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Where to Go in Europe, and How to Stay Safe

The terrorist attacks in Europe over the last year haven’t lessened travelers’ enthusiasm for vacationing there this summer.


Virtuoso, a global luxury network of travel advisers and more than 1,700 hotels, cruise lines and tour operators, recently analyzed more than $35 billion of transactions from its clients and found that Europe dominated the top 10 list of future bookings, with Italy, Britain, France, Spain and the Netherlands being the most popular destinations.


Matthew D. Upchurch, the chairman and chief executive of Virtuoso, said that though sales to Europe were flat compared with last summer, they continued to remain strong. “It’s hard to beat the reservations to Europe last year because the strength of the dollar made it the best season there in a while, but even with fears about terrorism, it continues to be a favorite when it comes to leisure travel,” he said.

Virtuoso的主席兼首席执行官马修·D·厄普丘奇(Matthew D. Upchurch)说,虽然欧洲旅行的销售额比不上去年夏天,但它继续保持着强劲势头。“很难超过去年的欧洲预订量,因为去年美元价格很高,所以出现了最好的一季。尽管人们担心恐怖主义袭击,但是在休闲旅行方面,欧洲仍受青睐,”他说。

Leslie Cafferty, the head of global communications at Booking.com, which says it is the world’s largest hotel booking site with a database of more than 900,000 properties, agreed. “Despite certain markets in Europe at times being negatively impacted because of terrorism, it’s still a strong market for us, particularly in the summer,” she said.

Booking.com的全球通讯主管莱斯丽·卡弗蒂(Leslie Cafferty)对此表示赞同。Booking.com称自己是世界上最大的酒店预订网站,它的数据库包括90多万家酒店。“尽管欧洲的某些市场有时受到恐怖主义的负面影响,但对我们来说,它仍是一个兴旺的市场,尤其在夏天,”她说。

(Europe was the top destination for United States citizens in January, according to the Department of Commerce. And the number of United States citizens traveling to Europe increased 5 percent that month compared with January 2015.)

Here’s what you need to know about planning a European getaway this summer, from prices to safety factors:


Paris Is Coming Back Virtuoso’s average daily rate in Europe among its 367 partner hotels on the continent was $793 in early May. Comparatively, the average daily rate for a partner hotel in Paris was $1,089 or 37 percent higher than the average in Europe and also higher than the $800 average daily rate in the city last summer. “Paris has bounced back fast because it’s Paris — an iconic city with so much sentiment for so many people,” Mr. Upchurch said.


And on Booking.com, the average daily rate for a hotel in Paris has increased to $261 a night this year from $245 a night last year.


Travel specialists also report that bookings to the city are increasing. Jack Ezon, the president of the New York City-based consultancy Ovation Vacations, said that in the last month alone, he has had 45 bookings for coming trips to Paris compared with 10 total in the three months before that.

Italy Isn’t for Bargain Hunters The only other destination with high prices that match those in Paris, according to Virtuoso’s data, is Italy, where the average daily rate at a luxury hotel is $1,016. Andrea Grisdale, the owner of IC Bellagio, a Lake Como-based travel company selling trips to Italy, said that the country might not be a place to get deals in the summer season, but that changes come fall. “Coming here in the summer is pricey, but costs drop significantly starting in October, and that’s actually a beautiful, less crowded time to visit,” she said. A stay in a junior suite at the upscale Palazzo del Vice Re in Lake Como, for example, is 450 euros ($510) a night in July; the same room in October is 390, and guests get a fourth night free.

Belgium Is Hurting The terrorist attacks in Brussels in March have negatively affected tourism to Belgium this summer, according to Mickey Creyf, the chief executive of BTS Travel Group, an Antwerp-based agency specializing in travel within Belgium. “We are suffering badly,” he said. “The restaurants and hotels are empty because there is a fear factor to coming here.”

比利时受到打击。据安特卫普BTS旅行集团(BTS Travel Group)的首席执行官米基·克雷夫(Mickey Creyf)称,3月份布鲁塞尔遭受的恐怖袭击对比利时夏季旅游业造成负面影响。该集团专做比利时国内游。“我们损失惨重,”他说,“餐厅和酒店都没人,因为人们害怕来这儿。”

This downturn has an upside when it comes to prices — Mr. Creyf said there are deals to be had. “We want your business so everything is cheaper than it ever was. Hotel rates are 40 percent lower, and eating out is much less expensive, too,” he said.


Also, the country’s many cultural attractions like the well-preserved medieval city of Bruges, and Rubenshuis, the museum in Antwerp dedicated to the Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens, aren’t overwhelmed with visitors as they have been. For travelers, this means fewer long lines or crowds to contend with.

另外,该国的很多文化景点,比如保存完好的中世纪古城布鲁日(Bruges)和安特卫普专门纪念佛兰德斯巴洛克画家彼得·保罗·鲁本斯(Peter Paul Rubens)的鲁本斯故居(Rubenshuis)都不像以往那样人满为患。对游客来说,这意味着不用排队等很长时间,也不用跟其他游客争抢。

Spain and Portugal Are Value Destinations The average daily rate at a Virtuoso partner hotel in Spain is $657; in Portugal, that number is $338, or 57 percent lower than the average in Europe. In fact, the only country with lower rates is Poland, where the average is $300 a night.


