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Grand Real Estate Plans for Covent Garden(s)

The sellers moved out in 1974, to a site south of the Thames, that was renamed New Covent Garden.

1974年,科文特花园(New Covent Garden)的商家们迁到了泰晤士河以南的新址,那里被更名为新科文特花园(New Covent Garden)。

Now both Covent Garden sites are to be redeveloped through projects intended to provide commercial and retail space alongside thousands of new residences in a city that is struggling with housing shortages and high prices.


One of the apartments in The Beecham, a redevelopment in London's Covent Garden area.

In early November the local council approved plans for the New Covent Garden Market, including 500,000 square feet of shops, 235,000 square feet of office, retail and leisure space, and 3,000 new homes. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2016 and eventually to include an extension of the London Underground’s Northern Line.

11月初,地方议会批准了建设科文特花园市场(New Covent Garden Market)的计划,其中包括50万平方英尺(约合4.6万平方米)的商店,23.5万平方英尺(约合2.2万平方米)的办公、零售和休闲场所,3000套新增住房。工程定于2016年开工,最终将包括伦敦地铁北线的一个延伸段。

The regeneration has drawn interest because of the grand scale of the plans — which are expected to take about 10 years to complete — and the prospects it will bring to the area, just southeast of the Battersea Power Station, which itself is being redeveloped into housing.

重建计划之所以饱受关注,一方面是因为其规模宏大,预计需要十年左右的时间才能完工;另一方面是因为它将为本地区带来光辉的前景。其地点就在巴特西发电站(Battersea Power Station)的东南方向,而巴特西发电站本身也正被重新开发为住宅区。

The original Covent Garden was turned into a mixed-use area of retail shops and restaurants in the 1980s. It was sold in 2006 to the British firm Capital and Counties, known as Capco.

最初的科文特花园,是在20世纪80年代变成了一个零​​售商店和餐馆荟萃的综合功能区。2006年,它被出售给了英国地产投资与开发公司Capital and Counties,又被称为Capco。

“Covent Garden had lost its relevance to the modern consumer, especially London residents, who had turned their backs on it,” said Sarah-Jane Curtis, the director of Covent Garden for Capco. “We wanted to bring in more compelling retail and dining options.”

“科文特花园当时已经失去了与现代消费者之间的联系,尤其是与伦敦本地居民的联系,他们已经将它遗弃了。”Capco公司负责科文特花园业务的莎拉·简·柯蒂斯(Sarah-Jane Curtis)说,“于是我们希望引进更引人注目的零售业和餐饮场所。”

In addition to drawing high-end retail brands like Chanel, Dior and Apple and upmarket dining such as Balthazar and The Ivy Market Grill, the company has created apartments in two redeveloped buildings. Units in The Henrietta and The Russell sold for £2.95 million to £6.75 million two years ago. And, Ms. Curtis said, all but one of the apartments sold to British buyers, who use them regularly or live in them full-time. (It has been widely reported that many of the luxury developments in London have been sold to foreign investors who rarely use them.)

除了纳入香奈儿、迪奥和苹果等高端零售品牌,以及巴尔萨泽(Balthazar)、常春藤市场烧烤(The Ivy Market Grill)等高端餐厅外,公司还在两处再开发楼盘中建起了公寓。两年前,亨丽埃塔大楼(The Henrietta)和罗素大楼(The Russell)的公寓单元售价在295万至675万英镑(约合人民币2846万至6512万元)。而且,柯蒂斯说,所有公寓(仅一套除外)都卖给了英国买家。这些买家会经常来住这里的房子,要么就是常住户。(有很多报道称,伦敦有许多豪华地产项目的房源被卖给了外国投资者,而他们很少使用买来的房子)。

The Beecham, a 19th-century building on the corner of Henrietta Street, is the newest refurbishment.

建于19世纪的比彻姆大楼(The Beecham),位于亨丽埃塔街(Henrietta Street)的拐角处,是最近刚竣工的一处翻修楼盘。

Nine leasehold apartments are for sale, with prices starting at £1.65 million for a furnished unit of 66 square meters, or 710 square feet. The prices of the two penthouses, which are 273 square meters, can be obtained on request.


In returning local buildings to residential use, Ms. Curtis said, Capco is responding to buyers’ desires to become part of a recognizable neighborhood. “The important aspect was to build a community around Covent Garden,” she said.

柯蒂斯说,Capco正在恢复本地建筑的住宅用途,以回应购房者们的意愿,使他们有机会成为一处正规社区的一份子。 “重要的是,要围绕科文特花园建设出一个社区。”她说。

A few doors down from The Beecham is The Southampton, a rental building that also was completed recently. Its seven apartments, of about 90 to 140 square meters, are expected to rent for £1,300 to more than £3,000 a week. (Rentals in Britain traditionally are priced by the week.)

距离比彻姆大楼几步之遥就是南安普敦大楼(The Southampton),这栋出租型公寓楼也是近期完工的。其中有七套公寓,面积大约在90至140平方米,预计租金为每周1300英镑(约合人民币12542元)到超过3000英镑(约合人民币28942元)。英国的房租一般按周计价。

“We saw a demand for high-end lets,” said Ms. Curtis. “Rentals also bring in a different dynamic, tenants tend to be younger and more culturally diverse.”


The company now plans to redevelop around Floral Street and King Street, northwest of the Piazza, to build a hub with commercial, retail and residential space, plus the creation of a new walkway between streets, upgrading of current pedestrian access routes and an opening out of public spaces.

Capco现在计划重新开发花卉街(Floral Street)和国王街(King Street)的周边地区,在大广场(The Piazza)的西北,建一个集商业、零售和住宅于一体的枢纽;同时在街道之间修建一条新走廊,翻新目前的人行通道线路,并将公共空间拓展。

Several 18th-century buildings, listed by the government’s English Heritage organization as Grade II, or of special interest, are to be restored as residential units. The work is expected to be completed by 2017.

有几栋18世纪的建筑已被政府的英格兰文化遗产组织(English Heritage organization)列为二级遗产,或说特殊名胜。它们将被重建为住宅单元,预计这项工程将于2017年完工。