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In China’s Capital, a Portal to Hollywood’s Golden Age

BEIJING — The tiny cinema offers 30 luxurious leather armchairs, perfect for lounging. There are side tables where patrons can place their Champagne or cocktail, and nibbles, even oysters and caviar. The screen is close and the ceiling low. The atmosphere is intimate and elegant.


The theater, Cinker, is not a typical Beijing movie house — cavernous, packed multiplexes that offer Hollywood franchise films with earsplitting battle scenes or car chases. China’s government importers and censors prefer those box office hits for the quota of 34 foreign movies allowed into the country each year.


Tucked away on the third floor of a building in an upscale area of the capital, Cinker was envisioned by its three partners as a place for movie lovers who want to revisit Hollywood classics, European art house films and vintage Chinese favorites.


Some recent showings: “The Godfather” and “Love on Lushan Mountain,” along with early Woody Allen and Agnès Varda.

这里近来放映的影片包括:《教父》(The Godfather)、《庐山恋》,还有伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)和阿涅斯·瓦尔达(Agnès Varda)的一些早期作品。

Amanda Zhang, a former criminal lawyer and a partner in the venture, is around most nights schmoozing with regular diners in the clubby restaurant and presiding over the 1930s-style brass-accented bar.

三克的合伙人之一、曾经当过刑事律师的阿曼达·张(Amanda Zhang)多数夜晚都会现身,在会所式的餐厅中与常客闲谈,或者打理着黄铜镶饰的1930年代风格酒吧。

Ms. Zhang’s glamour — she may wear red silky shorts and a flowing top, or a black evening suit, or a form-fitting emerald green sheath, always with skyscraper heels — is meant to recall the splendor of Hollywood’s golden age.


Cinker emerged six months ago, an experiment in offering an alternative to Beijing’s standard commercial theaters and a couple of out-of-the-way screening rooms that show old films. The founders invented the name Cinker as shorthand for Cinema Maker.

于六个月前出现的三克是一场实验,要在北京的标准化商业影院以及若干过时的老电影放映厅之外,提供另一种选择。其英文名Cinker是由几位创始人用Cinema Maker(电影院制造者)缩并而来。

“We don’t have an independent cinema in China,” said Yan Yixin, a founder. “We thought, ‘How can we make an independent cinema?’”

“中国没有独立影院,”创始人之一严亦新(Yan Yixin,音)说。“我们当时想的是,‘如何打造一家独立影院?’”

A place with an eclectic schedule (by Beijing standards) and a beckoning atmosphere offered a good start, he said. Shanghai has always been considered the movie home of China — the big production studios opened there after 1949, and most of them remain there. Opening a jewel box cinema in the political capital was considered a brave move, a challenge to the conventional nod to Shanghai as the center of style.


Cinker is a contemporary twist on a turn-of-the-20th-century movie hall, the Electric, in the London neighborhood of Notting Hill Gate, where the audience sits on plush sofas, armchairs — even beds — and movies are shown on a stage dominated by a gilded ornate proscenium.

三克其实是加入了现代元素的Electric。始建于20世纪初的Electric影院位于伦敦诺丁山门(Notting Hill Gate)社区,那里的观众可以坐在柔软的沙发、扶手椅上——甚至床上——用来放映电影的镜框式舞台上有一个华丽的镀金框。

Mr. Yan recalls going to the Electric with his girlfriend. “It is a vintage cinema, you could lie down on a sofa, have a cocktail from the bar, watch a movie — an amazing experience.”


They chose a similar upscale district in Beijing called Sanlitun, which, like Notting Hill Gate, was a down-at-heel bar quarter in the late 1980s and ’90s, with dozens of foreign embassy buildings along its edges.


Then, artists rented hole-in-the-wall spaces to be close to the diplomats who could afford to buy their paintings, and in the early 2000s, the director Quentin Tarantino lent a movie flavor when he hung out at a night spot called Vogue and worked on shooting his first martial arts movie, “Kill Bill,” during the day.

