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On the Midtown Skyline, a Race to the Clouds

The race to the sky has kicked into high gear in Midtown Manhattan, where a new round of luxury skyscrapers aimed at multimillionaires is on the rise in and around West 57th Street. If all goes according to the developers’ plans — and the market cooperates — the towers will climb to new heights in just a few years, setting price records, casting long shadows over Central Park and significantly altering the city’s skyline.


A rendering from New York Yimby, a pro-development website that tracks construction in New York City, shows what the skyline might look like, circa 2018, from Sheep Meadow in Central Park. The graphic, created by Jose Hernandez, the site’s architectural illustrator, focuses on six towers south of Central Park. While revisions could still be made to buildings that are under development, the silhouettes offer an idea of what those buildings might look like, based on renderings, Department of Buildings filings and other schematics obtained by the website, said Nikolai Fedak, the founder and editor of New York Yimby, an acronym that stands for Yes in My Back Yard, a play on the more familiar Nimby (Not in My Back Yard).

追踪纽约建筑工程进度、支持开发项目的网站New York Yimby(以下简称Yimby)发布的一张假想图可以帮助我们了解,到大约2018年,从中央公园的绵阳草坪望去,这个城市的天际线大概会是什么模样。这张图由Yimby网站的建筑绘图师乔斯·赫南德斯(Jose Hernandez)绘制,主要包括中央公园南部在建的六座摩天楼。Yimby网站创始人兼编辑尼古拉·费达克(Nikolai Fedak)表示,尽管因为这些建筑还在建设中,其方案未来可能会有所改动,但这些建筑轮廓还是能让我们建立一些直观的概念,知道这些建筑大概会是什么样子。建筑轮廓图根据一些建筑效果图、纽约市房屋局(Department of Buildings)披露文件和该网站获得的其他图表资料制作而成。其网站名称Yimby是“Yes in My Back Yard”(可以在我家后院——译注)的首字母缩写,是对更加流行的Nimby (Not in My Back Yard)(不能在我家后院——译注)的戏仿。

One57, a 1,004-foot tower that was completed last year by the Extell Development Company, was the first of the “supertalls” along West 57th Street. (In January, it also broke the record for the highest price ever paid for a single residence in New York City, when a duplex penthouse there closed for $100.47 million.)

去年由Extell开发公司(Extell Development Company)建设完成的一座1004英尺(约合306米)高的大楼One57,是西57街上第一座“超高层建筑”。(今年1月,这座楼里一套顶层复式公寓以1亿美元[约合6.2亿人民币]的价格售出,创下纽约市单户住宅价格新纪录。)

Now Extell is aiming higher, with plans to build the tallest residential structure in the Western Hemisphere at a site down the block, 217 West 57th Street. East of Broadway, between 57th and 58th Streets, the building is to cantilever over an 1890s landmark, the Art Students League of New York, rising to at least 1,500 feet, if not higher. A spokeswoman for the developer denied reports speculating that the building might top the 1,776-foot pinnacle of 1 World Trade Center, but declined to confirm the final height.

现在,Extell正在酝酿更大的计划——在离这里不远的西57街217号建设西半球最高的住宅建筑。这座建筑将位于百老汇大街东部,第57街和第58街之间,在1890年代的地标建筑纽约艺术学生联盟(Art Students League)大楼旁边,其部分建筑结构将悬垂于老楼上方,高度至少会达到1500英尺(约合457米)。有报道猜测这座建筑的高度将会超越1776英尺(约合541米)高的世贸中心1号楼(1 World Trade Center),Extell的发言人否定了这一说法,但也拒绝确认这座楼会达到的最终高度。

The tower, designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture, is known as Central Park Tower, or the Nordstrom Tower, as its base is expected to house the city’s first full-line Nordstrom department store. Prices have not yet been set, but the building is projected to generate some $4.4 billion in total sales proceeds, according to filings written in Hebrew on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

这座由艾德里安·史密斯和戈登·吉尔建筑设计事务所(Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture)设计的建筑,被称为中央公园大厦(Central Park Tower)或诺姆斯特姆大厦(Nordstrom Tower),因为它的底层将成为诺姆斯特姆百货商场首家全线产品店的店址。目前开发商还没有为这个房产项目设定售价,不过据特拉维夫证券交易所(Tel Aviv Stock Exchange)的一些希伯来语披露文件显示,这座建筑的总销售收入预计会达到44亿美元。

Too many trophy apartments hitting the market simultaneously could quash those prospects. But for now, developers are optimistic.


Across the street, construction work has just reached ground level at 220 Central Park South, Vornado Realty Trust’s high-end condominium designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, but buyers have already snapped up about a third of the 118 units, representing $1.1 billion in commitments. The deals were signed within six weeks of the quiet opening of sales “to a limited audience,” said Vornado’s chief executive, Steven Roth, in an earnings call earlier this month. Prices are on the rise for the remaining units, which will be housed in a 950-foot limestone tower and an adjacent 10-unit “villa.”

