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What Travelers Can Expect in Paris

France was the top destination for international tourists last year, in no small part because of Paris’s allure. The fatal terrorist attacks in the city on Nov. 13 upended lives and a place that tourists hold dear. Below is information on how hotels and air carriers are accommodating travelers who are affected, when cultural sites are reopening, getting around town and the country and how tourists can do their part to help.


The city’s two major airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly, are both open, though a statement on their joint website says that fliers should expect delays.

巴黎的两座大型机场——戴高乐机场(Charles de Gaulle)和奥利机场(Orly)——目前均正常开放,但它们联合网站上的一份声明说,旅客们应做好航班延误的准备。

The Eiffel Tower was illuminated in red, white and blue in the wake of the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris.

American Airlines has a dozen flights a day between the United States and Charles de Gaulle. It canceled its Nov. 13 flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Paris and the return trip the next day, but other flights to and from Paris are taking off without significant delays. Also, the airline allowed passengers who were scheduled to fly over the weekend to change the dates and destinations of their travel without paying a fee. From Nov. 16 to 22, passengers on flights scheduled to and from Paris can change their itinerary to complete travel by Dec. 15 without penalty.

美国航空公司(American Airlines)每天有十二个航班往返美国和戴高乐机场。该航空公司取消了其11月13日从达拉斯福特沃斯国际机场到巴黎的航班,及第二天的回程航班,但其他往返巴黎的航班起飞时间没有重大延误。此外,美国航空还允许原计划在周末出发的乘客免费更改旅行日期和目的地。原计划在11月16日至22日期间往返巴黎的乘客,可以改变行程单,在12月15日前完成旅行就不会有罚金。

Delta Air Lines flights between Paris and the United States are operating normally. Customers scheduled to fly from Nov. 17 to 22 to and from any of the cities the airline serves in France, such as Nice, can adjust their travel plans without any penalty until Dec. 15 for travel that begins no later than Dec. 15; there is no change fee for rescheduled travel after Dec. 15, but a fare difference may apply.

达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines)巴黎和美国之间的航班正常运行。原定于在11月17日到22日间飞往法国或从任何有达美航线的法国城市(如尼斯)起飞的乘客,可以调整自己的旅行计划,调整到12月15日前出发的乘客不承担任何罚金。将出行日期改到12月15日后的乘客没有更改机票的费用,但有可能要支付机票差价。

Air France is also sticking to its flight schedules, for international and domestic routes. Passengers who were scheduled to fly from Nov. 13 to 16 could modify their plans at no extra cost, but for trips rescheduled beyond Nov. 22, fliers will receive a nonrefundable voucher valid for a year to use on Air France, KLM or Hop airlines. Customers scheduled to fly from Nov. 17 to 22 can postpone their trip until Dec. 15 at no extra cost.

法国航空公司(Air France)也没有改变其国际和国内航线的航班时刻表。原定于在11月13日到16日之间出发的乘客,可以修改他们的计划,无需支付额外费用,但行程改到11月22日以后,旅客将收到一张不可退款、有效期为一年的代金券,可以在法国航空,荷兰皇家航空(KLM),以及Hop航空公司使用。原定于在11月17日至22日间出发的旅客可以免费将行程延期至最晚12月15日。

La Compagnie, the all-business airline operating a daily flight between Newark Liberty International Airport and Charles de Gaulle, is also running on schedule.

全商务航空公司La Compagnie每天在纽瓦克自由国际机场和戴高乐机场之间有一趟航班,也会如期运行。

Hilton Worldwide has six properties in and around Paris, including the Hilton Paris Opera, and is waiving reservation cancellation fees at all of them through Nov. 30.

希尔顿全球(Hilton Worldwide)在巴黎市及周边,有六处地产,包括巴黎歌剧院希尔顿酒店(Hilton Paris Opera)在内。希尔顿的这六家酒店从现在到11月30日都免收取消预定费。

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has five properties in the city and is working with guests individually and waiving cancellation fees for those whose plans have changed.

凯悦酒店及度假村集团(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)在全市有五处房产,目前根据每位客人情况,对那些改变计划的客户免收取消预定的费用。

The luxury travel brand Virtuoso has 18 hotels in Paris as part of its network, and Albert Herrera, the senior vice president for Global Product Partnerships, said that each has stepped up security following the attacks. Some of its partners, such as Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection Hotel, along with all Starwood Hotels in the city, are waiving cancellation fees for arrivals through Nov. 20 and will waive early departure fees as well.

世界豪华旅游品牌Virtuoso在巴黎有18家酒店,都是其经营网络的一部分,主管全球产品伙伴关系的高级副总裁阿尔贝·埃雷拉说(Albert Herrera),袭击后每家酒店都加强了安保。有一些合作伙伴,如豪华精选酒店加勒王子(Prince de Galles)和市内的所有喜达屋酒店,对从现在到11月20日入住的预定,均免收取消预定的费用,也会豁免提前退房的费用。

Evelyne Maes, the president of the Chambre Syndicale des Hôteliers de Paris UMIH, said that the group is advising hotels to credit cancellations for future use.

酒店从业者联合会巴黎分会(Chambre Syndicale des Hôteliers de Paris UMIH)会长伊芙琳·玛依思(Evelyne Maes)说,该机构建议酒店,将取消的订单换成未来可以使用的积分。

On the afternoon of Nov. 16, museums and cultural sites in the city, including the Eiffel Tower, reopened after a minute of silence.

11月16日下午,巴黎市内的博物馆和文化场馆,包括埃菲尔铁塔(Eiffel Tower),在一分钟默哀后重新开放。

The Métro, the city’s subway system, is running normally, with the exception of Oberkampf station, near the sites of two attacks. Taxis are also easily available.


Internal flights are operating, but there may be delays.


The S.N.C.F., France’s national railway whose operations include the high-speed rail network TGV, issued a statement saying that all trains were running as scheduled.


The single best thing travelers can do to help, said Stephane Tillement, the president and chief executive of the Paris travel company Mauriac Voyages, is to stay in Paris and to keep coming to the country. “Tourists already in Paris or France shouldn’t rush back home, and those who already have a trip planned here shouldn’t cancel,” he said. “The French need support now more than ever and want to return to normal life, and leaving or not visiting won’t accomplish that.”

游客最能帮到法国的事情就是待在巴黎,继续来法国旅行,巴黎旅游企业莫里亚克旅行社(Mauriac Voyages)的总裁兼首席执行官斯特凡·蒂耶芒(Stephane Tillement)如此表示。“已经来到巴黎或法国的游客,不应该慌忙赶回家,已经在这里规划好行程的游客也不应该取消,”他说。“现在法国比以往任何时候都更需要支持,也希望回归正常生活,如果游客离开或者不再过来,就无法做到那一点。”