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House Hunting in ... Australia





This modern four-bedroom two-bath house was built in 2003, overlooking the Mercure Portsea Golf Club and Resort in the beach town of Portsea, an hour and 15 minutes from Melbourne. The house, on just under a half-acre and a short walk from the ocean, is set into a native garden designed by Fiona Brockhoff, surrounded by tea trees and other native plants. The top floor consists of a large combined living and dining room, with wood-and-glass sliding doors that open onto a balcony with views over the treetops to the golf course and Point Nepean National Park. Because the 3,767-square-foot house sits in the middle of the heavily wooded Mornington Peninsula, the ocean and the bay are just out of sight on either side.

这栋现代设计风格的四室两卫房屋建造于2003年,俯瞰着海边小镇波特西(Portsea)的美居波特西高尔夫俱乐部及度假酒店(Mercure Portsea Golf Club and Resort),距墨尔本1小时15分钟车程。这栋占地将近半英亩(约2023平方米)、步行不远可到海滩的房屋,坐落于当地一座由菲奥娜·布罗克霍夫(Fiona Brockhoff)设计的花园之中,房屋周围环绕着茶树与其他一些本地植物。这栋房屋的顶楼是一间结合了起居与餐厅功能的大房间,有一扇木质结构的玻璃推拉门,可通往一座阳台,从那里可以越过树梢眺望那座高尔夫球场和纳平角国家公园(Point Nepean National Park)。由于这栋面积3767平方英尺(约350平方米)的房屋坐落在郁郁葱葱的莫宁顿半岛(Mornington Peninsula)中间,所以大海与海湾正好位于房屋两边看不见的地方。


A wood-burning fireplace warms the living room. A kitchen and a wet bar are tucked into windowed nooks. The countertops are cream granite, and the cabinets are charcoal-colored with hints of green. Red tones in the Tasmanian oak floors and built-in shelving warm the room’s palette. The master suite is just off the living room, with access to the same balcony and sweeping views. The suite includes a walk-in closet and a bathroom lined with peach marble. Downstairs, three additional bedrooms share a full bath and a separate living area. An alcove is used as a study and an entertainment area. The house has a two-car garage.


Outside, the pool is separated from the house by mature native trees and reached via a grassy path. The nearest beach is on the ocean side of the peninsula, where surfers and more intrepid swimmers congregate, a five-minute walk from the house. A quieter family-friendly beach on the bay side is a 15-minute walk. The coffee shops and boutiques of Portsea are also a 15 minute-walk, near the bay.


Portsea’s population of around 450 full-time residents swells on weekends and during school holidays, when well-to-do city dwellers come down to enjoy the outdoors. Melbourne’s Central Business District is an hour and 15 minutes by car, and the airport is 30 minutes farther, on the other side of the city.

波特西镇的常住人口约为450人,但每逢周末与学校假期,这里的人口便会骤增,因为那时住在市内的有钱人都纷纷来到这里享受户外生活。墨尔本的中心商业区(Central Business District)距此1小时15分钟的车程,机场则更远一些,还得再加30分钟的路程,在墨尔本市的另一端。



The property market in Victoria experienced a slump after the global financial crisis, dropping 10 to 25 percent, depending on the area. But the market has been gradually recovering over the last few years, in part because of stimulus measures from the state government and a strengthening overall economy, said Jock Langley, a director of Abercromby’s Real Estate, based in Melbourne. The number of foreigners showing interest in the market picked up about eight months ago, he said, resulting in an increase in prices and activity.

维多利亚州(Victoria)的房地产市场在全球金融危机之后经历了一次下滑,房价根据区域不同下跌了10%至25%。但过去几年来,该市场已逐渐恢复,部分原因在于州政府的一些刺激措施和对整体经济的加强,墨尔本阿伯克龙比房地产公司(Abercromby’s Real Estate)的主管乔克·兰利(Jock Langley)说。对该市场有兴趣的外国买家,数量大约在八个月前就有所回升,他说,使得市场价格与活跃度都出现了增长。

Recovery has been quite strong in the luxury sector, largely fueled by foreign buyers. Mr. Langley said prices for Toorak, a high-end suburb close to Melbourne’s Central Business District, are about 2,800 to 3,500 Australian dollars per square meter ($211 to $264 per square foot) on the low end, and 5,000 to 6,000 Australian dollars per square meter ($377 to $452 per square foot) on the high end, with some unusual sales ranging up to 9,000 Australian dollars per square meter ($678 per square foot).


