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At Yokosuka, 7th Fleet’s Home Port, Worrying and Wondering, ‘Why?’

YOKOSUKA, Japan — The cluster of bars in the streets known as “The Honch” a few blocks from the United States naval base here pulsed with the primal energy of young men and women letting off steam on a hot summer night.

日本横须贺——在距离美国海军基地几个街区的地方,有个人称“横趣”(The Honch)的酒吧区,几条街道里涌动着年轻男女的原始活力,他们在这个炎热的夏季夜晚释放激情。

It was Thursday, when the Seventh Fleet, which has its home port here about 40 miles south of Tokyo, announced the death of one sailor and said it had given up the search for nine others who have been missing since a collision between the destroyer John S. McCain and an oil tanker near Singapore on Monday.

周四那天,第七舰队宣布一名海员丧生,并表示放弃搜寻另外九名失踪的海员。周一,约翰·S·麦凯恩号(John S. McCain)驱逐舰在新加坡附近海域与一艘油轮相撞。第七舰队的母港就在这个位于东京以南约40英里处的地方。

The news, coming two months after the Seventh Fleet suffered another collision between a destroyer and a cargo ship that left seven crew members dead, was a painful counterpoint to the spirited shouting over pounding hip-hop music at Club 54 or the games of darts lubricated with 20-ounce mugs of beer at Alex’s Saloon down the street.

两个月前,第七舰队的一艘驱逐舰与一艘货轮相撞,导致七名海员丧生。当天的撞船新闻,与Club 54俱乐部轰鸣的嘻哈音乐和兴奋的尖叫声,或亚历克斯酒廊(Alex’s Saloon)的飞镖游戏以及20盎司马克杯啤酒,形成了令人心痛的对比。

“It is kind of nerve-racking, the amount of deaths that are happening,” said Zereon Martinez, 23, an enlisted airman from San Antonio, Tex., who serves on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, as he walked to a restaurant for dinner with his girlfriend, Hayley Robbins, 23, also a crew member on the Reagan.

“这令人有点不安,死了那么多人,”23岁的泽龙·马丁内斯(Zereon Martinez)说。他是来自德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥的空军士兵,在罗纳德·里根号(Ronald Reagan)航空母舰上服役。当时,他正和23岁的女友海莉·罗宾斯(Hayley Robbins)去餐厅共进晚餐,罗宾斯也是里根号上的船员。

“The Navy is supposed to be one of the safest branches, in a sense,” said Mr. Martinez, “especially when we are not in a time of war. It is not something that you expect.”


These are tense times for the men and women of Yokosuka, with crews on alert given increasing threats in the region from North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear development program. In addition to the two fatal accidents this summer, a guided missile cruiser ran aground not far from the base earlier this year. In connection with the incidents, the Navy on Tuesday relieved Vice Adm. Joseph P. Aucoin, the head of the Seventh Fleet.

对横须贺的男男女女来说,这是个紧张时期。处于警备状态的船员们不断收到关于朝鲜弹道导弹和核武器计划的威胁。除了今年夏天的两次致命事故,今年年初,一艘导弹巡洋舰在离基地不远处搁浅。由于这些事故,第七舰队舰长、海军中将约瑟夫·P·奥库安(Joseph P. Aucoin)于周二被撤职。

“It is tragic,” said a machinist from Houston who serves on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, as he shot a round of pool with a crewmate at Country Bar George’s, where the walls are papered with dollar bills signed by sailors and both the American and Confederate flags are painted onto a sign out front. Like many crew members I spoke to, the machinist declined to give his name for fear of reprimand from his superiors. “Our fleet has had something bad all year,” he said. “How can this happen again?”

“太惨了,”在罗纳德·里根号航空母舰上服役的一名休斯敦机械师说。当时,他正在乔治乡村酒吧(Country Bar George’s)和另一名船员打台球。酒吧墙上贴着水手们签名的美元钞票,外面的招牌上涂着美国和盟国的旗帜。和我采访的很多船员一样,这名机械师因为担心遭到上司训斥而拒绝透露自己的名字。“我们舰队这一年够倒霉的了,”他说。“怎么又出这种事呢?”

Yokosuka, where 24,000 sailors, other military personnel and related civilians live and work, is a little slice of Americana in Japan. The bars prominently feature neon Budweiser signs, Jack Daniel’s whiskey and country music on the soundtrack. Tsunami Yokosuka Navy Burger serves, among other standards, a Trump burger, with toppings that include a fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, and — double-take — peanut butter. At Club Alliance, a three-story entertainment complex on the edge of the base, the wide-screen televisions are tuned to American channels.

