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‘More Artists Are Going to Boycott’: The Grammys Face Fallout After Fraught Awards

Before the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, the music industry murmured about what it might mean for Adele to once again sweep the top awards, leaving Beyoncé snubbed in the major categories and with her third loss for album of the year. Having long faced accusations that the Grammys overlook young, progressive black artists — the last black woman to win album of the year was Lauryn Hill in 1999 — the Recording Academy faced a potential backlash for going all-in on a white, traditionalist choice like Adele.

在周日的第59届年度格莱美奖(Grammy Awards)颁奖典礼开始之前,音乐界低声讨论着如果阿黛尔(Adele)再次横扫最高奖项,让碧昂斯(Beyoncé)在主要奖项上被漠视,并第三次与年度专辑失之交臂,可能意味着什么。由于多年来被指冷落年轻进步派黑人音乐人——上一个赢得年度专辑的黑人女性是1999年的劳琳·希尔(Lauryn Hill),录音学院(Recording Academy)将大奖全都颁给像阿黛尔这样的传统主义白人,可能会引发众怒。

Indeed, it happened again.


Now, building on a conversation that was already bubbling, some artists and industry observers are considering the potential fallout.


“More and more artists are going to boycott and step away,” Laura Stylez, a co-host of “Ebro in the Morning” on the New York hip-hop and R&B station Hot 97, said in an interview, citing the absence of Drake, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber and Kanye West from this year’s show, despite their major eligible releases and nominations. “You don’t want to lose today’s generation. They feel like they’re not represented.”

“会有越来越多的音乐人抵制并离开,”纽约嘻哈和R&B电台Hot 97《早晨的伊布鲁》(Ebro in the Morning)节目主持人之一劳拉·斯泰尔茨(Laura Stylez)在接受采访时说。她提到,尽管德雷克(Drake)、弗兰克·奥申(Frank Ocean)、贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)和坎耶·维斯特(Kanye West)都发行了有资格参与角逐的重要作品并获得了提名,但他们都缺席了今年的颁奖典礼。“你可不能失去今天这一代。他们觉得没有自己的代言人。”

Charlamagne Tha God, an influential radio personality from “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1, named Grammy voters his “Donkey of the Day” for their album of the year selection. “I tell artists all the time: Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated,” he said, adding that Beyoncé had been “robbed.”

来自Power 105.1电台《早餐俱乐部》(The Breakfast Club)节目的电台名人Charlamagne Tha God因格莱美评委的年度专辑选择而宣布他们是“本日之驴”。“我一直告诉音乐人:去赞美你的地方,而不是容忍你的地方,”他说,并接着表示碧昂斯“被打劫”了。

“They absolutely, positively got it wrong,” he said. “The Grammy committee should all feel foolish this morning, because even Adele acknowledged that she should not have won album of the year.”


Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister and herself a Grammy winner this year for best R&B performance, tweeted her dismay not long after Sunday’s final award was presented, linking to an earlier diatribe by the singer Frank Ocean.

周日最后一个奖项公布后不久,碧昂斯的妹妹、赢得今年格莱美最佳R&B表演奖的索兰格·诺利斯(Solange Knowles)发推文表达了自己的惊愕,并提及歌手弗兰克·奥申早前发出的抨击。

Mr. Ocean, one of the most critically adored artists of the streaming generation, had declined to submit his music for consideration at this year’s Grammys, calling the boycott his “Colin Kaepernick moment.” In a blog post after insinuations from Grammy producers that his absence was because of a disappointing performance at the 2013 show, Mr. Ocean called out the Recording Academy for what he said was a “cultural bias,” referring specifically to last year’s show, in which Taylor Swift’s “1989” won album of the year over the rapper Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

作为流媒体播放一代最喜欢的音乐人之一,奥申拒绝提交音乐作品参评今年的格莱美,称这种抵制是他的“科林·卡佩尼克(Colin Kaepernick)时刻”。在格莱美制作人含沙射影地称他缺席是因为在2013年颁奖典礼上的表现令人失望后,奥申在一篇博客中直接把矛头指向录音学院,称其存在“文化偏见”,并明确提到了去年的格莱美颁奖典礼。当时泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)的《1989》打败说唱歌手坎德里克·拉马尔(Kendrick Lamar)的《To Pimp a Butterfly》,赢得年度最佳专辑。

After Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” lost to Adele’s “25” on Sunday, Terrence Henderson, an executive at Mr. Lamar’s label, Top Dawg Entertainment, also expressed his frustration. “Maybe Frank had a point,” he wrote on Twitter.

周日,碧昂斯的《Lemonade》不敌阿黛尔的《25》后,拉马尔所属的唱片公司Top Dawg Entertainment的高管特伦斯·亨德森(Terrence Henderson)也表达了自己的失望。“或许弗兰克是对的,”他在Twitter上写道。

This year’s show was not entirely homogeneous. In addition to a Prince tribute and exemplary performances by Beyoncé and A Tribe Called Quest, Chance the Rapper won three awards, including best new artist, for what was essentially an online mixtape.

今年的颁奖典礼上并不是完全只有一个种族。除了对王子(Prince)的致敬以及碧昂丝和探索部落(A Tribe Called Quest)的精彩表演外,Chance the Rapper凭借实际上是一个在线拼盘带的作品收获了三个奖项,包括最佳新人奖。

But the broader pattern was hard to ignore. In the last five years especially, albums by Mr. Ocean, Mr. Lamar and Beyoncé have been passed over for the top award in favor of releases by white artists: Mumford & Sons, Daft Punk, Beck, Taylor Swift and Adele. Though Beyoncé has 62 nominations and 22 wins overall, most have come in the designated R&B categories, with only one in the big three of record, song or album of the year. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” won best song in 2010.

但整体的倾向很难无视。尤其是在过去五年,奥申、拉马尔和碧昂斯均在最高奖项的角逐中不敌白人乐队或歌手发行的作品:Mumford & Sons、Daft Punk、Beck、泰勒·斯威夫特和阿黛尔。尽管碧昂斯总计已获得62项提名和22个奖项,但大部分都是特定的R&B奖项,只有一个属于年度制作、歌曲或专辑的三大奖项。2010年,Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)获最佳歌曲奖。

Only 10 black artists have ever won album of the year; the last was Herbie Hancock, then 67, for a collection of Joni Mitchell covers in 2008.

历史上只有十名黑人音乐人获得过年度专辑奖;距今最近的是2008年,时年67岁的赫比·汉考克(Herbie Hancock)凭借一张改编乔妮·米切尔(Joni Mitchell)歌曲的专辑获得年度专辑大奖。

In light of Adele’s sweep on Sunday, the presentation of the award for best urban contemporary album, a minor hodgepodge of a category, to Beyoncé for “Lemonade” couldn’t help but feel like a consolation prize. She used her one speech on the telecast to highlight the importance of her children’s seeing themselves reflected at “the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys.”


Beyond that, Beyoncé, who is stingy with her extemporaneous commentary, has not spoken about her Grammy defeat. But she did have a surprise planned, win or lose: A new song with DJ Khaled and her husband Jay Z, released exclusively on his streaming platform Tidal, called “Shining.”

除此之外,吝于即兴发表评论的碧昂斯未谈及自己在格莱美上的失利。但无论输赢,她的确准备了一个惊喜:与DJ Khaled和丈夫Jay Z合作的一首新歌。名为《Shining》的这首歌仅在Jay Z的流媒体播放平台Tidal上发行。

“All of this winning, I’ve been losing my mind,” she sings, seemingly above it all. “Don’t try to slow me down.”