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Donald Trump’s Dominatrix

At this point I think it’s fair to say that Donald Trump has gone beyond taunting and demonizing Hillary Clinton to a realm of outright obsession.

事到如今,我觉得可以很公平地说,唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)对希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)已经不再只是嘲讽和诋毁,而是到了痴狂的地步。

He’s stalking her.


He can’t stop tweeting about her. Can’t stop muttering about her. On Monday he addressed tens of thousands of boy scouts at their Jamboree, and who should pop up in his disjointed thoughts and disheveled words? Clinton. He dinged her, yet again, for having ignored voters in Michigan, which he won.


The Jamboree, mind you, was in West Virginia.


And it brought together dewy-eyed adolescents, not dyspeptic acolytes of the Heritage Foundation. Most cared more about — I don’t know — camping gear, crafts projects and merit badges than whether the Democratic nominee should have made an additional stop in Grand Rapids and maybe scarfed down a funnel cake in Kalamazoo while she was at it.

会上都是一些懵懂的青少年,不是怒火中烧的传统基金会(Heritage Foundation)信众。我猜,他们中的多数人更关心的是露营装备、手工艺作业和嘉奖徽章,而不是民主党候选人该不该在大急流城(Grand Rapids)增加一场拉票活动,顺便再到卡拉马祖吃个螺旋煎饼。

But Trump doesn’t meet his audiences on their terms. He uses each as a sounding board for his vanities, insecurities, delusions and fixations. Clinton factors mightily into all of these. She’s his psychological dominatrix.


He keeps telling us that he’s president and we’re not. Does he know that he’s president and she’s not? Does he realize that most Americans can go a whole day, an entire week — verily, a month! — without picturing her at a rostrum, hearing the melody of her stump speech or repeating, “I’m with her”?


At least they could if Trump would shut up about her. I understand that he misses her, but, sheesh, send some Godiva chocolates and move on.


Many political observers have been marveling at recent tweets of his that blasted Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, for not reinvestigating and potentially prosecuting Clinton for supposed crimes. He ripped into Sessions anew at a brief news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

许多政治观察人士对他最近痛斥司法部长杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)的推文大感惊讶,他不满塞申斯没有重新开始调查克林顿,或就其所谓的罪行发起诉讼。在周二下午的一次简短的新闻发布会上,他再次对塞申斯发起攻击。

But the other half of that equation is Clinton, and it’s just as remarkable that more than eight months after Election Day, Trump is still hauling his vanquished opponent out for public ridicule and marching her toward the stockade. Did Barack Obama do that with John McCain or George Bush with Al Gore or Bill Clinton with the previous George Bush? No, no and no.

然而这则等式的另一端是克林顿,这同样是不可思议的,选举日过去已八个月有余,特朗普还在不依不饶地公开嘲弄他的手下败将,要把她押送到大牢里去。贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)对约翰·麦凯恩(John McCain)、乔治·布什(George Bush)对阿尔·戈尔(Al Gore)、比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)对老乔治·布什(George Bush),有这么做过么?没有,没有,都没有。

Many political observers have noted Trump’s hyperconsciousness of Barack Obama, who was also mentioned in those remarks to the boy scouts, which were so inappropriately political and self-centered that parents actually lodged complaints.


But Clinton is more precious to him. While he merely itches to erase Obama from the history books, he’s desperate to keep her at the center of every page. Beneath all of his braggadocio about the genius of his campaign strategy and the potency of his connection to blue-collar Americans, he knows that he made it to the White House largely because many voters didn’t want her there and he was Door No. 2.


So he reminds them of that. Over and over again.


It would be one thing if he had amassed a trove of accomplishments and watched his approval ratings climb. But the opposite is true, so he depends on a foil who flatters him, a fork in the road that he can portray as rockier and swampier. That’s Clinton’s role, and it’s more important than Jared’s and Ivanka’s and the Mooch’s combined. They whisper sweet nothings. She saves him from damnation.


Don’t look at his campaign’s relationship with Russia. Look at hers with Ukraine! Don’t focus on Don Jr.’s incriminating emails. Focus on her missing ones! And while you’re at it, tally up how many of her donors are on Robert Mueller’s staff and take fresh note of her big-dollar speeches. Seldom has a scapegoat grazed in such a profusion of pastures.

别盯着他的竞选团队和俄罗斯的关系不放。看看她和乌克兰!别留意小唐纳德足以表明有罪的电邮。留意她那些消失的邮件!顺便再算算罗伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)的幕僚里有多少她的捐款人,别忘了她那些收费高昂的演讲。很少有替罪羊可以在如此广袤的草原上吃草。

He’s more or less back to chanting “lock her up,” as if it’s early November all over again. He has frozen the calendar there so that he can perpetually savor the exhilaration of the campaign and permanently evade the drudgery of governing and the ignominy of his failure at it so far.


Nov. 8 is his “Groundhog Day,” on endless repeat, in a way that pleases and pacifies him. That movie has a co-star, Clinton. If he dwells in it, he dwells with her. He can no more retire her than Miss Havisham, in “Great Expectations,” could put away her wedding dress. Clinton brings Trump back to the moment before the rose lost its blush and the heartache set in.

11月8日是他的《今天暂时停止》(Groundhog Day)在无休止地重映,这让他感到欣喜和平静。克林顿与他联袂出演。如果说他沉溺于其中,那也是跟她一起在沉溺。他离不开她,就像《远大前程》里的郝薇香小姐离不开她的婚纱。克林顿让特朗普回到过去,那时的玫瑰依然艳丽,心痛尚未开始。

During the second of their three debates, he was accused of shadowing her onstage, but that was nothing next to the way he pursues her now. His administration slips further into chaos; he diverts the discussion to her. She’s the answer to evolving scandals. She’s the antidote to a constipated agenda — or so he wagers. What stature he has inadvertently given her. And what extraordinary staying power.