Mr. Langley said the market in Portsea, where this house is situated, is a bit softer than in Toorak, which is within easy commuting distance of the city. Prices in Portsea, more of a second-home area, can be hard to estimate because it is a small place with few sales, but Mr. Langley said clifftop homes with water views command the highest prices, sometimes as much as 23 million Australian dollars ($18,630,000) or more. “The cliff is the primo,” he said. Homes without sea views sell for considerably less — typically around 3.1 to 3.2 million Australian dollars ($2.51 million to $2.59 million), he said. This home is priced lower because of its size.




There has been an influx of buyers from Asia in recent years, according to Mr. Langley. Most are from mainland China, but Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also represented. “They have a desire to come here because of the good economy and the lifestyle,” he said. In addition, a relatively weak Australian dollar means foreign buyers can get more for their money.


As for buyers from the United States, Mr. Langley said there are a handful of wealthy hedge fund owners, but American investment in Australia has been minimal recently.




Foreigners must have either residency status or a visa, such as a work visa or a business innovation and investment visa, in order to legally buy property in Australia. Buyers must apply to the Treasury’s Foreign Investment Review Board for approval. The process takes 30 days and there is no cost to the applicant, according to an email from the Treasury.

外国买家必须有澳大利亚的居留许可,或有一张签证,比如一张工作签证或商业创新和投资签证,才能在澳大利亚合法购买房产。买家们必须向财政部的外国投资审查委员会(Foreign Investment Review Board)申请批准。据财政部的一封邮件称,该过程需时30天,对申请人不收费。

Real estate is usually sold at auction in Australia, according to Manuela Pless-Bennett, a sales associate with Melbourne Sotheby’s International Realty. Buyers usually visit the property during an open house, then come to the auction and bid. If the house doesn’t sell at auction, it stays on the market until a buyer is found or the seller takes it off the market. This house is being sold privately, not at auction.

墨尔本苏富比国际地产公司的一位销售助理曼纽拉·普勒斯-班尼特(Manuela Pless-Bennett)说,在澳大利亚,房地产一般通过拍卖出售。买家们通常会在看房日参观待售房产,然后来到拍卖会竞价。如果这栋房屋没有通过拍卖会售出,就会留在房地产市场中,直到找到一位买家,或销售人员使其退出市场。于是,这栋房屋将私下出售,而非通过拍卖会。

Most buyers don’t have a real estate agent, although Ms. Pless-Bennett said buyer advocacy is growing in Australia.


The buyer and the seller each pay legal fees of about 1,200 Australian dollars ($972), according to Robert Curtain, a real estate agent at the Sorrento office of Melbourne Sotheby’s International Realty and one of the listing agents for this property. Stamp duty in the state of Victoria is calculated by subtracting 100,000 Australian dollars ($81,000) from the purchase price; the buyer is charged 6 percent of that amount. If the house featured here sells for its asking price of 2.5 million Australian dollars ($2,025,000,) the stamp duty will be 129,000 Australian dollars ($104,490).

据该房产的卖方经纪人之一、墨尔本苏富比国际地产公司索伦托(Sorrento)办公室的一位房地产经纪人罗伯特·科丹(Robert Curtain)说,买家和卖家各需支付大约1200澳元(也即972美元,约合人民币5824元)的律师费。计算维多利亚州的印花税,需先从购买价格中减去10万澳元(也即8.1万美元,约合人民币49万元);买家需缴纳该金额的6%。如果该推荐房屋按250万澳元(也即202.5万美元,约合人民币983万元)的要价出售,这笔印花税就是12.9万澳元(也即10.449万美元,约合人民币63万元)。

The seller pays the real estate agent fees, which are capped by law at 3 percent of the purchase price, according to Ms. Pless-Bennett.