横须贺是日本的一小块美国风情的地方,有2.4万名海员及其他军事人员和相关的平民在这里生活和工作。这里的酒吧有着醒目的百威啤酒霓虹招牌,杰克·丹尼威士忌(Jack Daniel’s),音响里播放着乡村音乐。海啸横须贺海军汉堡店(Tsunami Yokosuka Navy Burger)除了各种经典菜品之外,还供应一种“特朗普汉堡”,配料包括煎鸡蛋、培根和切达奶酪,后来我才反应过来里面还有花生酱。在基地边缘的三层娱乐设施“联盟俱乐部”(Club Alliance)里,宽屏电视上播放着美国的电视节目。

Families on base have rallied around the service members of both the McCain and the Fitzgerald, the destroyer that crashed in June, collecting clothes, toiletries and old uniforms for crew members who likely lost everything when their berths were flooded after the collisions. The McCain is currently docked at the Changi Naval Base in Singapore. Lt. Paul Newell, a spokesman for the Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, said he was not sure whether or when there would be a memorial service at the base for the fallen.

基地的家属纷纷前来协助麦凯恩号和菲茨杰拉德号(今年6月发生撞击事故的驱逐舰)的船员,为他们收集衣服、洗漱用品和旧军装。碰撞时船舱被淹,他们可能因此失去了一切。麦凯恩号目前停泊在新加坡的樟宜海军基地(Changi Naval Base)。横须贺的第七舰队的发言人保罗·纽厄尔上尉(Paul Newell)表示,他不确定是否以及何时会在基地为遇难者举行追悼会。

“Everybody is heartbroken,” said Tara Oberdorf, whose husband serves on the Ronald Reagan, which recently returned to port after six months at sea. Mrs. Oberdorf, who was out finishing back-to-school errands on Thursday afternoon with three of her four children in a busy shopping arcade near the base, said it was difficult not to be troubled by the number of recent accidents. “So now you just worry and ask, why?” she said.

“大家都很难过,”塔拉·奥伯多弗(Tara Oberdorf)说。她的丈夫在罗纳德·里根号上服役,该军舰在海上航行六个月后,前不久刚返回港口。周四下午,奥伯多弗带着四个孩子中的三个在基地附近繁忙的购物街购买返校用品。她说,很难不为最近频繁的事故感到担忧。“所以现在,你很担忧,很想知道事故的原因,”她说。

Among the questions being asked are whether the crews on either the Fitzgerald or the McCain were overworked and underprepared. Given the current geopolitical situation, many of the ships in the fleet are sent out on frequent missions, with some naval experts raising the question of whether crews have enough time to rest or retrain.


“Are ships deployed a lot? The answer is yes,” said Cmdr. Clayton Doss, a Seventh Fleet spokesman. “Our Navy is deployed a lot globally.”

“军舰是否经常执行任务?答案是肯定的,”第七舰队的发言人克莱顿·多斯少校(Clayton Doss)说。“我们的海军在全球范围内执行很多任务。”

At a fruit and vegetable shop near the train station in Yokosuka, the wife of another Ronald Reagan crew member said that “all military bases are overworked.”


“That’s all the fleets, not just this one,” she added, declining to give her name as she did not want to get her husband in trouble. “That is what we signed up for when we agreed to protect and serve.”


On Wednesday, during a rare worldwide suspension of naval operations, sailors at Yokosuka participated in a training day that centered on such topics as the fundamentals of radar and staffing on ship bridges.


A mechanic playing pool at Country Bar George’s said he expected a serious review of training plans. “I am sure there will be a bunch of training to come because it is something that should not happen,” he said of the collisions. “Any time something happens that should not happen, you have to figure out why it went wrong.”


With the vulnerability of life at sea now brutally highlighted, one service member wearing a Navy T-shirt and standing watch over the pool table at Alex’s Saloon on Thursday night said he felt lucky to be assigned to shore duty. A petty officer from Jacksonville, N.C., he described his job as “cleaning up and serving coffee” and said he was glad not to be posted aboard a ship because of the “hard work and long hours.”


He said he did not expect to learn the full truth of what happened aboard either the Fitzgerald or the McCain. “That’s just how the Navy operates,” he said.


But Allegra Mastin, 20, an enlisted woman on the Ronald Reagan who said she often stood watch on deck for five-hour shifts, said that all the crews could do was to continue training and following protocols. As for the accidents, she said, “things happen that are out of our control.”

不过,在罗纳德·里根号上服役的20岁女兵阿莉格拉·马斯廷(Allegra Mastin)表示,船员们现在能做的就是继续训练,遵守规定。马斯廷经常要在甲板上站岗五个小时。她说,至于事故,“总会有我们控制之外的事情发生。”