杆,用小球击倒希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的恶搞视频,再次证明了他是什么样的人。

By teaming with Trump, they stood at the apex of the government, in an intense spotlight. By surviving him, they’re reaping the same dividends accorded the former aides of far nobler politicians. There’s no discernment, not at Harvard and not in the entertainment world, where self-conscious liberalism and promulgations of virtue routinely take a back seat to any story line, casting decision or gag that’s guaranteed to seize attention.


Both Harvard and Hollywood are probably trying to shed the tag of elitism, and Harvard is no doubt reasoning that to close itself off from this president’s enablers is to forfeit an opportunity to understand why so many Americans voted from Trump.


But there are other, better ways to make that gesture and explore that phenomenon, ways that don’t play down and pretty up the ugliness of Trump’s ascent, ways that don’t bestow rewards on operatives who stomached stuff and peddled wares that no responsible patriot, regardless of his or her political leanings, should.


The embrace of Trump’s alumni says that finagling proximity to power, getting your face on TV and having your name trend on Twitter are accomplishments in and of themselves and will always pay off. Sure, some catcalls will come your way. But that’s nothing compared with a cameo at the Emmys.