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Another Pool Turns Green, and a Chemical Imbalance Is Blamed

RIO DE JANEIRO — The problem of the suddenly green water in the Olympic diving pool worsened Wednesday as whatever was ailing the pool migrated (albeit in a lighter shade of green) to the nearby pool used for water polo and synchronized swimming. But Olympic officials said that after extensive tests, they had finally pinpointed the reason: a chemical imbalance caused by too many people using the water.


There had been speculation Tuesday that algae was the cause, but that theory was dismissed by officials.


On Wednesday, a day after the water in the diving pool turned from aqua to green, the water in the nearby water polo pool followed suit.

“Midafternoon, there was a sudden decrease in the alkalinity in the diving pool, and that’s the main reason the color changed,” Mario Andrada, a Rio 2016 spokesman, said Wednesday morning.

“午后,跳水池内的碱度突然下降,这是池水变色的主要原因,”里约奥运组委会发言人马里奥·安德拉达(Mario Andrada)周三早上表示。

He noted that a lot of people had been in the pools in the past week, for practices and competitions at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center, and that their presence had touched off changes in the water’s chemical balance.

他指出,上周在玛莉亚·林柯水上运动中心(Maria Lenk Aquatics Center)训练和比赛的很多运动员进过这个泳池,他们的到来改变了池水的化学平衡状态。

“We probably failed to note that with more athletes, the water could be affected,” Andrada said. He said, too, that the water had not been monitored as carefully as it should have been and that the trouble was apparently exacerbated by Wednesday morning’s rain.


“The people in charge of the pool should have done more intensive tests,” he said. “We brought in a team of independent experts to check.”


Andrada said that there was no health risk to the athletes and that “the pool should go back to its classic blue colors during the day.”


The alarmingly swift transformation of the diving pool from aqua to swamp green on Tuesday spurred the usual social media hilarity, with much of the speculation focusing on the possibility of athletes’ using the pool for a bodily function that is generally frowned upon at pools.


Nope, said Nate Hernandez, director of aquatic solutions at VivoAquatics, a pool care company based in California whose clients include hotels and resorts.

泳池维护公司VivoAquatics的水上解决方案负责人内特·埃尔南德斯(Nate Hernandez)说,这并非真正的原因。该公司总部设在加利福尼亚,客户包括酒店和度假中心。

“To be honest, people pee in the pool all the time — this wouldn’t affect it,” he said via email.


Pool experts said that with decent pool maintenance, water in a pool should not change color so drastically and quickly.


“If the pool’s systems are properly sized with adequate filtration and using appropriate chemical distribution, they should be able to maintain clarity and sanitation even during peak use,” Jamie Novak, a brand manager at NC Brands, a swimming pool and spa chemical manufacturer based in Connecticut, said in an email.

“如果该泳池恰当地配有足够的过滤装置,并采用合适的化学品分布,即便是在高峰使用时段,也应该可以保证水体的清澈和卫生,”康涅狄格州游泳池和水疗中心用化学品生厂商NC Brands的品牌经理杰米·诺瓦克(Jamie Novak)在邮件中表示。

Hernandez said that failing to anticipate and plan for a large number of swimmers at an event like the Olympics, which by definition attracts a large number of swimmers, seemed a weird sort of mistake.


“Take a pool like the Hard Rock in Las Vegas,” he said. “On a Sunday in the summertime, we’ll put 5,000 people in that water at one time. The most we’ve ever had is about 8,200, and it has never turned green.”

“以拉斯维加斯的硬石(Hard Rock)那样的泳池为例,”他说。“在夏季的一个周日,我们一次会让5000人同时下水。最高记录是8200人,但池水从未变绿。”

The Rio Games have had their share of water-related troubles, particularly at the rowing and sailing venues, where the water is contaminated by a toxic stew of bacteria and pathogens.


A visit Wednesday afternoon showed that the diving pool was still a fairly dark shade of green while the pool for water polo and synchronized swimming was somewhat lighter, more of a sea glass green. Officials said the alkalinity levels were already improving.