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Vlad, the Trump Impaler



What light from yonder West Wing window breaks. A bright idea has somehow emerged from the dysfunctional, dystopian Trump White House.


And from the Grim Reaper, no less.


Steve Bannon has not been partying in the Hamptons with Jared, Ivanka and Kellyanne. He has instead been lurking in his lair, scheming about a plan to raise taxes on the richest people in America and give tax cuts to the people who need them.

史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)没有和贾里德、伊万卡、凯莉安一起去参加汉普顿的大趴。相反,他潜伏在自己的巢穴,计划对美国最富有的人征税,并对需要减税的人减税。

As Jonathan Swan wrote when he broke the story in Axios, “It’s classic Bannon — pushing a maximalist position that’s reviled by the Republican establishment.”

正如乔纳森·斯万(Jonathan Swan)在他对Axios网站爆料的故事中写道:“这是典型的班农做法——推动被共和党建制派所痛恨的极大主义立场。”

Conservative craniums are exploding all over town. Mitch McConnell had already been worried that Donald Trump might revert to the pragmatist who gave Chuck Schumer and Hillary donations and triangulate with Democrats.

保守派的头盖骨已经被炸开。米奇·麦克康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)已经在担心,唐纳德·特朗普可能变回那个给查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer)和希拉里捐款的实用主义者,并且和民主党人缠夹不清。

And Bannon’s fellow former Goldman Sachs money men, Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin, are rushing to strip away the tax burdens on the rich and corporations because, in the immortal words of Mitt Romney, “Corporations are people, my friend.”

班农的伙伴,前高盛金融高管加里·科恩(Gary Cohn)和史蒂夫·努钦(Steve Mnuchin)正急着免除富人和公司身上的税收负担,因为用米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)那句不朽的名言来说,“公司就是人,我的朋友。”

As Grover Norquist, the anti-tax evangelist, howled, “It’s a particularly cruel thing for Bannon to do.”

反税收的狂热鼓吹者格罗佛·诺奎斯特(Grover Norquist)大叫道,“班农这么做是格外残忍的。”

In his role as Keeper of the Essence, the one who tends the flame between Trump and his base, Bannon has been guilty of plenty of cruel things, from the botched travel ban to “American carnage” to the fixation with the wall to the offensive tripe in Breitbart when he ran it.


As the rumpled hero to white nationalists likes to say, “Darkness is good.”


But while this idea is going nowhere, it’s not cruel. Bannon is right to challenge his colleagues’ claim that the rich pour money from tax cuts back into the economy.


If you give a tax cut to people who make a million a year or more, they save the money. But if you give a tax cut to working-class and poor people, they spend the money. So the multiplier effect for the economy is much higher with tax cuts for people who don’t have a lot of money.


Bannon understands that if President Trump gave a raspberry to plutocrats, including all the ones in his own administration, he would grow more popular. (It would be hard to grow less popular.)


For all Trump’s insanity, he is in a unique place to do some interesting things because he’s not beholden to the usual suspects. He’s barely even a Republican, so it would be a smart strategy to work with Democrats on the things he agrees with, that Democrats can’t say no to.


Why doesn’t Trump indulge his predilection for acting against expectations in a way that could be a boon to his base, or “my people,” as he calls them? Why squander all that combativeness and impulsiveness on Twitter insults? Why settle into an angry standoff with a majority of the country? It’s an exhausting dynamic that breeds a siege mentality — a mind-set that was succinctly described by Kellyanne Conway at a recent Washington dinner as “they hate us and we hate them.”

特朗普喜欢打破常规做事,他为什么不放纵自己的这种爱好,做些可能会对他的核心选民——或者用他的话说,“我的人”——有益的事情呢?为什么要为Twitter上的侮辱浪费力气,那样好斗和冲动呢?为什么要对大多数国家摆出一副愤怒的姿态呢?这是一种令人精疲力尽的力量,塑造出一种受困的心态——凯莉安·康威(Kellyanne Conway)前不久在华盛顿的一次晚宴上简洁地把这种心态描述为,“他们讨厌我们,我们讨厌他们。”

Why doesn’t Trump channel all that bile against the establishment and show us his purported negotiating skills by sitting down and working out an actual deal that could benefit a lot of the people in Trump country who need health care rather than backing the “mean” House and Senate plans that are going to hit rural America particularly hard?


Instead, he is down the rabbit hole with Vladimir Putin. Much of his base does not appreciate it when the American president stands in the Oval Office yucking it up with Russian diplomats, oversharing our secrets and calling the F.B.I. director he just fired “a nut job.”

相反,他和弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)跳进了兔子洞。当美国总统站在椭圆形办公室里同俄罗斯外交官尽情欢笑,泄露我们的秘密,说自己刚刚解雇的联邦调查局局长是个“疯子”的时候,他的大部分选民都不喜欢这种事。

Even a lot of Trump voters are mystified about why Trump can’t put a lid on his id long enough to acknowledge that Russia besmirched our elections.


“It could very well have been Russia but I think it could well have been other countries, and I won’t be specific but I think a lot of people interfere,” President Trump said in Warsaw. “Nobody really knows.”


He inanely tweeted from the G-20: “Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!”

他在参加二十国集团首脑会议时无聊地发推:“这里的每个人都在谈论为什么约翰·波德斯塔(John Podesta)拒绝把DNC服务器交给联邦调查局和中央情报局。可耻!”

Even for a U.F.O. believer like Podesta, Trump’s claim was out of this world.


In his attenuated first meeting with his side bae, Trump staged a Kabuki show of confronting the former K.G.B. agent.


Their conversation boiled down to this:


Trump: “Did you do it?”


Putin: “Nyet.”


Trump: “Whew! Glad that’s out of the way. So let’s do a joint cybersecurity program and share our passwords.”


Putin: “Da.”


He should have had a showdown to rival the one Adlai Stevenson had at the U.N. with the Soviet ambassador on the Cuban missile crisis. “I am prepared to wait for an answer until hell freezes over,” Stevenson snapped.

他本应同对手进行一场对决,就像古巴导弹危机时阿德莱·史蒂文森(Adlai Stevenson)在联合国对抗苏联大使那样。“我在等待一个答案,我愿等到地狱冰封,”史蒂文森厉声说。

Trump should have slapped down the evidence and doled out the punishment. Instead, he and Putin commiserated about bumptious journalists.


“Polonium works well,” Putin was probably saying.


“Spasibo,” Trump probably replied.


In the end, Trump and fellow bumbling neophyte Rex Tillerson opened the portal wider for Putin to sneak through in coming elections.

最后,特朗普和身边笨拙的新手雷克斯·蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)为普京打开了方便之门,便于他进一步悄悄干涉未来的选举。

I don’t know how much information the tyro pol in the Oval has absorbed — or even wants to absorb — in his dumbed-down briefings. But, brainwashed by his father’s exhortation that the world belongs to “killers,” Trump clearly doesn’t recognize the danger before him.


This is a simple fact he might want to let sink in: The Russians do not have our best interests at heart. They are conjuring Trump’s worst “1984” fear: playing him for a sucker.