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Model Apartments Where Designers Run Wild

Compared with the tastefully neutral interiors of so many new condominium buildings, the latest model unit to open at 432 Park Avenue comes as a jolt.


The living room fireplace is finished in Venetian plaster incised with an Art Deco-inspired pattern and gold lines by Callidus Guild. The dining table is lit by a long chandelier of glass spikes by Jason Koharik. A random arrangement of tubular Apparatus light fixtures in various metal finishes and sizes punctuates a long hallway like stalagmites.

客厅的壁炉刷了威尼斯彩泥,上面雕刻着装饰派风格的图案以及Callidus Guild的金线。餐桌上方挂着一盏带有玻璃穗的Jason Koharik长枝形吊灯。门厅上方是一组Apparatus的管状灯,各种金属饰面都有,大小不一地随意组合着,看起来犹如石笋。


One bedroom has azure Calico wallpaper that appears to be finished with a torn edge and long silvery drips. The master bedroom has a wall-spanning oak-and-velvet asymmetrical headboard with geometric shapes inspired by the paintings of Frank Stella.

其中一间卧室装饰着蔚蓝色的粗布墙纸,似乎故意造成边缘撕裂的效果,还有长长的银色滴液状装饰。主卧被一块天鹅绒和橡木材质的不对称床头板占据了大片墙面,其几何形状设计的灵感来自弗兰克·斯特拉(Frank Stella)的绘画作品。

Conceived by Kelly Behun, an interior designer with a history of creating provocative art-filled rooms, the $40 million apartment (without the furniture), on the 92nd floor, borders on the outrageous.

这套位于92层的公寓标价4000万美元(不含家具),由向来喜欢使用大量极具挑衅性的艺术作品的室内设计师凯利·贝胡恩(Kelly Behun)设计。

“It was important for me that it not just be your typical model apartment,” Ms. Behun said. “I understand how they try to speak down the middle to a more common denominator, because you don’t want to offend. But that wasn’t interesting to me.”


It also wasn’t of interest to the developers.


“We really wanted to stand out,” said Jill Cremer, the vice president of marketing for Macklowe Properties, which developed the building with CIM Group. “We were ready for someone like Kelly to come and respect the architecture, but also bring an unconventional, unique style.”

“我们真的想脱颖而出,”麦克罗威地产(Macklowe Properties)市场副总裁吉尔·克里默(Jill Cremer)说,该公司与CIM集团(CIM Group)一起开发了这座公寓楼。“我们准备好了欢迎凯利这样的人来既尊重建筑本身,也带来不落俗套、独一无二的风格。”

Ms. Cremer and her colleagues aren’t alone. As developers face a glut of newly constructed apartments, both condominium and rental, some are turning to interior designers and letting them run wild with model units in an effort to differentiate their buildings from the rest.


Newly built inventory for sale in New York was up 19.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017, compared with the same period last year, according to the appraisal company Miller Samuel. At the same time, Citi Habitats New Developments expects 15,291 new market-rate rental apartments to become available this year in Manhattan and Brooklyn, following just 8,774 units last year.

据房地产评估公司米勒-塞缪尔(Miller Samuel)统计,纽约2017年一季度的在售新建公寓数量比去年同期增加了19.6%。与此同时,花旗居屋新开发(Citi Habitats New Developments)预计今年曼哈顿和布鲁克林市场会出现15291套新的市价出租公寓,而在去年,这个数字只有8774。

“There’s a lot of competition,” said Jonathan J. Miller, the president of Miller Samuel. “So getting eyeballs on those projects is important.”

“竞争非常激烈,”米勒-塞缪尔总裁乔纳森·J·米勒(Jonathan J. Miller)说。“所以让这些项目吸引眼球是很重要的。”

At 520 West 28th Street, the condo building designed by Zaha Hadid, the Related Companies tapped the interior designer Jennifer Post to furnish a $15 million apartment as a model unit. Ms. Post brought in Bernhardt Design lounge and dining chairs with mismatched upholstery, added graphic yellow-and-gray wallpaper to one of the bedrooms, and stocked the unit with eye-catching art, including an explosive geometric painting by Allan D’Arcangelo, and a sculptural free-standing penguin from Robert Kuo.

在西28街520号,由扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)为瑞联集团(Related Companies)设计的共管公寓楼,请室内设计师詹妮弗·波斯特(Jennifer Post)布置了一套价值1500万美元的公寓,作为样板房。波斯特把Bernhardt Design的躺椅和餐椅与一些不太搭调的家具装饰放在一起,为其中一间卧室贴上有黄灰两色图形的墙纸,还在公寓内摆满了引人注目的艺术品,其中包括阿兰·达尔坎杰洛(Allan D’Arcangelo)的一幅爆炸效果的几何绘画作品和一座罗伯特·郭(Robert Kuo)创作的无底座企鹅雕塑。

“I took a risk, and burst it with color, art and energy — it’s not tone-on-tone,” Ms. Post said. “It was a great opportunity to be given the freedom to make something people will talk about.”


“We didn’t hold back anywhere in this building, in terms of creating something that’s never been seen before,” said Greg Gushee, an executive vice president of Related. “With the model, it’s the same thing.”

“说到创造一些前所未有的东西,我们在这座建筑上不会构成任何阻力,”瑞联集团执行副总裁格雷格·格希(Greg Gushee)说。“在这套样板公寓上,也是如此。”

The development company DDG has been partnering with New York’s cutting-edge contemporary design stores to furnish its model units. The $2.435 million apartment used as a model unit at the Standish at 171 Columbia Heights in Brooklyn was designed by Matter, and includes a spidery copper pendant lamp with a pink-and-aqua glass shade by Bec Brittain, primitive oak dining stools and a table by Jamie Gray, and layered pink and turquoise living room curtains.

