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Murder Charge Sought in Death of Kim Wall, Swedish Journalist

COPENHAGEN — Prosecutors in Denmark said on Thursday that they intended to ask a court to charge Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor arrested in the death of a Swedish journalist onboard his submarine, with the legal equivalent of murder.

哥本哈根——丹麦的检察官周四表示,他们打算以等同于谋杀的罪名向法院起诉丹麦发明家彼得·马德森(Peter Madsen),一名瑞典记者死在了他的潜水艇上之后,警方将其逮捕。

A cyclist discovered the dismembered body of the journalist, Kim Wall, near Copenhagen harbor on Monday, 11 days after she boarded Mr. Madsen’s 55-foot submarine and went missing. An accomplished freelance reporter who was about to move to China with her boyfriend, Ms. Wall, 30, had told her family she planned to write an article about Mr. Madsen.

一个骑自行车的人周一在哥本哈根港附近发现了记者金·沃尔(Kim Wall)的残躯。11天前,她在登上了马德森55英尺长(约17米)的潜艇之后失踪。30岁的沃尔是一名优秀的自由撰稿记者,原本计划与男友搬到中国,她之前告诉家人,打算写一篇关于马德森的文章。

Mr. Madsen, 46, had been charged with involuntary manslaughter, but will now face the more serious charge of manslaughter in his next court appearance, scheduled for Sept. 5. (In Danish law, manslaughter implies intent and is the legal equivalent of murder.)

46岁的马德森之前遭到过失杀人罪(involuntary manslaughter)的指控,但现在,在预定于9月5日的法庭审判中,他将面临着更严重的杀人罪指控(在丹麦法律中,manslaughter意味着有杀人意图,相当于murder)。

He will also face an additional charge of “indecent handling of a body.” It will up to the court to decide whether to accept the charges.


“At the initial hearing the court found reasonable suspicion that this was at least an involuntary manslaughter,” said Jakob Buch-Jepsen, a prosecutor on the case. “Based on the investigation since then, we believe we now are able to support a charge of manslaughter and would like the court to respond to that material.”

“在最初的聆讯中,法庭认为至少属于过失杀人的怀疑是合理的。”该案检察官雅各布·巴赫-杰克森(Jakob Buch-Jepsen)说:“基于之后的调查,我们相信现在的证据可以起诉他杀人罪,希望法庭对这些证据做出回应。”

Ms. Wall was last seen on the evening of Aug. 10, when the submarine left Refshaleoen, a former industrial site on the northern edge of Amager Island, on the harbor. Her boyfriend reported her missing the following day, and Mr. Madsen was later arrested. He initially told the police that he had dropped off Ms. Wall on the shore, but later changed his story to say that she had died accidentally and he had buried her at sea.

最后一次有人看见沃尔是在8月10日晚上,当时潜艇离开了阿迈厄岛(Amager Island)北端的前工业区拉夫斯黑尔(Refshaleoe)。她的男友第二天报案说她失踪了,马德森之后被捕。一开始他告诉警方,他已经让沃尔下了潜艇,后来又改口说她意外死亡,自己已将她海葬。

A cyclist found a torso — missing its arms, legs and head — on Monday, and the remains were identified on Wednesday as Ms. Wall’s.


The police are still looking for the rest of the body. On Thursday, the police said human remains might have been found off the Swedish coast, but the police later backtracked and said they were not those of a human.


The torso was found without clothing, and the police asked locals to look out for the apparel Ms. Wall was wearing when she was last seen: a bright orange blouse, a black-and-white flowered skirt and white shoes.


At Mr. Madsen’s next court appearance, on Sept. 5, prosecutors plan to request that he be kept in detention. They will request a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Madsen, a routine measure in cases involving the most serious crimes.


The case has riveted Scandinavia, where Mr. Madsen is well known as a quixotic if mercurial innovator, and plunged Ms. Wall’s friends and relatives into grief.


Malin Angelica Franzén, a friend from southern Sweden, where Ms. Wall grew up, declined an interview request but guided a reporter to a Facebook post, in which she wrote: “Just three weeks ago she sat here in our sofa and talked about her new house in China, showed pictures of Chinese T-shirts with inappropriate English texts, and demonstrated translation apps. Talked about love, about the myriad stories to tell, about the future, about her life.”

沃尔在瑞典南部长大,她在那里的朋友马琳·安吉利卡·弗兰森(Malin Angelica Franzén)拒绝了采访请求,但让记者去看她在Facebook上发的一篇帖子,其中写道:“就在三周前,她坐在我们的沙发上,谈论她在中国的新房子,给我们看印着别扭英文句子的中国T恤的照片,展示各种翻译应用。她还谈到了爱情,谈到了她要写的很多故事,谈到了未来,以及她的生活。”

Ms. Franzén remembered her friend — a graduate of the London School of Economics and had two master’s degrees from Columbia University — as courageous and modest.

沃尔毕业于伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics),拥有哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)两个硕士学位,弗兰森说她勇敢、谦逊。

“To lose her is not just to lose a friend, but a source of inspiration,” she wrote.


Caterina Clerici, who met Ms. Wall when they took the entrance examination for Columbia Journalism School, expressed shock that her friend, who had reported from Cuba, Sri Lanka and Uganda and had written for The New York Times, died so close to home.

卡泰丽娜·克莱里奇(Caterina Clerici)在哥伦比亚新闻学院入学考试时结识了沃尔,她对她的遇害表示了震惊:沃尔曾经在古巴、斯里兰卡和乌干达做报道,并曾为《纽约时报》写稿,却在离家不远的地方丧生。

“She was never reckless,” Ms. Clerici said. “She never did anything stupid. She knew what she was doing. She was very well traveled. She had a lot of experience even though she was fairly young.”