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Where’s Ivanka When We Need Her?

Ivanka’s got a new female empowerment book, and Dad’s going to war against women. Great week, gang.


In just the last few days, the Trump administration has taken steps to restrict health insurance coverage for contraceptives, while bullying the House into passing legislation that could send insurance rates for maternal health care soaring. Meanwhile, the president picked a new official to disseminate the administration’s thoughts about public health, and it’s a woman who believes that abortions cause breast cancer.


Triple score for the extreme right. I believe in hockey they call that a hat trick.


And wait, there’s more: Trump’s reported choice to run the government’s programs on family planning is someone who doesn’t believe contraception works. And of course that House-passed health care bill is going to defund Planned Parenthood. The measure now goes to the Senate, where Republicans have put together a special 13-man committee to draft their version.

等一下,还不止于此:据称特朗普选出的负责领导政府计划生育工作的人选,是一个不相信避孕措施有用的人。而众议院通过的医保法案,当然会停止向计划生育联合会(Planned Parenthood)拨款。法案现在转到了参议院,那里的共和党人已经成立了一个13人的特别委员会,起草他们自己的版本。

It was, at minimum, deeply ironic that while all this was happening, Ivanka Trump released a new book that calls on readers to fight against “barriers that disproportionately affect women” at work. Everybody who thinks unwanted pregnancies are a barrier, please raise your hands.

在所有这些正在发生之际,伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)推出一本新书,呼吁读者与“格外针对女性的障碍”抗争,这起码是极具讽刺意味的吧。所有认为意外怀孕是个障碍的人,请举手。

Under normal circumstances, we’d give Ivanka’s slim tome, “Women Who Work,” a pass. Or link you to Jennifer Senior’s review in The Times, which calls it “not really offensive so much as witlessly derivative.” It’s stuffed with obvious tips and multitudinous inspirational quotes on leadership, one of which comes from John Quincy Adams, an unsuccessful president who nobody liked. His wife was so empowered she wrote a White House memoir titled “Adventures of a Nobody.” One of his sons called him “the Iron Mask.” Do you think Ivanka’s a John Quincy Adams fan? Or has another Trump ghostwriter been over-Googling?

通常情况下,我们不会对伊万卡这本不厚的巨著《职场女性》(Women Who Work)有什么意见。或者可以把珍妮弗·西尼尔(Jennifer Senior)发表在《纽约时报》的一篇书评的链接提供给你,文中称这本书“与其说令人不快,不如说缺乏独创性,显得乏味”。里面充斥着显而易见的建议和无数有关领导力的励志名言,其中一条来自一位不太成功且不招人待见的美国总统——约翰·昆西·亚当斯(John Quincy Adams)。他的妻子感觉自己被赋予了非常多的力量,因此写了一本名为《无名之辈的奇遇》(Adventures of a Nobody)的白宫回忆录。他的一个儿子称他是“铁面具”。你觉得伊万卡会是一名约翰·昆西·亚当斯的粉丝吗?还是又一名特朗普代笔者在写稿时候谷歌过度了?

Ivanka’s a major power in the administration, and she ought to be mobilizing support for things like easy access to contraceptives. “Women Who Work” isn’t exactly aimed at the people who have problems paying for their prescriptions — its target readers need tips on massage priorities and getting the nanny to send Mom pictures of how the kids are spending their day. But she’s not witless and she obviously knows that birth control plays an important role in working women’s lives. You think she’d put in a word.


No sign. The president has directed departments like health and human services to consider whether the government should allow employers who cite religious objections to cut contraceptives out of their health care plans. What do you think said agencies will decide? Here’s a hint: The new head of H.H.S., Tom Price, is a guy who once claimed there was “not one” woman who had ever had a problem paying for birth control on her own. (Getting an intrauterine device implanted can cost $1,000 in some parts of the country.)

没有这种迹象。总统已经下令让卫生和公众服务部等部门考虑,政府是否应该允许以宗教为反对理由的雇主将避孕药物用品排除在企业医保方案之外。你认为上述机构会做出什么样的决定?给你个提示:新任卫生和公众服务部部长汤姆·普赖斯(Tom Price)曾宣称“没有哪个”女人在自己支付生育控制费用上遇到过问题。(在这个国家的一些地方,植入宫内节育器的费用可以高达1000美元。)

The reproductive rights war is always promoted publicly as a battle against abortion. But many religious conservatives hate birth control in general. Some just want to stop sex outside of marriage. Some don’t believe even married couples should use artificial methods like pills or condoms. Some believe that all fertilized eggs are humans and that many forms of contraception, from IUDs to morning-after pills, cause the equivalent of murder. It’s a theological principle that most Americans don’t accept. “Personhood” amendments giving the eggs constitutional rights have been defeated even in very conservative states.


Yet the president has just named, as one of the top officials in H.H.S., a woman who believes IUDs kill. Charmaine Yoest described intrauterine devices to Emily Bazelon in a Times interview as having “life-ending properties.” Yoest, who’s going to be assistant secretary for public affairs, also refuses to consider whether increased access to contraception will actually help reduce abortion rates. It would, she told PBS, “be, frankly, carrying water for the other side to allow them to redefine the issue in that way.”

但这位总统却把一位视宫内节育器为杀人工具的女性任命为卫生与公众服务部高层官员。在接受时报记者埃米莉·贝兹伦(Emily Bazelon)采访时,莎梅因·尤斯特(Charmaine Yoest)曾将宫内节育器描述为具有“终结生命的特性”。即将担任负责公共事务的助理部长的尤斯特,还拒绝考量增加避孕措施的易获得性是否真的有助于降低堕胎率。她曾对美国公共广播公司(PBS)表示,“坦白讲”,那相当于“在帮对家做事,让他们以那种方式重新定义这个问题”。

Teresa Manning, a former official at National Right to Life, is said to be Trump’s pick for another high post at H.H.S., deputy assistant secretary for — are you ready? — population affairs. Manning, who, like Yoest, has argued that abortions cause breast cancer, is going to be in charge of all federal family planning programs. She’s the one who once claimed in a radio interview that “contraception doesn’t work.” The idea that “contraception would always prevent the conception” was, she said, “preposterous.”

据称,前全国生命权利组织(National Right to Life)干事特雷莎·曼宁(Teresa Manning)被特朗普选中担任卫生与公众服务部的另一高层职位,即负责——准备好了吗?——人口事务的副助理部长。跟尤斯特一样,曼宁也认为堕胎会导致乳腺癌,她将负责所有的联邦计划生育项目。她是曾在接受电台采访时宣称“避孕措施无效”的人。她说,认为“避孕方法总能防止怀孕”的观念是“荒谬的”。

Nobody thinks these appointees reflect Trump’s own personal convictions, and the president doesn’t need to go this far to satisfy his voter base. It’s just that he doesn’t care, and figures he can concede to the ultraright on women’s reproductive issues in return for stuff he really wants. So he’s working toward a world where low-income women won’t be able to afford contraceptives. And aren’t allowed to have an abortion if they get pregnant. Where there’s no Planned Parenthood to go to for help, or insurance to cover prenatal care or delivery.


Other than that, no problem.