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11 Ways to Be a
 Better Person in 2017

Welcome to our second annual, semi-serious list of self-improvement tips, gleaned from the Styles stories that resonated most with readers this year. Here's how to be healthy, happy and a little bit Canadian in 2017.


1. Live like Bill.

1. 像比尔那样生活。

See also: “Bill Cunningham on Bill Cunningham”

参见:“比尔·坎宁安(Bill Cunningham)谈比尔·坎宁安”(在这里回顾他的生平。)

2. You are what you wear.

2. 你穿的衣服就是你。

This is a timeless tip from Michelle Obama: Let your clothes do some of the talking. The first lady did just that at the Democratic National Convention in July, when she sent a message of inclusion via a simple blue dress.

这是来自米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama)的永恒提示:让你的衣服来说出一些东西。第一夫人在7月的民主党全国大会上做到了,用一件简单的蓝色礼服发出了关于包容的信息。

3. Ask your betrothed the big questions.

3. 向未婚夫或未婚妻提点大问题。

We asked relationship experts what you should discuss before getting hitched. Here are 13 questions they came up with (including, “Will you change diapers?”).


Naturally, readers had more suggestions.


4. Start a bromosexual relationship.

4. 建立男人之间的亲密友情。

He’s the “ultimate wing man.” “It expands me as a human being.” “Friendships with straight men can be very healing.” “There’s a sense of a reprieve.”


These are just a few of the testimonials from men whose best friends have different romantic preferences. Gay men and straight men, unite!


(And while you’re at it, cozy up to the nearest Canadian too. Between Drake, Ryan Gosling and Samantha Bee, “the notion that our neighbor to the north is a frozen cultural wasteland populated with hopelessly unstylish citizens is quickly becoming so outdated as to be almost offensive.”)

(除了建立这种关系,也试着多和身边的加拿大人交往吧。有了德雷克[Drake],瑞安·高斯林[Ryan Gosling]和萨曼莎·碧[Samantha Bee]之后,“说我们的北方邻国是一个冰冻的文化荒原,那里的人全都土气得要命的观念,正在迅速过时,而且显得几乎像是冒犯了。”)

5. Try Tinder for everlasting love.

5. 尝试在Tinder约会应用上寻觅永恒真爱。



6. Get rid of stuff.

6. 扔东西。

Meet Marie Kondo on steroids: the self-help guru James Altucher, who found happiness, in part, by whittling down his worldly possessions to 15 items, which he totes around in a carry-on. “If I were to die, my kids get this bag,” he said.

见识一下加强版的近藤麻里绘(Marie Kondo)吧:励志导师詹姆斯·阿尔图切(James Altucher) 发现了幸福,部分是通过把自己 世俗的财产削减到15样东西,放进一个随身携带的包里。 “我死后,我的孩子们会得到这个包,”他说。

7. Seat the bores together.

7. 安排无趣的人坐在一起。

It will make your gatherings more fun — for everyone. “They don’t realize they’re the bores, and they’re happy,” advised Lady Elizabeth Anson, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and her long-time party planner. “It’s my biggest tip.”

这能让你的聚会更有趣――对所有人来说都是如此。“他们意识不到自己是无趣的人,他们会很开心”伊丽莎白二世女王的表妹、长期担任她的派对规划师的伊丽莎白·安森(Elizabeth Anson)夫人建议,“ 这是我最大的窍门。”

8. Pay attention.

8. 集中注意力。

Reap the benefits — and tackle the challenges — of monotasking. By doing less, you’ll get more done (and this is scientifically proven).

克服困难,一次只执行一件任务,并从中获益 。不要同时做很多事,这样反而可以让你完成更多工作(这是经过科学证明的)。

9. Iron your clothes.

9. 熨衣服。

This is one of Vanessa Friedman’s three tenets of dressing like an adult. (The other two: “Do not distract” and “Think of your clothes as costume.”)

这是范妮莎·弗里德曼(Vanessa Friedman)的成人着装三法则之一。 (其他两个分别是:“不要让人为你的服装而分心”和“把你的服装视为戏服。”

10. Send that condolence note.

10. 吊唁时请这样说。

Here’s how. Anyone who has navigated this social minefield knows how difficult it can be. Among the tips for the tongue-tied: Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know what to say, and share a positive memory.


11. Spoon more.

11. 常常从背后拥抱对方。

“When I experience consensual touch, I am more in my body, I’m more comfortable,” the professional cuddler (yes, really) Brianna Quijada says. “It’s like a feeling of being understood. It raises your oxytocin; it calms the fight-or-flight response.”

“当我体会着两情相悦的抚摸时,便会更喜欢自己的身体,觉得更舒适,”专业拥抱师(是真的)比安卡·基哈达(Brianna Quijada)说。 “这就像一种被理解的感觉。它能提高你的催产素水平;它能令你的应激反应平静下来。”

But mostly, stick with No. 1.