后来,艺术家们租下破破烂烂的空间,以便拉近与有能力购买其画作的外交官之间距离;2000年代初,导演昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)给这里添加了电影元素——当时他晚上混在一个名叫Vogue的夜店里,白天则忙于拍摄自己的首部动作片《杀死比尔》(Kill Bill)。

Beijing’s city planners had other ideas than allowing valuable central real estate to lie idle to low-paying renters. In the mid-2000s, the seediness gave way to China’s first Apple Store, then fashion boutiques and now, a decade later, a Mercedes Me showroom with the most expensive models spilling onto a plaza with giant screen videos and a high-end cafe nearby.

北京的城市规划者有其他打算,不想让极具价值的市中心房产在低薪租户手中闲置。到了2000年代中期,破败的氛围被中国第一家苹果零售店(Apple Store)打破,然后是诸多时尚精品店的入驻,十年后的今天又有了一家奔驰体验店Mercedes Me,最昂贵的车型一直延伸到附近一座有着巨大的屏幕和高档餐厅的购物中心。

By locating in Sanlitun, Mr. Yan and Ms. Zhang, and Lin Fan, an owner of one of Beijing’s fancy restaurants and a producer of Chinese movies, are appealing to habitués of the premier axis of the city’s all-enveloping consumer culture. They are also exploiting changes in moviegoing habits.

北京有着无所不包的消费文化,通过把地点选在三里屯,严亦新、阿曼达·张和林凡(Lin Fan,音)——林凡拥有北京的一家高档餐厅,还是一名中国电影人——试图吸引这种文化的核心群体成为常客。他们也在利用观影习惯的改变。

Box office revenue from Hollywood blockbusters dropped in China in the first six months of this year after many years of growth. For example, “Transformers: The Last Knight” fared less well than expected, while the Bollywood drama “Dangal” did much better. Audiences have become more sophisticated, and more fickle. And in China, as elsewhere, more moviegoers are watching videos provided by online streaming services.

好莱坞大片在中国的票房收入已经连续多年增长,但在今年前六个月有所下降。比如《变形金刚5:最后的骑士》(Transformers: The Last Knight)的票房收入不及预期,宝莱坞影片《摔跤吧!爸爸》(Dangal)的表现却好得多。现在的观众更加成熟,也更易变。此外,和别的地方一样,在中国,更多电影观众正在观看由流媒体服务商提供的视频。

As the moviegoing audience fragments, Cinker appeals not only to the steady niche audience for classics, but also to a wide spectrum of people who have fallen in love with foreign actors who have starred in popular TV series.


To their surprise, Ms. Zhang said, Britain’s National Theater Live series with actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, who appears in “Sherlock” — the British detective series that was a major television hit in China — have been among their biggest draws.

阿曼达·张说,让他们意外的是,演员表上有本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)等人名字的“英国国家剧院现场”戏剧影像,竟跻身他们的最卖座影片之列。康伯巴奇出演的英国侦探类剧集《神探夏洛克》(Sherlock)曾在中国大热。

Cinker opened with a screening of Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” a 2014 favorite of the three partners. The décor of Cinker’s bar and restaurant — brass wall lights, plush red curtains — harks back to the movie.

三克开业时放映了韦斯·安德森(Wes Anderson)的《布达佩斯大饭店》(The Grand Budapest Hotel),三位合伙人都很喜欢的一部2014年影片。三克酒吧的装潢——黄铜壁灯、红色绒布窗帘——就以这部电影为灵感。

“A lot of our audience likes to watch movies that are not really box office hits,” Mr. Lin said. “‘Budapest Hotel’ only got a very short showing in China.” The Woody Allen movies and “The Godfather” never had commercial releases and were available only on DVD, he said.


From a library of about 4,000 movies at the media group, about 20 percent are suitable for a Cinker screening, Mr. Yan said. The Hollywood favorites come mostly from that backlist, he said.


“The Godfather, Part 1” sold out the fastest, helped along by a package deal of a movie ticket and an Italian dinner. Patrons were encouraged to turn up in dress that matched the characters, and some arrived in flowing gowns and tuxedos.

《教父 I》(The Godfather, Part 1)卖得最快,在某种程度上得益于电影票是和意式晚餐打包出售的。顾客被鼓励身穿与片中角色搭调的裙装现身,一些人到场时穿着飘逸的长裙和晚礼服。

Expansion is underway. An outdoor rooftop cinema, decorated with lush green plants and comfortable wicker, debuted last week. Coming next: Cinker’s opening in Shanghai. And watch for the future Cinker film awards.