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Wounded by ‘Fearless Girl,’ Creator of ‘Charging Bull’ Wants Her to Move

NEW YORK — “Charging Bull” had a message for “Fearless Girl” on Wednesday, and it was more “Get out of my space” than “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

纽约——周三,《华尔街公牛》(Charging Bull)给《无畏的女孩》(Fearless Girl)发出了一个讯息。这个讯息的内容与其说是“敬你,孩子”,不如说是“给我让开”。

The message actually came from Arturo Di Modica, the sculptor who created “Charging Bull” nearly 30 years ago. He also copyrighted and trademarked the 3-1/2-ton sculpture that stands near Wall Street. Since March 7, “Charging Bull” has faced off against “Fearless Girl,” a statue of a girl posed with her fists on her hips that was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, a financial firm based in Boston.

这个讯息实际上是雕塑家亚托罗·迪·莫迪卡(Arturo Di Modica)发出的。他在近30年前创作了《华尔街公牛》这件作品,并拥有这尊位于华尔街附近,重达3.5吨的雕塑的版权和商标权。自3月7日以来,《华尔街公牛》一直与《无畏的女孩》对峙。后者是一尊一个小女孩双手叉腰的雕塑,由总部设在波士顿的金融公司道富环球投资(State Street Global Advisors)委约创作。

Di Modica said “Fearless Girl” was an insult to his work, which he created after the stock market crashes in the late 1980s. “She’s there attacking the bull,” he said.


Arturo Di Modica, the sculptor who created “Charging Bull” nearly 30 years ago, says “Fearless Girl” miscasts the meaning of his statue and violates his copyright.

Even as Di Modica was denouncing “Fearless Girl” at a news conference in Midtown Manhattan, South Street Global’s home page highlighted the statue for its message about “the power of women in leadership” and urged “greater gender diversity on corporate boards.”


Di Modica and his lawyers did not disagree with that idea at a news conference — “None of us here are in any way not proponents of gender equality,” said one of Di Modica’s lawyers, Norman Siegel, a former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. They demanded that “Fearless Girl” be moved somewhere else.

在新闻发布会上,迪·莫迪卡和他的律师并不反对这个观点。“我们谁都不反对性别平等,” 迪·莫迪卡的律师之一、前纽约公民自由联盟(New York Civil Liberties Union)负责人诺曼·西格尔(Norman Siegel)说。他们要求将《无畏的女孩》移至其他地方。

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who spoke out in support of “Fearless Girl” last month, reiterated its importance on Twitter on Wednesday: “Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl.”

周三,曾在上月发声支持《无畏的女孩》的纽约市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)在Twitter上重申了它的重要性:“不喜欢女性占用空间的男性,正是我们需要《无畏的女孩》的原因。”

“Fearless Girl” was seen by many as a unifying symbol during International Women’s Day last month. Chelsea Clinton and actress Jessica Chastain posted on Twitter expressing support for the statue.

在上月的国际妇女节期间,很多人认为《无畏的女孩》是一个统一标志。切尔西·克林顿(Chelsea Clinton)和演员杰西卡·查斯坦(Jessica Chastain)都曾在Twitter上发帖表示对该雕塑的支持。

But Wednesday, Siegel said, “Principle trumps popularity, and there are principles here.”


For his part, Di Modica became emotional, explaining later that when he had heard about “Fearless Girl,” his reaction was to go to the site in Lower Manhattan and try to do something to end the faceoff between the two statues. “I said, ‘Now I’m going to turn around the bull myself,'” he recalled.


The lawyers said that “Fearless Girl” had subverted the bull’s meaning, which Di Modica defined as “freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love.”


Because of “Fearless Girl,” Siegel said, “'Charging Bull’ no longer carries a positive, optimistic message,” adding that Di Modica’s work “has been transformed into a negative force and a threat.”


The lawyers accused State Street Global of commissioning “Fearless Girl” as a site-specific work that was conceived with “Charging Bull” in mind. They said that that had improperly commercialized Di Modica’s statue in violation of its copyright. They asserted that the city had violated his legal rights by issuing permits allowing the 4-foot-tall “Fearless Girl” to stand across from the 11-foot bronze bull without Di Modica’s permission.


Siegel and other lawyers for Di Modica released letters they had sent to the mayor; Ronald P. O’Hanley, the president and chief executive of State Street Global; and Harris Diamond, the chairman and chief executive of McCann Worldgroup, State Street Global’s marketing agency. Among other things, the letters demanded the removal of “Fearless Girl.”

西格尔和迪·莫迪卡的其他律师发布了一封信,已经寄给了市长、道富环球公司(State Street Global)总裁兼首席执行官罗纳德·P·奥汉利(Ronald P. O'Hanley)以及该公司营销机构麦肯国际集团(McCann Worldgroup)董事长兼首席执行官哈里斯·戴蒙德(Harris Diamond)。信件提出了移除《无畏的女孩》等要求。

Anne McNally, a spokeswoman for State Street Global, said the firm was reviewing the letter. She added, “We continue to be grateful to the city of New York and people around the world who have responded so enthusiastically to what the ‘Fearless Girl’ represents — the power and potential of having more women in leadership.”

道富环球公司的发言人安妮·麦克纳利(Anne McNally)表示,该公司正在研究这封信。她说:“我们继续感谢纽约市和世界各地的人们,他们对《无畏的女孩》所代表的含义——让更多女性成为领导者的力量和潜力——有如此热烈的回应。”

Siegel said he had filed Freedom of Information requests for city records about the permits for “Fearless Girl.” It was initially issued a one-week permit, but after it became a social media sensation, de Blasio announced that the permit was being extended. The mayor said that the sculpture could remain until next year’s International Women’s Day.

西格尔说,他为了获得《无畏的女孩》的城市安放许可证,提交了自由信息(Freedom of Information)申请。这件雕塑最初获得的许可证期限为一个星期,但在社交媒体上引起轰动之后,白思豪宣布对许可证延期。市长说,雕像可以留到明年的国际妇女节。

In March, the mayor called the statue a symbol of “standing up to fear, standing up to power, being able to find in yourself the strength to do what’s right.” He also said the timing of the placement of “Fearless Girl” mattered, coming early in Donald Trump’s presidency and not long after the women’s rights marches that followed his inauguration. “She is inspiring everyone at a moment when we need inspiration,” the mayor said.


Siegel said he hoped that the dispute over the two statues could be resolved amicably. But he added, “We never dismiss the possibility of litigation.”