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Finders Keepers? An Ohio Goodwill Returns $97,000 Mistakenly Donated With Clothes

An Ohio couple thought that they were simply giving away some old clothes to a Goodwill shop in Zanesville last week. But they nearly gave up much, much more: They had mistakenly included a duffel bag stuffed with nearly $100,000 in cash along with the clothes.


Fortunately, workers at the shop — who thought at first that the money might be fake — swiftly tracked down the couple after the mix-up last week, and returned the money.


It was a heartwarming incident — and one that is not nearly as rare as you might think.


Similar events across the country in recent years have shown that even in an age of checks, credit cards, Bitcoin and Apple Pay, a surprising number of people still go around with vast sums of cash. And quite a few go on to lose that cash. But fortunately for them, there are plenty of good Samaritans who are only too willing to disprove the old “finders keepers” taunt.


A Boston cabdriver returned $187,786.75 last summer to a homeless man who had left it in a backpack in the back seat. The Boston Globe reported that the money belonged to a recovering drug addict who had just received it as part of an unexpected inheritance from his late parents. “That money would have changed my life,” the driver, Raymond MacCausland, known as Buzzy, told The Globe — joking that his girlfriend had given him a hard time about giving it back.

去年夏天,波士顿的一名司机把187786.75美元归还给了一名无家可归的男子,失主把装钱的背包忘在了后座上。据《波士顿环球报》(Boston Globe)报道,失主是一名正在康复的药物成瘾者,他刚意外收到父母留下的部分遗产。这位司机告诉《波士顿环球报》说:“留下这笔钱可能会改变我的生活。”他名叫雷蒙德·麦克考斯兰(Raymond MacCausland),别人叫他布奇。他开玩笑说,女朋友为此跟他大闹了一场。

In 2014, workers at a Burger King in San Jose found $100,000 in a backpack at a table — and handed it to the police. “I know the value of money,” the owner, Altaf Chaus, told the local CBS affiliate, adding that he was an immigrant who worked two jobs to buy the Burger King.

在2014年,圣何塞一家汉堡王的服务员在一张桌子旁的背包里发现了10万美元后,把它们交给警方。“我知道那是一大笔钱”,店主阿尔塔夫·乔斯(Altaf Chaus)告诉哥伦比亚广播公司在当地分公司的记者,他还说自己是移民,靠打两份工存下钱,才买下这家汉堡王店面。

And in 2013 a Las Vegas taxi driver found $300,000 in a paper bag in the back seat of his cab and returned the money to its owner, a gambler who had just won it at a casino. “I just wanted to do the right thing,” the driver, Gerardo Gamboa, told The Las Vegas Sun. (He later got a $10,000 reward from the gambler, and was named Yellow Checker Star’s Driver of the Year.)

而在2013年,拉斯维加斯的一名出租车司机在后座的一个纸袋里发现了30万美元后,把钱还给了失主,对方是一个刚刚在赌场赢得这笔钱的赌客。“我只是想做正确的事情,”司机赫拉尔多·甘博亚(Gerardo Gamboa)对《拉斯维加斯太阳报》(Las Vegas Sun)说(那名赌客后来给他1万美元作为酬劳,他还被评为黃格子星星运输公司的年度最佳司机)。

In Ohio, two Goodwill workers, Betsy Lyons and Barb Claypool, were sorting through donations when they found a duffel bag full of $100 bills, said Janelle Shaffer, the store manager.

在俄亥俄州,那家好意慈善商店的经理贾妮尔·谢弗(Janelle Shaffer)表示,工作人员贝琪·莱昂(Betsy Lyons)和巴尔布·克莱普尔(Barb Claypool)在整理捐赠衣物的时候,发现了一个装满百元钞票的行李袋。

“They thought it was counterfeit or fake at first,” Ms. Shaffer said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. So they held the bills up to the light and tested them with counterfeit pens. “Then we were like, ‘No, they’re real!’”


There was more than $97,000 in all, according to The Zanesville Times Recorder, which reported the incident.

据《赞斯维尔时报》(Zanesville Times Recorder)报道,这笔钱总共超过9.7万美元。

Ms. Shaffer said that she worked to track down the owners of the money from the receipt they had left, and handed the money over to the police. The owners, identified by The Times Recorder as Dan and Lynette Leckrone, told the paper that they had recently withdrawn the money — their savings — to buy a new home, and had placed it in the trunk of their car, where it got mixed in with clothes destined for Goodwill.

谢弗说,她通过失主留下的收据来查找,并把这笔钱交给了警察。《时代纪事者报》(Times Recorder)确认失主是丹和莱尼特·雷克龙(Dan and Lynette Leckrone),他们告诉该报,这笔钱是他们刚取出的存款,本来打算用来买房的,两人把钱放在汽车的后备箱,结果和捐赠的衣服混在了一起。

“We picked the money up at the Police Department and took it straight to the bank,” Mr. Leckrone told the paper. “We are so thankful to everyone that we got our money back.”


Ms. Shaffer said that at Goodwill, workers were used to finding spare change left in pants pockets. “We find that every day: a few pennies here, a few pennies there,” she said. But they had never found bundles of $100 bills before. “Let me tell you, it was quite the day.”