Both Spain and Portugal are good values in the peak summer season, said Virginia Irurita, the founder of Made for Spain and Portugal, a Madrid-based company selling trips to the two countries. “Your money stretches a lot more now than it did as recently as two years ago.”

For example, the average nightly rate for a hotel in Madrid this year is an affordable $150 on Booking.com, and at Finca Cortesin, a luxury resort in Spain’s Costa del Sol region with a golf course, spa, four swimming pools and a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant, Kabuki Raw, it’s possible to snag a room starting at 500 a night this summer. A stay includes an array of amenities such as a multicourse breakfast, bottled water, valet parking, golf shoe cleaning and access to the spa and beach club.

The bigger steal, however, is Portugal. Ms. Irurita said a weeklong trip to the country with her company for two people, including luxury hotel stays, guided tours in Lisbon and Porto, a train ticket from Lisbon to Porto and a daylong excursion to the Douro Valley with wine tastings at two wineries, is around 3,000.

不过,葡萄牙更实惠。伊鲁里塔说,两个人通过她的公司在葡萄牙旅行一周总共约需3000欧元,包括奢华酒店住宿、由导游带领的里斯本和波尔图游览、从里斯本到波尔图的火车票,以及杜罗河谷(Douro Valley)一日游(包括在两个葡萄酒庄品酒)。

Airfares Are the Lowest They’ve Been Since the Recession Rick Seaney, the co-founder of the airline ticket comparison website FareCompare.com, said a round-trip ticket in late June from the East Coast to several cities in Europe, including Lisbon, Dublin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Moscow and Milan, was around $800. “These fares are unusually low, but low fuel costs and competition among airlines has brought prices down,” he said.

机票价格是经济衰退以来最低的。机票价格比较网站FareCompare.com的联合创始人里克·西尼(Rick Seaney)说,6月底从美国东海岸到欧洲几座城市的往返机票大约是800美元,包括里斯本、都柏林、奥斯陆、哥本哈根、法兰克福、莫斯科和米兰。“前往这些城市的机票通常不便宜,但是燃油价格降低以及航空公司之间的竞争拉低了价格,”他说。

On the other hand, the most expensive destinations to fly to in late June from the East Coast are London, Paris and Rome, with round-trip prices starting upward of $1,000 a ticket.


And it’s possible to plan your trip at the last minute, Mr. Seaney said. “You can buy tickets as late as two weeks before departure and still get good rates,” he said.


No Single Destination Is Unsafe But …Tim Horner, the head of the security risk management practice at the security firm Kroll, said that no destination in Europe is off-limits when it comes to safety, but there is a caveat: “There isn’t a particular country that travelers should avoid, but overall, there is an elevated threat related to terrorism,” he said. “The intelligence from several sources indicates warnings, more than in previous years, about the possibility of terrorist attacks throughout Europe.”

没有哪个目的地不安全,但是……安保公司Kroll的安全风险管理主管蒂姆·霍纳(Tim Horner)说,从安全方面讲,欧洲没有哪个目的地是不能去的,但他也提出一个警告:“没有哪个国家是旅行者应该避免前往的,但是总的来说,与恐怖袭击相关的威胁增多了,”他说,“多个来源的情报表明,整个欧洲关于恐怖袭击可能性的警告多于往年。”

Don’t Be Afraid, Be Aware A potentially higher chance of an attack doesn’t mean that travelers should be fearful of going to Europe, Mr. Horner said, but they should be aware. He advises avoiding crowded areas such as concert halls and stadiums and having an exit strategy in place if you do go. Knowing how to get around the city you’re in, emailing your itinerary and copies of your travel documents, including your passport, to family members, and limiting the amount of personal information you carry (no need to tote along all your credit cards) are other safety tips. (For more ideas on safety precautions, see a March 30, 2016, article, “Is Europe Safe for Travelers,” in The New York Times.

不要害怕,但要警惕。霍纳说,袭击可能性增加并不意味着旅行者应该害怕前往欧洲,但他们应该保持警惕。他建议避开音乐厅或体育馆等人群聚集的场所,如果确实要去,就要想好逃生策略。其他安全建议包括:了解你前往城市的交通情况;用电子邮件把你的旅行路线和旅行证件复印件发给家人,包括护照;减少随身携带的个人信息(没必要带着所有的信用卡四处旅行)。(如果想要了解更多安全防范措施,请查看《纽约时报》2016年3月30日的文章《对旅行者来说,欧洲是否安全》[Is Europe Safe for Travelers]。)

Hotels, in particular, are trying to keep their guests safe, according to Scott D. Berman, a principal in hospitality and leisure at PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Properties in Europe are taking extra security measures now such as employing unmarked security personnel in their lobbies and training their employees to be on the lookout for suspicious activity,” he said.

普华永道(PricewaterhouseCoopers)的酒店休闲领域负责人斯科特·D·伯曼(Scott D. Berman)说,酒店在格外注意保护宾客安全。“现在,欧洲的很多酒店正采取更多的安全措施,比如雇佣便衣保安在大堂巡逻,训练员工警惕可疑行为,”他说。