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Apple Disrupts Silicon Valley With Another Eye-Catcher: Its New Home

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Things change when a spaceship comes to town.


Tourists stroll by, whipping out their iPhones to get a photo. New businesses move in. And real estate prices go up even more.


Apple’s new home in Cupertino — the centerpiece being a $5 billion, four-story, 2.8 million-square-foot ring that can be seen from space and that locals call the spaceship — is still getting some final touches, and employees have just started to trickle in. The full squadron, about 12,000 people, will arrive in several months.


But the development of the headquarters, a 175-acre area officially called Apple Park, has already helped transform the surrounding area.

但是苹果总部的修建已经推动了周边地区的变化。它占地175英亩(约合71公顷),正式名称是苹果园(Apple Park)。

In Sunnyvale, a town just across the street, 95 development projects are in the planning stages. The city manager, Deanna J. Santana, said she had never seen such action before. In Cupertino, a Main Street Cupertino living and dining complex opened in early 2016. This downtown enclave includes the Lofts, a 120-unit apartment community opening this fall; small shops; and numerous restaurants and cafes.

森尼韦尔城(Sunnyvale)和苹果园隔街相望,那里有95个开发项目正处于规划阶段。该城经理迪安娜·J·桑塔娜(Deanna J. Santana)说自己以前从未见过这样的事情。在库比蒂诺,居住生活和餐饮综合建筑“主街库比蒂诺”在2016年初开业。该商区包括Lofts,它是一个拥有120套公寓的社区,将于今年秋天推出;还有小商铺,以及大量的餐馆和咖啡馆。

Other local businesses are also gearing up in anticipation. A Residence Inn at Main Street Cupertino, expected to open in September, has been slightly customized to meet the needs of Apple employees. Guests will have access to Macs and high-speed internet connections, said Mark Lynn, a partner with Sand Hill Hotel Management, which operates the hotel and consulted with Apple about what its employees need at a hotel.

其他本地企业也在做准备。位于主街库比蒂诺的居家酒店(Residence Inn)预计在今年9月开业,它进行过稍微的定制,以满足苹果员工的需求。该酒店的经营方沙丘酒店管理公司(Sand Hill Hotel Management) 向苹果咨询过其员工对酒店有什么需求,公司合伙人马克·林恩(Mark Lynn)说,酒店客人有Mac可用,还有高速网络连接。

“All the things we have, lined up with what they needed,” Lynn said. “They will represent a large part of our business.”


Tech companies are nothing new for Cupertino. Apple has called the city home for decades, and Hewlett-Packard had a campus in Apple’s new spot, employing 9,000 people. The surrounding towns have been remade as well in the last decade, as giant tech companies have transformed Silicon Valley’s real estate into some of the most expensive in the country.


But city officials and residents say this project is like nothing they’ve seen before. It is even bringing tourists.


Onlookers snap pictures of the spaceship from the streets. TV helicopters circle above. Amateur photographers ask residents if they can stand on driveways to operate their drones, hoping to get a closer look at Apple Park.


“I just say, ‘Hey, go ahead,'” said Ron Nielsen, who lives in Birdland, a Sunnyvale neighborhood across the street from the spaceship. “Why not?”

“我只能说,‘好的,可以’,为什么不呢?”罗恩·尼尔森(Ron Nielsen)说。他住在森尼韦尔的伯德兰德社区,就在太空船的街对面。

Drone operators want that coveted aerial shot while pedestrians want to get an eyeful of the curved glass building before the headquarters become hidden by a man-made forest.


The campus is one of the last major projects started by Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple, who died six years ago. Just a few months before his death, he went before the Cupertino City Council and laid out his vision for a futuristic circular house of glass that would foster creativity and collaboration. Two years later, the council unanimously approved the plans for the campus.

这个园区是史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)在世时最后开启的重大项目之一,他是苹果富有远见的联合创始人,于六年前去世。在他去世的数月之前,乔布斯去了库比蒂诺市议会,提出要修建一个未来主义的玻璃环形建筑物,希望它可以促进创造力和协作。两年后,市议会一致批准了这个园区的修建计划。

The main center features the spaceship ring, the Steve Jobs Theater, a 100,000-square-foot gym and a visitors center in a woodland setting with two miles of running and walking paths. An orchard, a meadow and a pond are inside the ring.


Many of the public views will soon be going away. Apple Park will eventually have 9,000 trees, filling in much of the big open spaces. The public will instead have access to a visitors center with a cafe, a store and rooftop observation views.


“It will be a separate glass structure and be set in an old-growth olive tree grove,” said Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s vice president of real estate and development.

“这将是一栋单独的玻璃建筑,坐落在一片古老的橄榄树林中。”苹果公司房地产开发部副总裁丹·惠森亨特(Dan Whisenhunt)表示。

Not all of these changes have thrilled everyone. Residents of Birdland, an 877-home neighborhood, have been particularly vocal. They have complained about early-morning construction rigs that beep and rumble along major streets, unpredictable road closings, unsightly green sheeted barriers and construction potholes that result in punctured tires.


When her car was covered with construction dust, Sheri Nielsen, Nielsen’s wife, contacted Apple. The company sent carwash certificates.

尼尔森的妻子谢丽·尼尔森(Sheri Nielsen)在车子被建筑灰尘覆盖之后,联系了苹果公司。公司送了洗车证给她。

Whisenhunt said the company strove to answer every complaint it received, “and if the issue is serious enough, I will personally visit to see what is going on.”


In the design phase, he said, Apple hosted more than 110 community gatherings for feedback. Birdland was addressed in late 2012 and early 2013 and was given information about what would be happening over the next three years of construction. Apple published community mailers five times and sent them to 26,000 households.


The price of property in the neighborhood has also become a source of some worry. Sunnyvale and Cupertino, like many other Silicon Valley towns, have had an extended real estate boom, as the tech industry has expanded. Prices in the area really started to rise, real estate agents and residents said, after Apple released its plans.


A three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,400-square-foot ranch-style house that cost $750,000 in 2011 has doubled in price. Since Apple said it was moving into the former Hewlett-Packard site, prices have moved up 15 to 20 percent year after year, said Art Maryon, a local real estate agent. Today, bidders usually offer 20 to 25 percent over the asking price.

2011年时,75万美元可以在这里买到牧场风格1400平方英尺(约合130平方米)的三室二卫房子,现在的价格翻了一番。当地房地产经纪人阿特·马里恩(Art Maryon)说,自从苹果公司表示要搬到惠普的旧址之后,这里房价的年涨幅达到了15%至20%。如今,买家的出价通常会比要价高20%至25%。

Birdland is already drawing Apple employees, replacing homeowners who have cashed out to move to quieter regions. Those who remain are realizing that life will not be the same when all 12,000 of the Apple workers go in and come out on a daily basis. People in the neighborhood dread the increased traffic and expect workers to park in front of their homes since there will be fewer available spaces in the company garage.