DDG开发公司在与纽约先锋的当代设计商店合作,装修自己的样板公寓。这套作为样板的价值243.5万美元的公寓,位于布鲁克林哥伦比亚高低171号的斯坦迪什(Standish)公寓楼内,它是由Matter设计,室内装饰着一盏Bec Brittain蜘蛛状铜吊灯,带有粉色和浅绿色玻璃灯罩,几张原始风格的橡木餐凳和一张Jamie Gray餐桌,客厅挂着多层的粉色和蓝绿色窗帘。

At XOCO 325, at 325 West Broadway in Manhattan, DDG invited Colony, a cooperative showroom for emerging designers, to outfit a $17.5 million penthouse. The resulting design includes textile wall hangings by Hiroko Takeda, a snaking 13-foot-long chandelier by Allied Maker and bold geometric tables by Fort Standard and Erickson Aesthetics.

对于曼哈顿西百老汇325号的地产XOCO 325,DDG邀请新锐设计师联合工作室Colony装修了一套价值1750万美元的顶层公寓。最后的设计包括Hiroko Takeda的布艺墙面挂饰,Allied Maker的13英尺长蛇形吊灯,以及Fort Standard和Erickson Aesthetics的大胆几何形餐桌。

“We try to push the envelope on design,” said Joseph A. McMillan Jr., the chairman and chief executive of DDG. “Having something that’s fully neutral or monochromatic is not something that we subscribe to.”

“我们努力在设计上取得突破,”DDG的主席兼首席执行官小约瑟夫·A·麦克米伦(Joseph A. McMillan Jr.)说。“我们不想要完全中性或单调的东西。”

For homeowners who have frequently been told they should rid their homes of personality in order to sell, model units with such expressive design elements may seem counterintuitive. Indeed, some real estate professionals urge caution.


“From a marketing perspective, there’s certainly something intriguing about bringing out a very aggressive design from a well-known or up-and-coming interior designer,” said Stephen G. Kliegerman, the president of Halstead Property Development Marketing. “On the other side of that coin is the conversation about not being so specific as to potentially turn off a buyer who might not be as creative, imaginative or liberal.”

“从市场销售的角度讲,推出著名或新锐室内设计师的大胆设计肯定具有一定的吸引力,”哈尔斯泰德地产开发营销公司(Halstead Property Development Marketing)的总裁斯蒂芬·G·克利格曼(Stephen G. Kliegerman)说。“另一方面,人们也在谈论不要这么有个性,因为可能会失去不喜欢这么有创意、想象力或自由的买家。”

To appeal to the largest pool of buyers, he said, “we recommend that developers use fine, elegant, but more neutral palettes.”


However, with so many properties on the market, some designers and developers say spirited model units can help make buildings more memorable.


“Through color and personality, and non-vanilla spaces, we’re setting the things for people to remember,” said Dan Mazzarini, a partner in the interior design firm BHDM, which designed five model apartments at the Ashland. The 585-unit rental building at 250 Ashland Place in Brooklyn offers studio to three-bedroom apartments ranging from $2,675 to $7,500 a month.

“我们利用色彩和个性,以及充满新意的空间,营造出一些能让人们记住的东西,”室内设计公司BHDM的合伙人丹·马萨里尼(Dan Mazzarini)说,该公司为阿什兰(Ashland)设计了五处样板间。这座租住式大楼位于布鲁克林阿什兰区250号,有585个单位,提供从单间到三居室公寓在内的各种房间,租金从每月2675美元至7500美元不等。

One of the model units has dazzling colors and patterns, including walls with painted trompe l’oeil paneling, powder-blue ceilings and counter stools, and a purply pink tie-dye rug.


“When renters are going around to all these new buildings, they’re seeing maybe 10 units a day and it’s hard to remember, from one white apartment to another, which they liked and why,” Mr. Mazzarini said. “So we built these memory points — it’s the unit with the pink rug, or the 12-foot sofa, or the hats on the wall.”


The interior designer Ken Fulk had a similar objective for three model units at Henry Hall, a 225-unit rental at 515 West 38th Street. From the Imperial Companies, the building has apartments ranging from studios starting at $3,350 a month to two-bedrooms starting at $6,995. Mr. Fulk equipped a studio with a four-poster bed with multicolor zigzag bed curtains installed in an alcove with matching wallpaper.

室内设计师肯·富尔克(Ken Fulk)在为亨利庄园(Henry Hall)设计三个样板间时也追求类似目标,这座租住式大楼位于西38街515号,有225个套房。它属于帝国公司(Imperial Companies),其中有每月3350美元的单间公寓,也有每月最低6995美元的两居室。富尔克为一个单间公寓样板间配备了一张四柱大床,壁龛上装了多色锯齿图案床帷,还有配套的壁纸。

“Some people will love it, some people will hate it,” Mr. Fulk said. “But even if you don’t like it, you’ll remember it.”


Eric Birnbaum, a partner at Imperial Companies, added: “We wanted to take a position and create a brand. If you’re doing it right, in our minds, you’re going to offend certain people. But others will really like it.”

帝国公司的合伙人埃里克·比恩鲍姆(Eric Birnbaum)补充说:“我们想要站稳一席之地,创造一个品牌。我们觉得,如果你做得正确,不免会冒犯某些人。但其他人真的会喜欢它。”