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Wirecutter Editor Shares the Tech That Can Improve Your Life

You test all sorts of hardware to recommend only the best products that people should buy. What are the absolute best pieces of tech that everyone should have today?


Let me say that Wirecutter has never been about promoting consumerism — we’re about buying the right things to fit your life and will last you a while, so you don’t have to think about them. That said, there are a few items that can easily make your life better if you have the funds and need for them.


Those include some kind of USB battery pack that can be plugged into smartphones, e-book devices or quite literally anything that can draw power from USB. If you have a USB-C-compatible MacBook, a USB-C battery is even better since it can plug into your laptop and other devices. A battery can be so useful in unexpected scenarios ranging from getting stuck out at the bars until your phone is dead, to going camping for four days in the wilderness — that’s when you may need to keep the GPS alive on your phone.


There’s also a Bluetooth tracker for your keys, wallet or any other item that you can never find when you need it. This is probably a little bit of a luxury, but I've seen so many people’s lives improve by using one of these things.

What are the most important tech tools to do your job running The Wirecutter? What could be better about them?

在你运营The Wirecutter的工作中,最重要的科技工具是什么?它们哪些方面还可以继续改进?

I have an early 2015 MacBook Pro, which we actually still recommend for people who need “legacy” ports (which I often do). As a longtime MacBook Air fan, I’ll always wish for any laptop computer to be lighter and thinner.

我有一台2015年初出厂的MacBook Pro。实际上,我们依然会向需要“传统”接口的人(比如我)推荐这款电脑。作为MacBook Air的一名老粉,我总是希望所有笔记本电脑都越来越轻,越来越薄。

On the flip side, battery life seems to be something we can’t quite get comfortable with — Apple’s MacBook Pros enjoyed many years of great battery life, but the latest 2017 versions seem to have taken a major step backward. An older MacBook Pro like mine can actually last a lot longer than a newer MacBook Pro, which is great for me — but, then again, those newer ones are thinner.

但另一方面,电池寿命似乎是我们不太满意的地方。苹果MacBook Pro的电池寿命可以长达多年,但最新的2017款似乎出现了严重的倒退。像我那台电脑那样的老款的电池寿命,实际上可能远比更新的MacBook Pro长。这对我来说是好事,但又不得不说,越新的越薄。

Another important tool is the Anker PowerCore 20100. It’s our recommendation for people who need more power. (It will fully charge your smartphone every day for a week before it needs recharging.) The only downside is that this is not a small battery.

另一个重要的工具是Anker PowerCore 20100。这也是我们对用电需求较大的人士的推荐(每天都把你的智能手机充满的话,它一周后才需要再次充电)。唯一的缺点是它不是小电池。

If I’m working from home, my Uplift standing desk (one of our recommendations for standing desks over at Wirecutter) has been a lifesaver. Over the last decade and a half, I’ve scraped by with mediocre home office furniture to the detriment of my body and possibly my soul. I honestly regret not getting a standing desk sooner. It’s not really about being able to stand all the time (which research shows isn’t that great for you, either), but that the desk can be so easily adjusted to whatever height you need at a moment’s notice.


Smartphone prices are climbing. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost nearly $1,000, and a premium version of Apple’s iPhone 8 is set to also cost that much. Do people really need to pay that much for a smartphone?

智能手机价格飙升。新款三星(Samsung)盖乐世Note 8(Galaxy Note 8)的售价将接近1000美元,苹果的高配版iPhone 8很有可能价格相当。人们真的需要花这么多钱买一部智能手机吗?

No. Don’t get me wrong — I’m a huge nerd, so I love this stuff, but those phones are really about being on the bleeding edge of some high-end consumer technology.


For a lot of people, what’s important is going to be ease of use (which includes whether all your purchased apps and media are already on one platform or another — Apple or Android), a screen size that is comfortable for your eyes and your hands, and whether it works where and when you need it. Buy the thing that fits your real-world needs.


Outside work, what gadget are you currently obsessed with using in your daily life?


This is going to sound weird, but my partner and I have been completely obsessed with the Nest Outdoor camera (which Wirecutter recommends). I’m from Illinois, and I originally set one up to help some family keep an eye out for deliveries. But after watching it for a few weeks, I’ve realized its true entertainment value comes in the form of being a live “home” nature cam. I’ve watched internet reality TV involving opossums, raccoons, foxes, rabbits, and other unidentified night creatures for weeks and can’t stop.

听上去会有些奇怪,我和我的伴侣都很痴迷Nest Outdoor摄像头(同为Wirecutter的推荐产品)。我来自伊利诺伊州,最初安装摄像头是为了帮家人留意快递。但观察了几周后,我意识到它真正的娱乐价值在于它是一种实况的“家庭”自然摄像头。我在网上看过好几周有负鼠、浣熊、狐狸、野兔和其他不明夜间生物出境的真人秀,根本停不下来。

I also keep going more down the rabbit hole on recording string duets and ensembles, plus some fiddle and folk music, with myself using a Yamaha SV-200 electric violin, a supersimple USB audio interface (the Apogee Jam 96k — it came with my violin when I bought it) and an iPhone.

还有更怪的,我保持着自己用一把雅马哈(Yamaha)SV-200电子小提琴、一个超简单的USB音频接口(买小提琴时带的Apogee Jam 96k)和一部iPhone录制弦乐二重奏和合奏,还有一些小提琴和民俗音乐的习惯。

I’m just an amateur messing around, but this is a real “we live in the future” moment when I think about how easy it is to do my own recordings and potentially upload them to YouTube or SoundCloud, directly to an open-ended internet audience.


What’s the worst consumer shopping habit that you wish would come to an end?


Buying something you didn’t need or weren’t previously planning to purchase, just because it’s marked as being a deal. Marketing has really made it too seductive for many people to separate what they really need and want in their lives from a shiny deal.


As we’ve said many times at Wirecutter, most alleged “deals” are not good for various reasons. Sometimes the item was marked up just before the sale and then marked back down to its normal price as the “deal,” or sometimes manufacturers pull a fast one with SKUs that fool you into buying something different from what you intended.


When you’re deal hunting, my advice has always been: Know which items you’re looking for and what they generally cost. Then you’re much better prepared to make a quick judgment call on whether the “deal” you’re seeing is actually good or not.