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Melania Trump Wears Black to the President’s Speech (and Twitter Reacts)

The black suit appeared straightforward enough: monochrome, well fitting and designed by the well-known American designer Michael Kors.

这身黑色套装显得足够简单:单色、剪裁合身,由知名美国设计师迈克尔·科尔斯(Michael Kors)设计。

As it turned out, the choice was more contentious than it seemed.


On Tuesday evening, as President Trump delivered his speech to a joint session of Congress, Twitter began dissecting Melania Trump’s outfit. The sequins covering the wool dinner jacket and skirt: too flashy. The price: at $4,595 for the skirt and $4,995 for the jacket, too high.

周二晚上,当特朗普在参众两院联席会议上发表演讲时,Twitter上开始仔细评论起梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)的服装。这套羊毛晚礼服上衣和裙子上的亮片:太俗。价格:太高,裙子4595美元,短上衣4995美元。

Some online commenters deemed the entire look inappropriate for Congress.


Others, like the actress Alyssa Milano, highlighted the price tag.

另一些人——比如女演员阿莉莎·米兰诺(Alyssa Milano)——则强调它高昂的价格。

Of course, plenty of Twitter users found the choice to be tasteful and elegant, and defended the first lady.


But then there was the issue of the color: black. Why choose black on a night when many Democratic women in Congress had decided to wear white as a show of unity for women’s rights?


The effort, led by Representative Lois Frankel of Florida, the chairwoman of the House Democratic Women’s Working Group, had been communicated to the group on Monday in a letter that called for members to wear white to “stand in solidarity with the women of our nation.”

由众议院民主党女性工作组(House Democratic Women’s Working Group)的女主席、佛罗里达众议员露易丝·弗兰克尔(Lois Frankel)领导的这项行动,在周一给这个组织发出了一封信件,信中呼吁成员穿白色,以“声援我们国家的女性”。

Had Mrs. Trump been aware of the plan? Was her choice a comment on the matter? After all, as on past occasions, Mrs. Trump picked out the dress herself. At least that’s the impression Mr. Kors gave in a statement issued on Wednesday morning: “Mrs. Trump has been a longtime client at our New York boutique. She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle.”


The debate had echoes of the one over the pussy-bow blouse Mrs. Trump wore in her first appearance after the surfacing of the infamous “Access Hollywood” audio tape in which Mr. Trump talked to Billy Bush about groping women. At the time, people wondered whether her choice of the Gucci blouse was a pointed statement or a simple coincidence. And then, of course, there was the white Ralph Lauren jumpsuit that Mrs. Trump wore on election night, a not-so-subtle echo of one of Hillary Clinton’s signature looks.

这场争论让人想起她在臭名昭著的《走进好莱坞》(Access Hollywood)录音带浮出水面后,首次亮相时所穿的蝴蝶结衬衫引发的争议——特朗普在那段录音中与比利·布什(Billy Bush)谈论了自己如何猥亵女性。当时,人们也搞不清她选择那件古驰衬衫是在发表尖锐的声明,还是只是巧合。当然,之后还有特朗普夫人在选举夜穿的拉夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)白色连身衣,那明显像是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的一个标志性造型。

On those two occasions, as on Tuesday night, no answer was evident, but calculated or not, the end result served to create something of an us-versus-them message.


The president’s daughter Ivanka Trump felt a similar sting of backlash for the red off-the-shoulder dress (reportedly designed by Roland Mouret) that she wore on Tuesday evening, with some saying it was more appropriate for a night out than for a high-profile speech.

总统女儿伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)周二晚穿的红色露肩裙子也遭到了类似的抨击(据称是由罗兰·穆雷[Roland Mouret]设计),有人表示它更适合晚上出去玩,而非参加一场备受瞩目的演讲。

All the hubbub over the Trumps’ attire almost overshadowed another notable sartorial moment: the almost eerily coordinated outfits worn by Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.

围绕特朗普一家的服装产生的喧哗,几乎要被另一个引人注意的着装时刻盖过:迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)和保罗·瑞安(Paul Ryan)出奇一致的着装。

Both the vice president and the speaker of the House of Representatives wore dark suits with bright blue ties, leading some to compare the two to proud parents beaming at their son.


Maybe their matching looks (which bracketed the dark suit and blue-and-white tie worn by Mr. Trump) were meant to signal cooperation between the White House and Congress. Or maybe their choices were just another example of the politico’s Capitol Hill uniform, just as Mrs. Trump’s suit was simply an expression of her personal tastes.