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How to Stay Safe at the Airport

False reports of gunfire at Los Angeles International Airport on Aug. 28 caused panic among travelers, led to the evacuation of the airport and resulted in more than 250 flight delays. A similar incident occurred two weeks earlier at Kennedy International Airport in New York. While there was no real active shooter in either case, the fear that fliers had during these episodes is very real.


Crime statistics show that over all, violence in the United States is as low as it has ever been, yet terrorist attacks at airports in Brussels and Istanbul and mass shootings in the United States have caused passengers to fear loud noises and commotion.


Here’s what you need to know about airport safety and what to do if you fear that an active shooter is at an airport.


What are the chances of an active shooting or a terrorist attack happening at an airport?


Very small, said Larry Studdiford, a security consultant for airports and the founder of Studdiford Technical Solutions, a security firm in Alexandria, Va. An estimated 3.5 billion people flew globally in 2015, according to the International Air Transport Association, a trade association for the world’s airlines, and comparatively, there were only a handful of incidences at airports. “The chances of a passenger being involved in a shooting or attack at an airport are minimal,” he said. “And, while fear of being at an airport is natural following any airport incident around the world, such as what happened in Istanbul recently, you are more at risk of getting into a car accident on the way to the airport than running into trouble at the airport.”

机率非常小。机场安全顾问、史达迪福科技方案安保公司(Studdiford Technical Solutions)的创办人拉里‧史达迪福(Larry Studdiford)如此表示。该公司位于弗吉尼亚州亚力山德里亚市。根据全球航空公司的行业协会,国际航空运输协会(International Air Transport Association)估计,2015年约有35亿人乘坐飞机,相比之下,机场发生的安全事件只有寥寥数次。“乘客在机场被卷入枪击或袭击事件的机率极低,”史达迪福说。“在全球任何一个机场出事之后,像是近来在伊斯坦布尔的事情,大家在机场会感到害怕是很自然的。不过你在前往机场途中发生车祸的风险,比在机场遇上麻烦的机率还更高。”

If there’s a crowd of people running around an airport and you don’t know what’s happened, what should you do?

如果有一群人在机场里奔跑,你又不知道发生了什么事, 该如何应对?

Do not follow the crowds running around, said Mike Ackerman, an expert in travel security and the founder and chairman of the Fort Lauderdale-based security consulting firm Ackerman Group. Instead, try to find a safe harbor in a quiet place, such as a restroom, and move away from the commotion. “Airports, unlike hotels, don’t have evacuation points because they are supposed to be secure, so it’s not like you can easily get out,” he said. Your best bet is to find a way to stay safe within the airport.

别跟着大家跑。恰好相反,你要找一个位于平静角落的安全掩蔽处,譬如说厕所,并且远离骚动发生的地方。回答这一题的人是麦可‧艾克曼(Mike Ackerman),他是旅行安全专家,也是佛罗里达州劳德代尔堡的安全顾问公司艾克曼集团(Ackerman Group)的创办人兼董事长。“机场不像酒店会有疏散集结点,因为这里被视为安全场所,所以你不太可能轻易离开,”艾克曼表示。“最稳妥的就是找个能在机场里安全待着的办法。”

If you are in an airport, and there is a potential shooter on-site, what should you do?


The minute you hear a loud noise or any commotion, move away from it — not toward it — Mr. Ackerman said. “There is a tendency for people to be curious when they hear a loud noise and go toward the trouble, but you want to do just the opposite,” he said.


How do you increase your chances of staying safe at an airport?


When you get to the airport and have checked in, get through security as quickly as possible, said Mr. Ackerman, because if an attack is going to happen, it will likely be in the area before fliers reach security. “Most attacks in airports, including the attacks in Brussels and Istanbul earlier this year, happen before security checkpoints because the bulk of armed personnel are at, and after you get through, security, and a shooter likely doesn’t want to deal with them,” he said.


In addition, Mr. Studdiford advised staying away from areas where people tend to congregate, such as ticket counters, self-service kiosks and baggage claim. “If an attack is going to happen at an airport, it’s likely going to be where there are crowds, so you’re better off staying away from these spots as much as possible,” he said. Check in for your flight before reaching the airport, and get through security faster by signing up for TSA Pre-Check; at baggage claim, he said, don’t wait at an idle belt — approach it to pick up your bag only when the belt starts moving.

此外,史达迪福也建议大家避开人群会聚集的地方,像是票务柜台、自助服务机还有行李提领区。“要是机场有袭击要发生,很可能会在群众聚集的地方,所以最好尽量别待在这几个场所,”他说。你可以在到达机场前先办理登机,并加入TSA Pre-Check预检计划,从而更快地通过安检。他还说,在行李提领区,别待在闲置不动的行李转台旁,要在转台开始运作之后再过去拿行李。

Are some airports safer than others?


Not really, especially in the United States, said T.J. Schulz, the president of the trade association Airport Consultants Council and an aviation security expert. “Airports are of different sizes and have different layouts, and that doesn’t mean one is safer than another, but airports in the United States, in general, are safe,” he said. And, travelers should have some peace of mind knowing that all domestic airports have a team of security personnel; in addition, some have federal security officers, including armed T.S.A. officers, as well local police on-site.

并没有,尤其是在美国。机场咨询委员会(Airport Consultants Council)这个行业协会的总裁、飞航安全专家T·J· 舒尔茨(T.J. Schulz)这么说。“每个机场的大小与格局会不一样,这不表示哪个机场更安全,不过美国的机场通常都很安全,”他说。还有,美国所有国内机场都有保安团队,旅客知道这一点,应该可以安心一些了。有些机场还有联邦安保人员驻守,包括武装的运输安全管理局官员,也有当地警察在场。