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Travis Kalanick, Uber’s C.E.O., to Take Leave Amid Inquiry Into Workplace Culture

SAN FRANCISCO — Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, said he would take a leave of absence from the ride-hailing service after an investigation into the company concluded that Uber must repudiate its aggressive startup culture.

旧金山——在一项针对公司的调查断定优步(Uber)必须消除其侵略性的创业文化后,这家叫车服务公司的首席执行官特拉维斯·卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)表示自己将休假。

The developments were part of a flurry of actions at Uber on Tuesday morning, which began with an internal email from Kalanick right before a staff meeting got underway. In the email to employees, Kalanick said he would take a leave of absence to work on himself and reflect on building a “world class leadership team” for the company. He did not specify how long he would be away.


Minutes later, Uber released 13 pages of recommendations to change the company, which were the result of an investigation into its culture conducted by former Attorney General Eric Holder and his law firm, Covington & Burling.

几分钟后,优步公布了13页的公司改革建议。这是前司法部长埃里克·霍尔德(Eric Holder)和他所在的科文顿-柏灵律师事务所(Covington & Burling)对该公司的文化进行了调查后得出的结果。

The recommendations included limiting Kalanick’s responsibilities by reallocating some of his duties, with an increased emphasis on a chief operating officer at the company. Uber also should appoint an independent chairman and create an oversight committee on the board, in an effort to bolster the checks and balances on management, according to the recommendations.


The proposed changes amounted to a rejection of the methods and culture that Uber has used to build itself into a nearly $70 billion company that has upended the transportation status quo worldwide. Under Kalanick, Uber flouted rules and regulations to bring its ride-summoning service to hundreds of cities, prized growth above all else, and often turned a blind eye to corporate misbehavior.


That ballooned into a crisis starting in February, when a former employee wrote a blog post detailing what she said was a history of sexual harassment and lack of response from management at the company. The post set off a deluge of other complaints from staff about Uber’s culture, exposing a toxic environment.


Uber has since moved to clean up the situation. It has fired 20 employees in the last few months for transgressions including sexual harassment. Emil Michael, a top lieutenant of Kalanick’s, left the company this week. And many other executives have departed, leaving something of a leadership void at the company.

自那以后,优步采取了清理环境的行动。过去几个月里,该公司因包括性骚扰在内的过失解雇20名员工。本周,卡兰尼克的左膀右臂埃米尔·迈克尔(Emil Michael)离开优步。其他很多高管也离开了,导致优步出现了某种领导真空。

“Implementing these recommendations will improve our culture, promote fairness and accountability, and establish processes and systems to ensure the mistakes of the past will not be repeated,” Liane Hornsey, Uber’s chief of human resources, said in a statement.

“实施这些建议将改善我们的文化、促进公正和责任并建立相应的程序和制度,以确保过去的错误不会重演,”优步首席人力资源官利亚纳·霍恩西(Liane Hornsey)在一份声明中说。