街对面的中央公园南220号,是沃纳多房地产信托公司(Vornado Realty Trust)旗下的高端共管公寓,该公寓的设计由罗伯特·斯坦恩建筑师事务所(Robert A. M. Stern Architects)承包。虽然工程刚刚施工到地面层,但是在118套房子已有三分之一被买家抢走,这意味着11亿美元的入账保障。本月早些时候,沃纳多房地产公司执行总裁史蒂文·罗斯(Steven Roth)在业绩报告电话会议中透露,在面向“限量客户”的低调开售中,交易在6周内就已完成,并且剩余单元的价格还在增长。该公寓楼是一座950英尺(约合290米)高的石灰石塔楼,与其毗邻的则是一幢拥有10套单元的“别墅”。

Thierry W. Despont, whose résumé includes the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, is responsible for the interiors. The least expensive apartment, a 2,394-square-foot two-bedroom on the 22nd floor, is listed at $12.25 million, according to the offering plan. The most expensive is a $100 million penthouse of more than 9,500 square feet. Some units, including a duplex on the 50th floor and the top penthouse, do not yet have price tags.

室内设计由蒂埃里·W·德蓬建筑师事务所(Thierry W. Despont)负责,该事务所曾负责过自由女神像的修复工作。最便宜的公寓位于22层,是一套2394平方英尺(约合222平方米)的两居室公寓。根据销售企划书,该公寓售价1225万美元。最贵的公寓是一套面积超过9500平方英尺(约合883平方米)的顶层豪华公寓,售价1亿美元。不过一些单元还未进行标价,这包括位于50层的一套复式公寓和顶层公寓。

Meanwhile, foundation work is underway at 111 West 57th Street on a condo tower and conversion of the landmark Steinway Hall building by the JDS Development Group and the Property Markets Group. Designed by ShoP Architects, with terra-cotta panels and bronze latticework on the east and west facades, the condominium will rise 1,421 feet in a series of “feathered setbacks,” according to the firm.

与此同时,西57街111号的工程正在地基修建阶段。这是由JDS开发集团(JDS Development Group)和地产市场集团(Property Markets Group)开发的高层共管公寓楼,由地标建筑施坦威音乐厅(Steinway Hall)改建而来。建筑的涉及由ShoP建筑师事务所负责,东西面的外墙采用赤陶土墙板和黄铜格栅结构。据事务所透露,1421英尺(约合433米)高的共管公寓会有一系列“羽状退台结构”。

Glass curtain walls along the north and south will offer sweeping Central Park and Midtown Manhattan views. Sixty apartments designed by Studio Sofield are planned, with 46 in the tower and 14 in the Steinway building. Sales are expected to begin later this year, with prices starting at $14 million.


Roughly five blocks south, at 53 West 53rd Street, Hines, Goldman Sachs and the Pontiac Land Group of Singapore hope to make their mark on the skyline with an asymmetrical 1,050-foot-high tower by Jean Nouvel. The condominium is designed to connect to the Museum of Modern Art, with three floors of gallery space at its base, and to taper as it rises. Mr. Despont is also designing the interiors of the tower’s 140 condominiums.

大约向南五个街区的距离,也就是西53街53号,是一幢由让·努维尔(Jean Nouvel)设计的高约1050英尺(约合1320米)的不对称形大厦。汉斯有限合伙公司(Hines)、高盛(Goldman Sachs)和新加坡的邦典置地集团(Pontiac Land Group)希望用它在纽约天际线留下自己的印记。该共管公寓底层将设有三层画廊,向上逐渐收窄。该建筑将与现代艺术博物馆(Museum of Modern Art)互相衔接。建筑师徳蓬也将负责该大厦140套公寓的室内设计。

The sales gallery opened earlier this month above Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store, at 745 Fifth Avenue, with an elaborate model apartment displaying both interior and exterior elements. Prices are expected to range from around $3 million (for studios) to more than $70 million.

本月早些时候,该画廊在第五大道745号的波道夫·古德曼百货公司(Bergdorf Goodman)的男装店进行开售。画廊的室内和室外元素都由一套精致的样板房进行展示。画廊的价格预计将会大约在300万美元(工作室价格)和7000多万美元间浮动。

For now, though, 432 Park Avenue, between 56th and 57th Streets, stands out against the skyline. Designed by Rafael Viñoly, it is for the time being, anyway, the tallest residential tower not just along the 57th Street corridor, but in the Western Hemisphere. Developed by the CIM Group and Macklowe Properties, the building topped out last year at 1,396 feet. More than half of its 104 units are in contract, for roughly $1 billion in potential sales, including a $95 million penthouse. Those still available range in price from $16.95 million to $82.5 million. Closings are expected to begin this fall, with residents moving in shortly thereafter.

不过目前看来,天际线中最突出的依然是位于56街和57街之间的公园大道432号。该大厦由拉菲尔·维诺里(Rafael Viñoly)设计,目前已经不仅是57街区沿线最高,还是西半球最高的住宅楼。项目由CIM集团和麦克娄地产(Macklowe Properties)开发,公寓楼高度在去年达到1396英尺(约合426米)。在104套单元中,公寓签约率已超过一半,潜在销售额约为10亿美元,包括一套售价为9500万美元的豪华顶层公寓。剩下的待销公寓售价在1695万美元到8250万美元之间。公寓预计将会在今年秋季开始交割,不久后入住。