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How to Get Deep V Cleavage Ready

The subject here is cleavage: a generous swath of it, dipping way below the bustline and forming a deep V. (Victory over gravity, perhaps?) If social media and recent red carpets are an indication, décolletage is in vogue. See: social media darlings like Emily Ratajkowski and the D.J. May Kwok flaunting the plunging ’70s-era look on Instagram. (One risqué bodysuit, a black lace-up style by Reformation, has been a particular hit.)

今天讨论的主题是乳沟:很长的乳沟,一直延伸到胸围线以下,形成一个深V(也许这是克服重力的胜利?)。如果社交媒体和最近的红毯具有指示意义的话,那么,低胸装正在流行。你瞧:埃米莉·瑞特考斯基(Emily Ratajkowski)和DJ郭梅(May Kwok)等社交媒体的宠儿在Instagram上炫耀70年代的低胸装(略显放荡的Reformation黑色蕾丝风格紧身衣尤其受到热捧)。

If deep cleavage seems more Hollywood than New York — overexposure is, well, overexposure — even a prudent socialite may throw caution to the wind when there’s fine weather and finer rosé.


As it turns out, the deep V requires more than just sticky double-sided tape. Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen call on the services of the makeup artist Mary Phillips. On Oscar night, Ms. Teigen used La Mer Body Refiner scrub, which contains pure diamond powder (with the price to match: $125) and leaves behind bits of shimmer. The effect isn’t “super obvious,” Ms. Phillips said. “It’s a very high-end finish.” Ms. Teigen then slathered on the Body Crème from La Mer ($175) and waited 10 minutes before getting dressed.

事实证明,深V所要求的不只是有黏性的双面胶。詹妮弗·洛佩兹(Jennifer Lopez)和克丽茜·泰根(Chrissy Teigen)请化妆师玛丽·菲利普斯(Mary Phillips)帮助。为了奥斯卡之夜,泰根采用海蓝之谜晶钻身体焕肤霜(La Mer Body Refiner scrub),它含有纯钻石粉(当然也不便宜:125美元),能留下一点闪烁的微光。菲利普斯说,效果不是“特别明显”,“但它是非常高端的定妆品”。然后泰根涂上厚厚的海蓝之谜身体修护霜(Body Crème from La Mer,175美元),等十分钟后再穿衣服。

“It’s important to do this for the whole body and not just parts that are showing,” Ms. Phillips said. “Sometimes a shoulder strap falls.” She finished the look with a dusting of highlighting powder (any brand will do as long as the shimmer is subtle) along Ms. Teigen’s collarbone and the center of her cleavage.


Seems painless enough. But hold that Versace dress. Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist in Manhattan, knows that flawless cleavage doesn’t happen in a day.

听起来似乎不是什么难事。不过,先别穿范思哲(Versace)礼服呢。曼哈顿的皮肤科医生登迪·恩格尔曼(Dendy Engelman)知道,无瑕的乳沟不是一天保养出来的。

“I have patients who say, ‘I’m vegan and work out six days a week, why don’t I look like J. Lo?’ ” she said. “Well, that’s because you’re not spending $20,000 a month on yourself. The upkeep for these women is incredible.” Still, there are a lot of little tricks.


Start with the basics, Dr. Engelman says. Apply sunscreen to your neck and chest whenever they are exposed. “In our world we call it ‘country-club cleavage,’ ” she said. “It’s when a woman has a beautiful lifted face, but then you look down and she has a tan chest that looks like a dry riverbed.”


To improve tone, elasticity, spotting and wrinkles, Dr. Engelman may suggest Oxylight (microdermabrasion coupled with light therapy), old-school chemical peels or lasers like Fraxel. (Starting prices range from $200 to $1,500 a session.)


Recently she has been using the latest generation of hyaluronic fillers, specifically Belotero and Restylane Silk, which she likes because results can last as long as six months. It’s an off-label use, she said, but these fillers can plump up chest wrinkles without appearing lumpy. (Chest and neck tissue is thinner than it is on the face, so anything added is more likely to show.)

最近她在使用最新一代的透明质酸填充剂,她尤其喜欢Belotero和Restylane Silk这两个品牌,因为它们的效果能维持六个月。她说,这些填充剂的说明书上并没有提到可以用到胸部,但是它们能填充抹平胸部皱纹,且不会突出来(胸部和颈部的皮肤组织比脸部的更薄,所以不管加什么都可能更显眼)。

“You only need one syringe for the whole chest,” Dr. Engelman said. (Her prices start at $1,500.)