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Malaysia Forces Out North Korean Ambassador

BANGKOK — The government of Malaysia declared North Korea’s ambassador “persona non grata” on Saturday and gave him 48 hours to leave the country, a major break in diplomatic relations after the airport assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of North Korea’s leader.


The decision to expel Ambassador Kang Chol came after he failed to appear at Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as requested. Earlier, Mr. Kang had ignored a request to apologize for several inflammatory statements, including questioning the police finding that Mr. Kim was murdered with a banned nerve agent.

驱逐大使的决定,是在朝鲜大使姜哲(Kang Chol)没有按照要求前往马来西亚外交部之后做出的。早些时候,姜哲对于要求他为一些煽动性言论道歉的要求充耳不闻,比如警方发现金正男死于禁用的神经毒剂之后,他提出质疑。

“It should be made clear — Malaysia will react strongly against any insults made against it or any attempt to tarnish its reputation,” Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said in a statement announcing the expulsion order.

马来西亚外长阿尼法·阿曼(Anifah Aman)在宣布驱逐令的声明中说,“必须明确指出,马来西亚将对任何侮辱或任何诋毁本国声誉的做法都将作出强烈反应。”

Mr. Kim, the elder half brother of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, died on Feb. 13 less than 20 minutes after two women wiped poison on his face as he prepared to check in for a flight at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The women, one from Indonesia and one from Vietnam, have been charged with murder.


The police are seeking seven North Korean men in the case, including two believed by the authorities to have taken refuge at the North Korean Embassy. South Korea has accused the North Korean government of masterminding the attack.


Mr. Kang, using unusually blunt language for a diplomat, had said that North Korea “cannot trust” the Malaysian police investigation. He charged that it was politically motivated and accused Malaysia of colluding with outside powers to defame North Korea.


Mr. Kang referred to Kim Jong-nam only by the name on the passport he was carrying, Kim Chol, and sought to have his body handed over to the embassy before an autopsy could be performed. He subsequently challenged Malaysia’s finding that Mr. Kim had been killed with the nerve agent VX, a highly toxic chemical weapon known to be in North Korea’s arsenal but banned under international conventions.

姜哲在提到金正男的时候,使用的是其携带的护照上的名字金哲(Kim Chol),他试图让马来西亚把尸体先移交给朝鲜使馆,然后再进行尸体解剖。马来西亚做出金正男被神经毒剂VX杀死的结论之后,他又提出了质疑。神经毒剂VX是一种剧毒的化学武器,已知朝鲜拥有这种国际公约禁用的武器。

The Foreign Ministry had set a deadline of 5 p.m. last Tuesday for Mr. Kang to apologize for his statements.


“Almost four days have passed since the deadline lapsed,” the foreign minister said in his statement. “No such apology has been made, neither has there been any indication that one is forthcoming. For this reason, the ambassador has been declared persona non grata.”


Mr. Anifah noted that the police had released a North Korean man arrested in the case, Ri Jong Chol, for lack of evidence on Friday. He said it was “proof that the investigation is conducted in an impartial, fair and transparent manner, as befits a country that practices the rule of law.”

阿尼法指出,由于没有证据,警方已经于周五释放了因该案被捕的朝鲜男子李正哲(Ri Jong Chol)。他说,“这证明调查是以公正、公平和透明的方式进行的,实行法治的国家都会这么做。”

Declaring an ambassador persona non grata is one of the harshest measures a country can take short of breaking off diplomatic relations. Malaysia had previously recalled its ambassador from North Korea for consultations and there was no indication when he might be sent back.


Some Malaysians have questioned why the country has an embassy in North Korea, given that there is little trade between the countries and few Malaysian tourists venture there.


On Thursday, Malaysia announced that it would end its practice of allowing North Koreans to enter without a visa, effective Monday.


About 1,000 North Koreans live and work in Malaysia, where they can help bring in foreign currency for their isolated country, which has struggled economically under international sanctions.