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IT WAS A YEAR to be confounded, shocked, humbled.


Donald J. Trump won the American presidency, defying polls, mockery and fear to defeat Hillary Clinton. Britons jolted their country and the world by voting to leave the European Union. Syria’s agony played out before a largely indifferent world, its children staring into the camera with eyes wide in terror, blood flecking their clothing.

面对不乐观的民调数据以及人们的嘲弄和不安,唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump)披荆斩棘,击败希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton),在美国总统大选中赢得了胜利。英国人通过投票脱欧,震动了自己的国家乃至整个世界。叙利亚的苦难继续在大多冷漠以待的世人面前上演,那里的孩子惊恐地盯着镜头,衣服上染着血迹。

The president of the Philippines unleashed a merciless war on drugs, boasting of killing drug dealers himself when he was a mayor, and many of his citizens cheered him on. Climate change created a new class of refugees, even as climate-change skeptics were nominated to key United States cabinet posts.


And talk about shocking: The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a drought of 108 years.

再来说说震惊:芝加哥小熊队(Chicago Cubs)拿下了睽违108年的“世界大赛”冠军。

It was a year so unexpected, so tumultuous, that the fight has just begun over which narrative might possibly explain it. For some, it was the comeuppance of the elites and the rebellion of the forgotten white working class. Or it was the triumph of resentment, rage and racism. Or payback for identity politics. Or perhaps it was a rallying cry for identity politics.


One lesson was clear: Economic and cultural upheavals have consequences. Free trade and globalization, many economists argue, are inexorable forces. But in the United States as in Europe, the exodus of high-paying manufacturing jobs has taken a political as well as an economic toll. Chancellor Angela Merkel lifted many hearts and outraged others when she opened Germany’s doors to desperate refugees. But as in Britain, France, and Italy, there was a backlash from those who conflate Muslim refugees with terrorism, and migrants with economic competition. After terrorist attacks from Paris to Nice, Berlin to Brussels, a frightened world is further barring its doors.

一个显而易见的教训是:经济和文化动荡是有后果的。许多经济学家都认为,自由贸易和全球化是不可逆转的潮流。但在美国,就像在欧洲一样,制造业高薪工作岗位的流失已经在政治和经济领域造成了损失。德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)在为绝望的难民打开本国国门之际,很多人为之振奋,也有很多人怒火中烧。但就像在英国、法国和意大利一样,那些把穆斯林难民和恐怖主义混为一谈,把移民和经济竞争混为一谈的人对此表示反对。在恐怖分子袭击了从巴黎到尼斯,从柏林到布鲁塞尔等诸多城市后,全世界都惊恐万分,门户进一步被关紧。

Was there ever such an American election? The spectacle that was the Trump campaign riveted the world. The images are indelible: Mr. Trump in silhouette drawing thousands to ecstatic rallies where he pledged to bring back jobs, but also of crowds spewing hate.


Hillary Clinton raced to make history as the first female president, allowing herself a brief moment of exultation, arms thrown wide. Then the surprise of her narrow defeat: Women pasted “I Voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave, while soon after, President Obama welcomed President-elect Trump to the White House.

希拉里·克林顿急于以美国第一位女总统的身份创造历史,张开双臂短暂地拥抱了一段快乐时光。然后她令人惊讶地与胜利失之交臂:女人们把带有“我投票了”字样的贴纸贴在了苏珊·B·安瑟尼(Susan B. Anthony)的墓上,但没过多久,奥巴马总统就在白宫迎接来访的候任总统特朗普了。

Violence struck in Orlando, with gay revelers attacked at the Pulse nightclub, and in Dallas and Baton Rouge, where the targets were law enforcement officers. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were gunned down by the police. Rape, as ever a tool of war, was deployed by the Islamic State against Yazidi sex slaves. Mexican women, sexually assaulted by the police, broke their silence.

暴力袭击频发,在奥兰多Pulse夜总会遇袭的是在狂欢的同性恋者,在达拉斯和巴吞鲁日遇袭的是执法的警员。奥尔顿·斯特灵(Alton Sterling)和菲兰多·卡斯蒂尔(Philando Castile)则被警察枪杀。强奸依然是一种战争工具,伊斯兰国(Islamic State)用它来对付雅兹迪性奴。一些遭警察性侵的墨西哥女性打破了沉默。

Meanwhile, Zika continued to ravage its victims. Cholera was the latest of the scourges visited on Haiti. Empty shelves and emaciated mental patients showed the worsening toll of Venezuela’s failing economy.


It was a year in desperate need of grace notes. Simone Biles and American gymnastics team entranced the world at the Olympic Games in Brazil. Vienna waltzes soared at the New York City Ballet. And then there was Zarifeh Shalabi, elected prom queen in Fontana, Calif., with her crown atop her hijab.

这是极度渴望一抹亮色的一年。西蒙·拜尔斯(Simone Biles)和美国体操队在里约奥运会上的风姿让世人迷醉。纽约市芭蕾舞团(New York City Ballet)跳起维也纳华尔兹。然后是包着头巾的扎里费赫·沙拉比(Zarifeh Shalabi)在加利福尼亚州丰塔纳加冕为舞会皇后。

So much to absorb. Yet if 2016 was a world turned upside down, as the cast of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” sings of the American Revolution, just wait until next year.



——苏珊·希拉(Susan Chira)